Chapter 2250: Black Church Dungeon


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“You have a criminal.” Director Celine offended you, well, sort it out with him, why bother the whole university with blood ?! Doesn’t this add you extra work? – asked Mo Fan.

– To kill one guilty person or a whole group of guilty parties – is there a difference? Said the Blue Bat.

Mo Fan scratched the back of his head – now he is also a teacher … what is it necessary to process the brain of such a student so that she blindly follows her mentor?

Okay, why give such bastards so much attention?

In any case, the blue bat is higher in position than the deacon in blue, so her killing will bring only the good.

“Do you see me as a weak, defenseless girl, left alone in the wild forest?” – the girl immediately traced the train of his thoughts.

– It’s okay, I can deal with everyone, no matter how many you are! – Mo Fan put his hand forward, and purple lightning discharged sparkled around.

The lightning did not attack immediately, for some time they revolved around the hand of his master, and then, when he crossed his hands, the claw of lightning immediately flew into the attack!

The blue bat laughed: her face cracked like a glass mask and scattered on the floor, but her laughter still sounded.

“Well, why so fast, my boy?” – the girl’s voice sounded from everywhere, but Mo Fan could not see her in any way.

– Lightning!

The discharges were so powerful that they smashed everything around, turning the outpost and stones into a pile of dust scattering everywhere.

Even the foundation of the structure became like a ravine, and strong streams of water immediately poured there. Mo Fan managed to bounce, while noticing the silhouette jumping into the water.

The shadow looked like sloppy clothes or a piece of plastic … Mo Fan hastened to re-direct the zippers!

The discharges instantly pierced the water column, rushing after the slipping silhouette.

* Bam!

Lightning came across river stones, turning them into small grains.

“Here, the bully, ruined the clothes that I love so much …” came the voice of the Blue Bat.

She appeared from the water like a freshwater snake – she wriggled as if the lightning did not touch her at all ….

Rolling down to the waterfall, she jumped with a stream of water, accompanied by raindrops.

With a wave of her hand, she sent these drops of water directly to Mo Fan – the drops seemed to have turned into bullets!

The magician was amazed – he did not expect such strength from drops of water!

The rocks on both sides of the river were punctured through by these drops, and now they looked like hornet hives!

– Do you want to save Ojos? Well then, good! Then do your best to stop me! – The blue bat hovered in the air, covering his body with his hands. Her silhouette looked so feminine and delicate that did not fit in with the guts!

Mo Fan, of course, could not let her go, so he decided to release the hellish burial stone with a heavenly flame.

He sent a spell to the waterfall …. let’s see where she’s now hiding!

A bright fire sparkled in drops of water, blinding his eyes.

A hell of a firestone … as soon as he sank down, the water in the river immediately boiled, and ash fell from the mountain forest.

Rushing towards the waterfall, the stone began to evaporate water, surrounding everything around with clubs of white steam.

Even the rain fell in the blink of an eye!

The flames were very strong, clubs of steam rose up to the sky … the waterfall was about to disappear!

Mo Fan looked closely: he hoped that the Blue Bat was in the water, but still could not find it.

How could he not discern her movement ?!

– Heck! She tricked me again!

Soon he saw a grotto behind the waterfall, which became visible only after all the steam had dissipated.

Rain intensified. From its streams the river was again filled, intending to hide again the entrance to the cave from prying eyes.

Mo Fan hesitated – he does not like water … if he enters the grotto and the waterfall seals it again, the magician will have a very difficult time.

If the Blue Bat leaves now, the University of Ojos will be in great danger … it is possible that soon it will disappear from the face of the Earth … a source of madness will be introduced into the rainwater, and then all the Andean mountaineers will go down … in this case, not only Okhos will suffer, but and all foothill settlements!

He has no choice, he must break through there!


Turning into a bird of shade, Mo Fan flew into the cave.

There were torches inside – most likely, the clergy had already settled there quite well.

Going forward, he discovered a makeshift staircase.

The sound of Mo Fan’s footsteps could be heard, but the adversary already knew that he would come.

The grotto inside expanded noticeably, flooded with light from the torches.

Mo Fan grinned – the stone rooms did not associate in his head with the scale of the actions of these people, but inside there were air vents, sewer pipes and more.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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