Chapter 2255. Poisonous shamans.


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– What … what are you talking about! The tall student panicked.

“Yeah, Hansen was already caught, and he gave the whole list of names.” So there’s no more reason to pretend! – said Zhao Man Yan.

A tall student has changed dramatically in the face.

Hansen caught ??

This guy was hiding the best. He followed Chance all the time, he had a perfect cover.

But the teacher said his name, so they all know!

“I don’t understand what you are talking about …” the tall student pretended to smile and began to step back.

After these words, his eyes filled with a murderous radiance. It is very tall in itself, but when a glow appeared, his body began to grow, and his muscles began to boil, as if worms were crawling under his skin.

These worms made his body even bigger. Green liquid gushed to the ground. Several dozen maggots-like worms encircled the student’s body, turning him into a wormy monster!

– Do not play such games in front of me! – Zhao Man Yan said dismissively.

The light that had just appeared in the eyes of the adversary indicated that he had applied the magic of a curse or spirit. It must have been a terrible hallucination.

How could a normal living person turn into a mountain of worms in an instant ?? He is not the Hulk, your mother !!

– Mmmmm !!! – the wormy monster growled.

Suddenly spiders, scorpions, poisonous larvae and other vile creatures began to fly out of his throat. A stream of creatures hit Mu Bai and Zhao Man Yan.

Man Yan grinned contemptuously. Are we playing illusions?

The maximum he will hit them with his stinking breath. A man cannot turn into a monster, and where does he have so many poisonous creatures inside?

Zhao Man Yan did not even begin to apply defense, confident in the illusory nature of the enemy’s attack.

Scolopendras the length of an arm, spiders the size of a head and half-meter poisonous larvae crowded Zhao Man Yan in droves.

He seemed moronic, standing on deck in the midst of a storm. He was not only drenched in a wave, but also littered with seafood.

Looking at Zhao Man Yan, Mu Bai felt a belated fear.

These poisonous creatures are real !!

So this is not a hallucination, the student really turned into a monster!

Although Mu Bai did not know what kind of magic the enemy applied, he understood that this was possible. He began to carefully step back.

– Mmmmm !!!

Seeing the transformation of the guy, the rest of the students did not scatter. So they were at the same time.

Three people had their clothes cracked and insects began to creep out of their pores.

Among them was a black student. Hard-shell beetles appeared on her body. Beetles the size of a nail began to bite into the girl’s body. There were so many creatures that they crawled over each other and remained on her body when moving.

“A wormy monster and a bug witch!”

Mu Bai was sure that they used poison magic. But in order to feed so many creatures that they literally turn you into a monster, you need to spend a lifetime!

Moreover, they feed them with their own flesh, so that the creatures better take root on their body!

Incidentally, such a technique of poison magic is not a hallmark of black churches, it is quite common in the Andes.

The Andes is home to the largest variety of magical insects. For hundreds of years, along with the evolution of creatures, a special group of magicians of the element of poison appeared, which were called poisonous shamans. The most famous of them live in Peru.

Mu Bai glanced at Zhao Man Yan. He just got out of the “worm pack.” His whole body was covered with blue-violet bite marks, and the worst were his eyelids, turning into red sacks.

Mu Bai sighed.

Zhao Man Yan paid for his ignorance. When he saw insects covering the bodies of students, he should have immediately understood that they were poisonous shamans!

Their sweat glands attract poisonous insects, their flesh and blood – a real hotbed …

“Old man, you go to the eighth outpost, I will take them upon myself,” said Mu Bai.

Mu Bai was well versed in insects. He had the idea of meeting the venomous shaman famous in the Andes.

But since they turned out to be opponents, that’s not bad either.

“You really have to try.” You don’t accidentally keep a diary, can you tell me where he is before we part? – said Zhao Man Yan.

– Roll away from here!

Zhao Man Yan barely opened his eyes. His eyelids were so swollen that he could only see a vague line.

In this state, it will be difficult for him to find the eighth outpost.

Having run two hundred meters, Zhao Man Yan looked around.

These students were definitely members of the black church. Under the cover of an exit lesson, they destroyed the road from the sixth outpost to the seventh. And then they remained to guard the seventh outpost so that no one could get to the ninth.

So something important is happening!

How good that they opened them!

In fact, Zhao Man Yan was not sure if these were fake students. Until the black clergy take off their masks, they cannot be distinguished from ordinary people.

Therefore, Zhao Man Yan came up with a brilliant idea to mention the name of the guard of Chance.

Hansen is very strong, besides hiding among students. Zhao Man Yan suspected that he was the head of students associated with the black church. So he decided to take a chance!

Man Yan was pleased with himself, he is becoming smarter!

– Grrrrr !!!

The sound of a loud growl shook the mountains, like a thunderclap. Zhao Man Yan was lost in thought, but then he saw that something huge was stirring in the reservoir !!

It was also an insect, but with the size of a dragon and the predation of a snake!

The wings on the back of the creature were covered with sharp spikes. Unfolded, they looked like the sails of a ship from a dark dimension!

Predatory lines, sharp wings, protruding bones … the image of the creature inspired awe in people!

– Bl * !! What a terrible creature! Mu Bai, just don’t die again … – Zhao Man Yan sighed frantically.

Uh what?

Why is it attacking black churches?

Can not be!! This monster raised Mu Bai !!

Pease * atom !!

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