Chapter 23: Devil’s treasure house


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As I continued to break through the wall, I soon saw a large space in front of my eyes. This is a hidden dungeon room that leads to the bottom. Upon seeing it, Sasha was surprised.

“There is a room at the end of the wall …”

“Hidden passages with magic tricks are surprisingly easy to bale. It’s only necessary to follow the traces of magic. A simple hidden passage without magic is actually a blind spot.”

It is a drawback that you have to fix the wall with holes each time with the magic of <> every time you go through creative architecture.

“But the underground dungeon of Delzogade is closed to all but students. When did you find this hidden passage?”

“What if I made it?”

Sasha dislikes her lips.

“I’ll do that.

That’s true, but you won’t believe it.

“Do you want to go? This room is connected to the bottom floor.”

After a short walk, I arrived in a bright room. The ceiling is high and overflows with trees in the dungeon. There was a waterway, and the surface of the water reflected glittering light.

“……Light of the sun……”

Misha mutters.

“Oh, the sunshine in the daytime and the moonlight in the nighttime can be taken in from outside.”

“… I wonder if it’s for activating a magical magic circle?”

Fusion magic, the secret of the Necron family, uses natural magic circles. At a glance, Misha and Sasha, who were proficient, realized that this room was a catalyst for using magic.

However, the situation has changed a little since 2000 years ago. The position where the sunlight enters is different. Has anyone adjusted to use magic?

However, the underground dungeon was not only unusual because it was used not only by me but also by subordinates. Suddenly I stare at the ceiling. Of course, there’s nothing in the ceiling that doesn’t look like anything.

“… what’s wrong …?”

“No, it’s because of my care.”

Leaving the room of the magic circle, we move on. Sasha said as she was descending the long stairs.

Transfer “Hey. If Anos has been here, can’t he move with <>?”

Transfer “Because this underground dungeon has anti-magic that disturbs <>. It can be used but it can be used, but I do not know where to transfer it.”

It is easy to release the anti-magic, but then the dungeon itself collapses. Transfer If I only use <>, it’s like a loophole. The best way to stop intruders is to use a mechanism that prevents you from using <>.

“I’ve been walking for more than two hours, but how far down can I get?”


Misha points to the front. The end of the stairs was visible.

“Hmm. It looks like you’re at the bottom.”


Sasha runs down the stairs one step ahead. Then he saw something in front of him and stood stunned.

Mesha and Mesha catch up. There was a huge and luxurious gate that seemed to belong to a giant.

“The door between the altars”

Misha uses her evil eye to look at the door.

“… Anti-magic …”

“Oh, there’s someone trying to break it in with magic.”

Misha looks further into the abyss of magic.

Hell Flame Extermination Cannon “… <> Class cannot be destroyed …”

“… Huh !? Then, how do you get inside …?”

Good grief. You don’t seem to know who you are with yet.

“Use your head a bit. I’m stuck because I’m going to break it. If magic doesn’t work, open it with something other than magic.”

He goes out calmly and hands his hand to the huge gate. With a lot of power, it makes a heavy and heavy noise and the door opens.

“Well, it opened.”

Misha, after being stunned, shouted.

“I thought when I lifted the Demon Castle, what’s going on with your body …? Why is this ridiculous door opening?”

Sasha pushes the door and looks, but of course he doesn’t say anything. Do something cute.

“Well, how to train everyday.”

“It’s not the dimension of how to train.”

Sasha ponders, muttering, “Do you have such a strong pedigree …?”

“That’s what you’re looking for.”

At the back of the open room was an altar, on which an evil cane stood.

Scepter “That … hey …?”

If you look at it with a demon eye, you can see at a glance that the wand has a great deal of magic. It’s not the same as the magic sword that Zepes had. True, a product of mythological times.

“This is a perfect dungeon test.”

I thought if someone had taken it out, but it was still there.

“Hey … may I touch it …?”

What you get in the dungeon test becomes the property of the team leader. But such magical tools are not so common in mythological times. If you have Sasha’s evil eye, you can be curious and natural.

“thumbs up”

“Thank you”

He gladly ran to the altar, and Sasha gently picked up the scepter. She stares, staring at the mystery of magical tools you’ll never see.

HM. Just right. I’ll be crazy about that for a while.

“Misha, come here.”

Call Misha and move to the door beside the altar.


“Treasure house”

Enter the room. At first glance, it’s just ridiculous, but when I say, “Look at me,” the magic veil is removed, and magic tools such as magic swords and magic armor appear one after another. Collected during mythological times.

Magic thread Among them is a rare moon thread that can be caught from a dragon called the dragon, knitted with the light of the moon and knitted up, or woven with the golden lion Sirius golden hair, which is said to be the most beautiful in the world Many gorgeous costumes were also available, such as <Kinshi no Robe>.

“You can choose something that looks good with Sasha.”

Misha stares into the treasure house costume. I know quite a bit. What she is watching is not the look of the clothes, but the abyss.

Magical tools from the mythological era choose their own owner. It’s not easy if you choose what you use and what you give to others, but why not?

After a while, Misha started walking.

“This is good”

She got a <Phoenix of the Phoenix> made by knitting the feathers of the bird Phoenix. While it brings the benefits of immortal flames to what you wear, it’s an alleged thing that burns away what isn’t.

“It looks pretty, but it’s hard to wear.”

Evil eye You understand? After all, Misha can see it. Certainly, this <Phoenix of the Phoenix> would be appropriate for Sasha.

“If so, give it away.”

With a joyful smile, Misha held <Phoenix of the Phoenix> in both hands with great care. She goes to the door to go to Sasha. However, on the way, the ring on the pedestal caught my eye.

<Ring leaf ice ring>. The cold air filled the seven seas with lotus leaf ice, hence the name. It would not be a coincidence that Misha saw the ring. The magician and the caster are attracted to each other. In this case, she was called <Ring Leaf Ice Ring>.

“Do you want?”

Misha stares at the ring with no expression.

“Misha will have a birthday tomorrow.”

She shook her head from side to side.


Misha leaves the treasure trove to escape.


There may be some circumstances, but well, I don’t really care. As soon as I picked up the Lotus Ring, I chased Misha and left the treasure house.

“Ah! Anos, Misha, where are you going? If you notice, you’re gone. I was worried.”

Sasha, holding the Scepter, is steadily approaching here.

“It was bad.

“I’m saying I’m doing it.”

What are you shy about?

“Give me that face, I feel like I’m looking down.”

“What do you say, words like looking down aren’t in my dictionary?”

“Please look in the mirror before saying.”

He’s saying something that doesn’t make sense.

“By the way, is there no use here anymore?”

Turning around and turning his heels, Sasha looks into the altar. The dungeon exam is all you have to do is go back, but it’s a good idea to do another one first.

“Isn’t it good to pass it?”

I told Misha hiding behind my back.


“Or do you take it home, hiding it?”

Misha thought for a moment, shakes her head and walks out of my back one step forward.


Sasha looks back. I was surprised to see <Phoenix of the Phoenix> in Misha’s hand.

“What’s wrong, Misha?”

“……I found it……”


Misaki nodded.

“I’ll give you”

“… Eh, and …. For me?

The enormous magical power of <Phoenix of the Phoenix> may have been understood. Sasha stares at it with her evil eye.

“… It’s my birthday tomorrow …”

Sasha laughed softly as she spoke. There are tears in the corners of the eyes.

“I don’t have anything.”

“… I don’t need …”

Sasha smiles in trouble.

“Thank you, Misha. I’m so happy. I’ll take care of my whole life.”

Misha smiled happily.


A magic circle floats on Sasha’s eyes staring at the <Phoenix of the Phoenix>. It’s <Evil Eye of Ruin>. It doesn’t make sense to use it here, so it’s likely that the emotions came out naturally.

But strange. If joy comes out, it must be right after your birthday is said. While watching <Phoenix of the Phoenix>, I came up with something, and my emotions were heightened. It sounds like that, but what did you come up with?

“Can I wear it?”

Misha nodded and handed <Phoenix of the Phoenix> to Sasha. She put her hand on the button on the uniform and looked at me as I realized.

“I’ll change clothes …”

“Oh, look back.”

“That’s not the case! Enter the room there!”

It’s a really tedious guy. It can’t be helped. Listen and say, I go into the treasure house. When she wanted to close the door, Misha came over there.

“… I was pleased …”

“I’m glad”

“… Thanks to Anos …”

“I chose you.”

Misha bites.

“… today is the happiest day in my life …”


Missha shook his head.

“Thank you”

I nodded and gently closed the door.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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