Chapter 2252. Dark executioner monks.


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– Scorpio-spider barrier! The Blue Bat said coldly.

Six monks began to strangely diverge in different directions. They did not move on two legs, but crawled through the pipes like spiders!

They sank down on all fours and began to move quickly. If Mo Fan had not seen their faces, he would have thought that these were spider monsters in monastic robes.

These people looked like magicians, but a completely different breath came from them. If it were necessary to find a name for them, the name black cattle would suit them.

Black cattle in human skin !!

Six monks quickly surrounded Mo Fan on all sides. Between them stretched thin dark green threads. The monks constantly changed their location, and the threads were intertwined into a single network around Mo Fan.

Mo Fan also began to move, but the executioner monks followed him. The space around was filled with green threads.

Mo Fan used the magic of fire to burn through the threads, but they turned out to be surprisingly persistent. Burning them requires some exposure to very high temperatures, but the monks weave their web even faster.

After a while, the whole dungeon was entangled in dark green threads. It seemed that in each nook there is a hundred large spiders that have locked their prey inside.

– A crowd of freaks! – cursed Mo Fan.

Obviously, green threads were resistant to elemental magic. If Mo Fan uses the power of thought to break them, he will inevitably be attacked by six monks.

Mo Fan already tried to attack them to prevent them from weaving a web around him. But the monks were very dexterous and always kept at a safe distance from Mo Fan. Like annoying flies, which neither slam nor catch.

– Beat the scorpion!

The bat gave the order. Apparently, she was the leader of these monks.

Around Mo Fan there were entirely dark green threads. They intertwined so tightly, as if a magician was surrounded by silk fabric a hundred meters long. The threads fell from above, crossed diagonally, and the monks conveniently hid among this web.

They crawled along the web without making a sound. Now they traveled much greater distances.

The threads not only covered Mo Fan’s review, but also prevented him from moving normally. He seemed to be in a spider cave.

* wow !!

A black shell began to appear on the hands of the monks. The links connected with each other, covering the flesh of the monks. Their hands became like scorpion tails!

One of the monks waved his hand and the next second near the throat of Mo Fan, a gleam of steel flashed!

Sharp scorpion tails wanted to take away life from Mo Fan. They left him no room for evasion.

Mo Fan reacted instantly. His body was divided into six shadows that scattered in different directions.

Mo Fan was in a bad position. Not only does he see nothing, so these threads can entangle him at any moment. In such a web, even the enemy will not find him!

* alight!

Next, the scorpion’s tail flew by with a whistle again. A poison-tipped sharp tip pierced one of Mo Fan’s shadows.

* puff!

The shadow immediately turned into thick black smoke and dissipated.

Obviously, Mo Fan was not here.

In other directions, the same sound was heard. Six shadows did not have time to move away, as all of them were pierced by scorpion tails.

In fact, Mo Fan did not move. Those six shadows were fake. He just wanted to check if he could get out of this strange barrier if he applied shadow magic.

But when he saw how all the shadows were scattered, Mo Fan realized that within a radius of two hundred meters, his absorption by the shadow would be immediately destroyed.

Now the main problem was not at all the attacks of poisonous tails, but the fact that Mo Fan could not locate the dark monks. These creatures, similar to human magicians, were more mysterious than many monsters. He knew that they were nearby, but could not focus.

From time to time, Mo Fan saw someone’s silhouette, but the next moment he disappeared among the thick web. It seemed that the enemy could appear right behind you.

“I don’t know if this technique will work,” Mo Fan closed his eyes and tried to activate his sphere of earth.

Star dust!!

Stardust will protect him from enemy attacks.

But Mo Fan did not call her for this!

The defense of Mo Fan was not as powerful as that of Zhao Man Yan, who could stand under attack for several hours. Stardust should continuously absorb the surrounding energy, but six dark monks did not use magic …

– Elemental energy!

Mo Fan evaded a surprise attack. He used the power of thought to leave a bunch of earth energy on the body of the enemy.

There is energy – there is a seal!

It was the very technique that Nelson talked about in an open lesson. He, of course, infuriates, but his method was very useful in such conditions!

Mo Fan closed his eyes. He clearly felt the distribution of elemental magic. The monk attacking him immediately stepped back a hundred meters, and then silently climbed up.

He felt an accumulation of elemental energy, that is, he “saw” the luminous outlines of the enemy. From these outlines, Mo Fan could understand that the enemy was hanging upside down on the top of the cave.

But this monk did not immediately attack him from above. He, like a real hunter spider, watched Mo Fan, without moving or making a sound.

He was waiting for the right moment. The other five monks will also attack, and he can take a chance and kill the enemy!

Mo Fan grinned.

Daddy sees you. You hang right above me Wait while I stamp your comrades and take care of you!

………… ..

Mo Fan must wait until the enemy attacks first. Then he can leave a luminous mark on it. He did not eliminate the threat from above, because he was afraid that the monks might figure out his method. And then it will be difficult to find them.

To cheer them up, Mo Fan did not try to do anything, but like a blind man staggered among the cobwebs.

The second seal!

The third seal!

Fourth, fifth!

There is one more left, let’s see when he attacks …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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