Chapter 2248. Calm University.


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It is not known what terrible effect this rain could produce. Wasting no time, Mo Fan went to the ninth outpost.

The ninth outpost is about ten kilometers from the eighth. People from the black church destroyed the eighth outpost. They expected that it would disappear under a thick layer of rainwater and that people from the university would not be able to get to the ninth outpost.

It is good that Mo Fan chose spatial displacement, otherwise he would be far behind.

The eighth outpost has almost disappeared under the mud streams.

The fluctuations of the relief were very large, moreover, Mo Fan was always poorly oriented in the area. Among the rows of peaked mountains, it is very difficult not to get lost, not to mention the search for an outpost.

Pale green stones connected the eighth and ninth outposts. Mo Fan called them turtle stones.

Turtle stones were scattered across the highlands. Mo Fan himself did not know where he is now. He simply followed the green stones, hoping to come to the ninth outpost.

“It seems I am on the right track, what is it …” – Mo Fan shifted his foot and raised a dirty petal.

Poppy petal !!

Apparently people from the black church also followed the tortoise stones, and during transportation the wind dropped several petals.

– Now the rain seems to be still clean. I hope they have not cooked yet … – Mo Fan sniffed the rain water.

– Strange, the turtle stones are gone.

– Surely they destroyed the road so that no one would interfere with their preparations! Damn it, they are only a couple of kilometers away!

Mo Fan no longer saw a single green stone in front. These were the only tags that could lead him to the ninth outpost …

A few kilometers of highlands is certainly not far. But in such an intricate relief, with its caves, channels, grooves and crevices, the search is much more complicated. In addition, the ninth outpost is not a fortress or a village. This is just a small post, moreover, carefully disguised so that monsters could not destroy it. It is quite possible that it is located in one of the caves, hidden behind a thick vegetation canopy. Or maybe on that big tree.

– The draft gate is a wolf army!

Mo Fan built a star cloud by activating the call gate.

Wolves popped up one by one. Their hungry eyes eagerly looked for opponents. Large claws were digging soil, preparing for an attack!

– Remove your claws, now I need your scent. Come on, sniff … your mother, not the whole crowd! You’ll hurry, your daddy won’t succeed!

Mo Fan was like a shepherd surrounded by large white lambs.

Without protruding fangs and claws, the white wolves looked rather stupid.

“Old man, lead your flock to explore the area.” Turn everything upside down here, but find me black churches !! – Mo Fan turned to the white soaring wolf.

Having ceased to be Mo Fan’s favorite, the wolf looked extremely unhappy.

Nothing to do about. He was stuck at the level of commander in chief. Until he becomes a commander, he will not be able to match the life rhythm of Mo Fan.


“Wolf, haven’t you snickered?” What is wrong with the Andes? You no longer dare to rage on foreign territory? – Mo Fan began to swear.

“Awww …” the wolf was clearly offended.

– I’m not talking about creatures within a radius of five kilometers, if all the tribes of the Andean mountains try to interfere with you, you must find them! If you do not want to become the king of animals, then how do you differ from a street dog? – Mo Fan was reporting to the wolf.

“Awww …” the wolf almost sobbed.

Andes is an empire!

This can not be compared with a cozy Kunlun. Even the leader in the draft dimension draws his tail upon hearing of the Andes. If he went in search of one, he would go no where else, but he would have to lead three hundred wolves. The local leader can take this for a provocation and then be a big trouble.

– Stop talking, go search. If you find black churches, I will sell the last shirt to help you develop. And I’ll also help you with the Mountain of nine prongs, ”Mo Fan promised.

– Aww! – The wolf immediately perked up.

Hearing that Mo Fan will help them seize new lands, all the other wolves perked up. They immediately divided into groups and began to comb the area.

“Alpasa, look after them so that the local leader does not kill them,” Mo Fan called to Alpasa.

“I’m not a wolf nanny!” – Alps said displeasedly and yawned.

There are many populations of magical creatures in the Andes. Even in a small pine forest, three herds can live.

Alien wolves in these places. Such large-scale activities can attract the attention of local creatures. But if Alpasa is nearby, they will think a hundred times before attacking.

……… ..

……… ..

Sixth outpost.

Among the treeless mountain range, the building of the outpost lay backward, blocking the mountain path.

Arriving at the place, Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan saw that several university security officials were hastily exploring something. Apparently, something serious has happened.

– What happened here? – asked Mu Bai.

The local guard turned out to be an old man. He was wearing the uniform of the University of Ojos. Is this old man able to cope with an emergency?

– The sixth and seventh outposts are connected by a mountain stream. But in the mountains a heavy rain suddenly fell, the water eroded the channel. In some places, water accumulated and there was a flood … – said the guard.

“Why didn’t you immediately report this to the university?” – asked Mu Bai.

– One of the teachers led the students to an exit lesson, they were locked there. I … I did not want to lose my job, so at first I wanted to save them, and then report everything, ”the old man admitted.

– You are crazy?? This concerns the safety of not only a group of students, but the entire university !! – immediately got angry Mu Bai.

Usually Mu Bai behaves with restraint, but after hearing the stupid arguments of the guard, he lost his temper.

Problems with the sixth outpost apparently occurred two days ago. If he had informed the university, the problem would have already been solved.

The mountain stream was completely washed out, which means they will not find the seventh outpost.

They will not be able to help Mo Fan, who immediately went to the ninth outpost. They threw him alone into the nest of the black churches!

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