Chapter 2249: Judicial Celine


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* Howl

The sound came from far away.

Mo Fan went forward – a strange sound became more and more distinct.

“Is there a waterfall here?” – Mo Fan walked with four wolves.

Wolves walked ahead, showing him the way. They were getting closer to the waterfall.

The ninth outpost was located precisely at this waterfall. Mo Fan did not even imagine that there could be a wide river in this place, the water stream of which fell with great speed into a deep pond.

The outpost is located at the top of the waterfall on a small shallow.

The sandbank was a stone the size of a basketball court.

“So that’s it … this place,” Mo Fan said, looking at the waterfall islet.

In truth, this place was not at all like the pharmaceutical base of the Black Church … it seems that it should look different: a huge chemical plant with a lot of security, and clubs of poisonous smoke rising into the sky a few tens of meters.

“Is there really no one here?” – Mo Fan thought, walking around.

Going to the outpost, he knocked on a wooden door.

– Is anybody here? I am a teacher at the University of Ochos, hunted in the mountains and got lost. Is this a mountain outpost? Can you help me get back to campus? Who is here?! Cried Mo Fan.

Without going around the bush, he decided to break into immediately.


At that moment when he was already thinking of breaking in, the door creaked open.

His gaze first rested on the curtain, which made a snowy white face appear.

Young girl ?!

How could a sleepy girl come from an outpost in a wild forest?

“You just sleep in such rain, do you want to join?” The girl asked seductively.

– Hehe, I just got lost, I’m not interested in a dream with all sorts of witches. Tell me, have you met a strange person here, a middle-aged fat girl hiding corpses somewhere in the sewers? – asked Mo Fan.

“There is none, but there is one sleepy witch in a silk shirt specializing in potions, interested?” – asked the girl who called herself a sorceress.

– And what kind of potions? Can i see? – frowned Mo Fan.

– You can. I really like when other people are interested in me and my products, ”said the sorceress, inviting him inside.

He entered without hesitation.

Once inside, the magician saw a corpse on the dining table.

It was not a human corpse, but the body of a hairy mountaineer, whose insides were turned upside down and turned to the light so that they could be carefully examined.

– About this, by the way, is also very interesting. As soon as I let him drink this, he instantly got enraged and started attacking everything that caught his eye, ”the sorceress said.

– What is the population of Andean highlanders? – asked Mo Fan.

“There are a lot of them, so I sometimes have thoughts in my mind to use this rainwater to drink this potion for the mountaineers … I wonder if I will irrigate the Andean forests with this pool for three days and three nights, which will result from the University of Ojos?” – the sorceress smiled.

“It will probably turn into a cemetery … an abandoned cemetery,” Mo Fan continued her logical chain.

“Haha, so, Mo Fan, do you want to see this action with me?” The sorceress asked.

“I have not said what my name is,” the magician reacted.

– You got me through … you know, but you owe me … If I hadn’t helped you kill Leng Jue’s girlfriend, you would not have been able to use your full strength. You are so strange, you could reach this point, but didn’t you really notice anything then? Said the sorceress.

– Blue bat, we are not seeing each other for the first time, you can not play your word games. Come on, you reveal to us your source of madness, and I close my eyes to all the corpses that you left, is it coming? – suggested Mo Fan.

“Ah, little rascal, all those corpses haunt you,” the girl said arrogantly.

The blue bat is Salan’s favorite.

– Well, where is your boss? – asked Mo Fan.

“She is very busy, so she entrusted this petty business to me,” the black church answered.

– Destroy Ochos University – is that your idea?

– You underestimate me! Thanks to me, you eliminated one cardinal in red … I have a level of conductor ….

– What kind of conductor?

“People are not stupid.” What is the question, such is the answer. I really love young children, let’s give birth to a boy, and I will make him a full-fledged cardinal in red, then I’ll tell you who the conductor is, ”the Blue Bat mysteriously said.

“How did Ochos University offend your gang?”

“Oh, well, I’ll tell you this for free,” the girl jumped onto the table, with her long legs she threw back her laid out entrails, “Salan wants to complete the most important work of his past life especially before taking the place of the highest high priest, and for this, all unnecessary people must die.

– So, Wentai was accused by those judges from the Holy Court? – Mo Fan was stunned.

Most recently, University Director Ojos Selin told him that he had previously served in the Holy Court – he was one of those who sentenced Wentai!

“So, all this time you could not unravel the motives of my mentor …” the Blue Bat reacted.

“You just said that she wants to complete the work of a past life … is she a ghost?” – asked Mo Fan.

“Idiot, I’m talking about the life that was before she became the goddess of death!” Weren’t you her son-in-law in a past life?

Mo Fan’s face turned blacker than a cloud. What, your mother, is going on here ?!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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