Chapter 23 Promotion of Martial Artifact


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Chu Xingyun did not encounter any difficulties with his previous life’s experience.

The only thing unexpected to him was that the pain of swallowing third level Martial Arifact was so terrible that he was about to faint several times.

Until the second day when this paid began to fade a biymt, Chu Xingyun kept practicing the nameless cultivation technique without any rest.

On the third day, when Chu Xingyun completed this cycle, his body trembled slightly.

Looking over, we can see that the sword martial artifact, suspended in the void, has undergone tremendous changes, the whole sword has started floating, the body of the sword is gray and black, and the breath is quiet, giving people a kind of illusory feeling.

Chu Xingyun stretched out his hand and the sword suddenly disappeared. When it reappeared, it was in his hands.

“Quick!” Chu Xingyun was shocked.

Just now, the sword did not disappear, but it was so fast that it felt like it had disappeared.

In addition, the grey and black light around the sword is like a shadow, which completely conceals the sword spirit and the sword light, so it is hard to find them.

“Ghost Wolf, in addition to the speed, is also good at hiding, and can perfectly hide the breath, it seems that these two characteristics are integrated into the martial artifact, really God helps me.” Chu Xingyun’s face was even more delighted.

His masterpiece The Knack of Wind, Thunder and Sword was originally famous for its speed.

The Sword Pierced like wind and thunder, and the opponent was killed before he even responded.

Now, the sword martial artifact combines the two characteristics of the ghost, the devil and the wolf, and has entered the second level. It is not only faster, but also able to hide the breath, as if it were a shadow-free sword, able to shuttle in the invisible.

“I don’t know how strong I am and to what extent I am.” Chu Xingyun washed the dirt off his body and replaced it with a black robe. He couldn’t wait to come to the courtyard.

He stood quietly with a sword in his hand, as if he had melted into the breeze, giving people a sense of vanity.

“Wind!” For a long time, Chu Xingyun drank low, his arm moved, his sword disappeared.

In the air, there was a sharp wind breaking, and the sword martial artifact reappeared. Where it passed, the leaves were broken, the trunk had a deep mark, and even the whole tree was shaking slightly.

The sword was so fast that people wouldn’t even be able to respond.

“With the power of that sword, we can easily defeat those who have hardened six heavens. Even if we have hardened seven heavens, we should have the strength of knock them ot atleast.” Chu Xingyun took the sword martial artifact back into his body and was satisfied with his present state.

“Young Master!” At this time, Chuhu’s voice came.

When Chu Xingyun looked back, he saw that Chu Tiger was dressed in a strong black suit, with fierce eyes and windy feet. He did not feel humble at all, but looked vigorous and vigorous.

“Have you gathered martial spirit artifact?” Chu Xingyun, with a glance was able to judge that the Chu Hu has condensed his martial artifact.

“Sure enough, I can’t hide anything from Master.” Chu Hu laughed and took a deep breath. Behind him, there immediately emerged a tiger shadow, with fierce markings, quite a bit of the momentum of the tsunami forest.

“Third level Martial Artifact!” Chu Xingyun seems to have predicted it, hence did not show much surprise.

He knows very well that Chu Hu’s life in the Chamber of Commerce was like a fish in water, depending on, in addition to ability and vision, Martial artifact must also be a major factor.

Third level martial artifact, even in Xifeng City, can be regarded as the top one.

Chu Hu didn’t know what Chu Xingyun was thinking, and he said with flying eyebrows: “Master, from now on, I will have some strength, and will not become a burden to you!”

Between words, Chu Hu attaches martial artifact to his body, and immediately there are three-color markings on his forehead. He leans down and makes several loud tiger whistles, which is really a bit of a master’s demeanor.

Chu Xingyun nodded slightly, and a subtle arc was raised at the corner of his mouth.

“Right!” Suddenly, Chu Hu thought of something, took out a book and handed it to Chu Xingyun. He said, “Master, this is a spiritual book. You can have a look at it.”

“Accounts?” Chu Xingyun frowned. He was closed for three days. Unexpectedly, Chu Hu’s action was so fast that he contacted Baibao Tower and began to enter Fengqi Mountain.

When I opened the account book, I saw more than thirty items of spiritual materials listed above, each of which was recorded in detail.

According to Chu Xingyun’s estimation, there are also hundreds of these spiritual materials.

“Young Master, on the day of your closure, Baibao Tower sent people over. I took them to the periphery of Fengqi Mountain according to your instructions. These three days, they almost mined day and night without any slack. In my estimation, eyerthing could be mined out in half a month.”

Chu Hu spoke in a very orderly way, not in a hurry, and said, “As the young master suspected, Chu Ping-tian had hatred in their hearts and wanted to cut in many times. Fortunately, I remember your words and secretly invited the owner of the Qin Building. Yesterday, the owner of the Qin Building personally shocked and frightened him, so they did not dare to make any suggestions in the future.”

At the thought of yesterday’s scene, Chu Tiger’s face showed a smile, too cool, Chu Ping-tian was pressed not a little temper, such a picture, he did not dare to think before.

“Chu Ping Tial has many tricks, but the fact that mining can be completed in half a month. The speed is really unexpected to me.” Chu Xingyun murmured in a low voice.

What about the fragrance? Where is she?” Chu Xingyun looked around and found no trace of Shui Xiang.

“Miss Shui Liuxiang has also closed her door and practiced, her progress seems to be slow, so far has not condensed martial artifact.” Chu Hu answered.

“Three days have passed yet she hasn’t gathered martial artifact, which is indeed a bit slow.” Chu Xingyun nodded, but did not think much about it.

The cohesion of martial artifact originally varies from person to person. Shuixiang used to lead such a difficult life. For practice, no one gave any guidance. It took a little longer and was normal.

“Don’t disturb me over there. I’ll go to Xifeng City later.” Chu Xingyun said to Chu Hu that since the mining is so smooth, it is necessary for him to walk around Baibao Tower.

More importantly, he can strike while the iron is hot and begin to prepare for the next step!

With such thoughts in mind, the night has fallen completely unconsciously.

Chu Xingyun put a broad black robe on his body and hid himself. He left Chu Town again.

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