Chapter 2253. An insidious adversary.


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Stardust began to sink and thicken around Mo Fan’s feet. The tiny grains of earth turned into dusty boots.

The magical shoes that Mo Fan used in Shanghai have long fallen into disrepair. He constantly did not have money, so he did not update them. Not so long ago, Mo Fan discovered that using Stardust you can create some kind of shoe, and the effect was equal to the use of high-end magic shoes!

Mo Fan stamped his foot slightly, and the ground underneath exploded. He flew up like an arrow from a bow, successfully dodging scorpion tails attacking from three sides.

“Strange, weren’t the other five two hundred meters from me?” – Mo Fan landed on one of the chimneys.

He had just been attacked from three sides by three different monks. But the five monks whom he marked were in a different place. Is not one monk left without a mark?

– They exposed my natural marks ?? Thought Mo Fan.

– No, they could not know …

– your mother! They fooled me! There are not only six monks here!

Suddenly, from the pipe on which Mo Fan stood, a strange sound was heard.


A terrible huge scorpion tail appeared from a pipe. He broke through the thick wall of the pipe and aimed at Mo Fan’s chest.

The guy did not have time to react. He barely dodged the attack, but lost his balance and fell down.

The pipe was several tens of meters high. At that moment, when Mo Fan together with the debris fell to the ground, five silhouettes appeared nearby and began to attack Mo Fan with spider claws right in the air!

Spider claws were formed by armor on the hands of monks and were several meters long. They were so sharp and durable that the usual protection of elemental magic could not stop them. Obviously, they belonged to the type of attacking magic items.

There was still too little stardust to stop the attack of magic claws. Mo Fan hastily created a star cloud of space element.

– Instant move!

Like hungry spiders fighting for their prey. They would tear it to shreds!

A second before a sharp claw flashed nearby, Mo Fan fell into a silver diamond-shaped space.

The silver glow disappeared along with Mo Fan.

* bam!

Mo Fan landed on a steel pipe a hundred meters from its former location. Five dark monks turned sharply. They did not seem to understand how Mo Fan could fall in a completely different place.

Rising, Mo Fan looked at the monks. Swearing loudly, he put spontaneous marks on them.

– Eleven!

From the very beginning, Mo Fan saw only six executioner monks. Therefore, after they established the spider barrier, he continued to think that there were only six of them. But natural marks helped him to understand that there are much more opponents …

From the very beginning, there really were six of them. But when six monks weaved a thick web, five more appeared. They, too, retreated after another unexpected attack, retaining Mo Fan’s conviction that he had only six opponents!

Still, Nelson’s technique turned out to be very effective in battle! It not only allows you to determine the combat situation in the midst of chaos, but also to know the real number of opponents!

Mo Fan had already marked eleven opponents and was not sure that others were not hiding nearby …

Dark monks used magic shoes. The ring of stone debris was very rare. You should not have hoped to use Stardust as a defense.

Moreover, the defense was not in the style of Mo Fan. He showed his weakness in order to more clearly see the methods of the enemy!

Mo Fan returned to his former place and saw that the first monk was still upstairs.

– And you are patient! – Mo Fan laughed.

The monk did not move. He did not want Mo Fan to find him. He will wait until the rest of the monks come here and then suddenly attacks the enemy. From such close range it is very easy to make a mortal blow!

– First I will cut you!

Mo Fan raised his head and threw his fist up sharply.

A majestic fiery serpent soared up whistling!

The monk grinned maliciously, rejoicing that the victim had fallen into the net. But then a fiery serpent appeared before him! He didn’t even have time to dodge, as a pillar of fire imprinted him on the stone ceiling!


A pit appeared on the stone surface, clubs of fire scattered in all directions. The monk turned into pieces of coal inlaid on a stone surface.

The monk did not understand how Mo Fan found him. After all, he was hidden behind a thick layer of cobwebs!

– And you always hide under the ground, so I could not feel you. Well, if you like it so much, then stay in the ground forever!

Mo Fan suddenly hit the ground under his feet with his palm. A circle appeared on the earth.

Layers of earth began to squeeze. The denser the stronger.

One of the monks was hiding in a soft clay layer of soil. So he could move freely, like a spider in the sand.

Mo Fan squeezed loose earth, turning it into a continuous layer of rock.

The monk did not have time to get out of his shelter. His body was crushed under pressure, blood permeated the soil. You don’t even have to bury!

– Do you want to attack unexpectedly? Better look back! – Noticing the cold brilliance, Mo Fan turned sharply.

When Mo Fan left the mark, he simultaneously spread the breath of his dark vein, tearing out.

Hearing his words, the monk did not believe a single drop in the face of Mo Fan.

But only he decided to attack, as a black arm wrapped around his neck.

The monk stopped the attack, trying to free himself from the dark hand. But then a dark dagger stuck into his right eye socket!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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