Chapter 2251: Theologian Woo Ku


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Below was a cesspool, in which was the opium poppy they were looking for, which scented such a scent that anyone who appeared in this place seemed to get into a medieval censer.

The noise began to come around. The magician turned his head and saw six people in monastic linen robes of brown color. Their faces were hidden under the hood, exposing only blue lips and scars on their chins.

While these six were chasing Mo Fan, a blue bat had already managed to change into red tight-fitting clothes.

“I did not know about the level of your cultivation, but I have several specially trained executioners here,” the girl told him.

Mo Fan said nothing, he only carefully examined the man standing next to her.

This man also had a monastic cassock, however, it almost completely covered his face so that only his eyes were visible.

These eyes were in response fixed on Mo Fan, which is why the guy’s heart was beating fast under the influence of his dark intuition.

He is dangerous!

His pupils were dilated, and his body was completely calm.

These eyes seemed to Mo Fang somehow familiar, but at the same time very dangerous ….

– Is he…! – suddenly remembered the magician.

Mo Fan definitely saw him before!

This was the same man he met in Lhasa when he was walking with Mu Ning Xue!

Mo Fan then mistakenly suggested that he came from the palace and the court for special cases after him, but at that moment he needed Qin Yuer, but the guy remembered the strange feelings for a long time!

How could this person appear here ?!

Lily seemed to say that someone from China was invited ….

Is this really he ?!

“I hope you like it here.” Woo, let’s go, we still have to do something very important, ”said the Blue Bat, addressing the monk nearby.

“You won’t go anywhere!” Hey monk, shouldn’t you save all life on Earth? Shouted Mo Fan, addressing Wu Ku.

“All living beings suffer, I only help them overcome this,” Woo-ku answered with a simple-minded smile.

“Damn, another nut!” – cursed Mo Fan.

“Mo Fan, did you really take him for a real monk?” But he contributed to the tragedy in the city of Bo more than others, ”the girl grinned.

The mage thought about it, peering attentively at this non-monk named U Ku.

“Blue bat, what about your soul?” – Mo Fan said coldly.

“My soul has long belonged to another person … you’ve been chasing the Black Church for so many years, have you really still not understood what kind of people we are?” She answered.

Mo Fan became even more thoughtful, even more carefully examining the expression on her interlocutor’s face.

– The mentor has three main associates: a guide, a theologian and a pharmacist. The monk you see in front of you is the theologian of our cardinal in red. The mentor did not take part in the tragedy of the city of Bo, this is the work of this theologian and deacon Hujing, ”said the Blue Bat.

– Composition?

– Yes, each of the three foremen has his own work of art, which everyone will soon find out about. Take me, I destroyed Leng Jue, but you got all the laurels … therefore, it turns out that I still do not have my own “work”. The destruction of the University of Ojos will be my thesis. Ochos University has almost nothing to do with you, maybe you will join me after all? – said the girl.

The blue bat was looking at Mo Fan.

She could see the anger that was tearing him inside, after all, the city of Bo is a real lever of influence on him … nevertheless, Mo Fan so far has not been able to determine for himself whose work the tragedy was.

Bo was too small for a person like Salan. If Salan takes up something, it’s only for what is compatible in scale with the Xi’an disaster.

The city of Bo was really only a training ground for the tragedy in Xi’an, but then it was not Salan who led everything, but this monk named Wu Ku.

“Mo Fan, if you agree to join me in order to destroy Ojos together, I can swear an oath that I will not disturb China for 10 years.” My work … it is so magnificent and impeccable that it remains only to get the approval of a mentor, – the Blue Bat began to bargain.

“You can discuss this with someone when you find yourself in the underworld!” – Mo Fan’s body was covered with a dark haze, which began to spread in black waves.

Clubs of black air turned into a gloomy giant, who now looked at the girl and the monk ….

“You still want to stop me?” – The face of the Blue Bat has changed.

“Don’t think that a couple of phrases will help you agree with me.” I look at people like you with the same disgust as I look at vile scolopendras …

What can he negotiate with people like her ?!

– Want to have some fun with him here? Asked the theologian Woo Ku.

– Yes a little. You can go, ”the girl replied.

“Just don’t go too far,” Woo Ku warned.

“If I don’t deal with him now, he will ruin my plans.”

– Okay. Then at least leave alive, our cardinal will like it.

– Can not promise.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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