Chapter 2254. Are you really students?


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– Ahhhh !!!!

The monk yelled heartbrokenly. Trained killer fighters like them are really immune to pain. But when a dark blade pierced his eye, the monk almost lost consciousness from the pain.

Blinding the monk, the dark warrior stretched out his arms to his neck, intending to strangle him.

– What it is? Stop wasting time on him! – Mo Fan laughed.

Is it really impossible to just cut his throat so that he would die quickly?

No, you need to choke the victim by hand, then gouge out his eye and continue to choke! He had not yet met such a wayward dark warrior!

The dark warrior was the result of the germination of dark matter on the body of the enemy. Dark matter absorbs the breath of the enemy and turns into a shadow. Dark warriors are creatures of the dark dimension. This technique is similar to a call, but here you need to make a sacrifice.

Most dark warriors use a specific set of techniques to kill the victim. Most often they cut the throat, many pierce the heart. But sometimes especially characteristic characters appear and use unusual methods …

But dark warriors can evolve to a higher level, their methods will become much more diverse, and in strength they will approach a gloomy giant. But Mo Fan never saw anything killing his victims like a gloomy giant!


When Mo Fan eliminated the three monks, the others immediately stopped the attack.

These creatures turned out to be very smart. They realized that Mo Fan revealed their methods of disguise. If they continue to attack, they will face the same fate as the first three monks.

“If you don’t attack, you think I won’t find you?” “Mo Fan has already left marks on the bodies of eleven monks.” Now he could pinpoint their location.

– Spikes of shadow!

Mo Fan waved his hand and the spikes of shadow fell exactly like a monk on a steel pipe, preparing for an attack.

Smoke oozed from a huge chimney. But thanks to the efforts of Mo Fan, a fire broke out on the destroyed pipe.

Tongues of fire slowly crept up to the monk, who was tightly nailed by spikes of shadow to the stone wall of the pipe. From the outside it seemed that he was sentenced to death. The monk shouted piercingly, imploring that his death be quick.

“Didn’t you want to dismember my corpse?” I will do the same! – Mo Fan carefully looked at the monks who appeared behind.

– Awww !!!

A white soaring wolf jumped forward and clutched his teeth at the monk who was hiding behind a pipe.

He slowly gnawed at his throat and still holding the monk’s body in his teeth, with his front paws jumped onto the back of the second and pressed him into a heap of ash.

* hrum!

Having broken the neck of the first monk, he began frantically digging the ground with his claws. Blood and pieces of the skin of the second monk scattered in all directions!

The wolf did not kill anyone for a long time, so it was extremely excited. He dealt with opponents like a bloodthirsty wild animal!

Mo Fan eliminated the monks one by one. All this time, the Blue Bat did not intervene. Her once effective subordinates in front of her eyes turned into a pack of stray dogs. She will not worry, even if they die one and all.

Individually, these monks do not possess significant power; they are masters of collective hunting. But before Mo Fan, they were completely useless, they could not even scare him. When the enemy revealed their strategy, the battle turned into one-sided extermination.

………… ..

Sixth mountain outpost.

After rebuilding the creek, Zhao Man Yan seemed like he had become a landscape designer. He managed to find the original channel in such an intricate terrain!

“Let’s go faster, Mo Fan is already probably fighting the black churches,” said Mu Bai.

Before Mo Fan set sail, Mu Bai left several flea-sized caterpillars on it. Many of them died in the process of spatial displacements, but the latter just died, which means that Mo Fan entered the battle.

“Yes, I know, but these damned outposts are so designed that we still have to get to the seventh first!” – cursed Zhao Man Yan.

Walking along the stream, two magicians came to the seventh outpost.

The seventh mountain outpost was located near the reservoir. The rain overflowed it so much that the water level was about to exceed the height of the dam.

At the top of the dam was a group of students wet from head to toe. They all looked pretty battered. Apparently they decided to take a break in the gazebo protected from the sun.

“Probably those students who got lost in the on-site lesson,” said Zhao Man Yan.

“Yeah, let’s go ask,” Mu Bai answered.

Two magicians ran to the arbor. Rain poured out of a bucket, so in wet clothes they were not comfortable.

“Students, have you seen people from outside the university in the mountains?” – asked Mu Bai.

– You are a teacher? You didn’t come to save us, you are also asking strange questions! – said one of the students.

– We have more important matters. What about your teacher? – asked Mu Bai.

– We don’t know. We parted, now we are the only ones left …

– You are a teacher from the Chinese team, right ?? Have you come for us ??

Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan looked at each other awkwardly. Students only thought about returning to university and did not pay attention to their questions.

Judging by their appearance, they did not meet people from the Black Church on their way. This place also cannot be considered safe. But the mountain stream has been restored. Soon, people from the university will come here and pick them up.

– We have an urgent matter, we need to go to the eighth outpost. You better stay where you are, don’t disperse, ”Mu Bai insisted, and went on.

– Please do not leave! Our teacher disappeared without a trace, and staying here alone is very dangerous, ”the tall student said.

“Nothing, nothing. You’re safe now.” We really need to go …

– What could be more important than the lives of students ?? What a teacher of you!

Mu Bai frowned. How unlucky they were to stumble upon students.

“Why don’t you want us to go to the next outpost?” – Zhao Man Yan stepped forward and looked seriously at the student.

“I just want you to help us,” the tall guy answered.

– Yes? If you are really students, of course, we will take care of you, ”Man Yan said with pressure.

Mu Bai looked at his friend in surprise. They are not students?? Then who are they?

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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