Chapter 24 Reentering Baibao Building


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Trade Zone, Baibao Building.

Lady Qin Yuyan was sitting in the spiritual medicine production room, her hands touched, and pinched out a complicated handprint.

Around her, there are more than ten spiritual stones with faint spiritual light, just like the stars embellishing the night sky, which are gorgeous to the extreme, and perfectly set off the color of dust from the rain and smoke of Qin Dynasty.

If a man sees this scene, he will surely love it and be overwhelmed by the beauty of Qin Yuyan.

At this moment, Meng Qing and Qinshan are sitting in the spiritual medicine preparation room, their bodies are tense and they seem to be a little nervous, even in the face of such beautiful scenery, they dare not look up.

Meng Qing took a deep breath and his voice trembled. “Miss Yuyan, I’ve collected all the information about Chu Xingyun. This person is rather weird. In the past 16 years, he has been living in a rubbish state. But since he married Shuixiang, his temperament has changed greatly, and he has even kept the gold seal of his master and won many Chu family members’ Support. ”

“Shuixiang?” Qin Yuyan, with a pair of beautiful eyes, stood up straight.

“Shuixiang is a person of Shuijia. It is said was born of Shui Chongxian with a woman in of brothel. Her status is inferior to that of an slave. I have also investigated her secretly. This person is very ordinary and has no background. There is also the reclusive strong man. Since the auction of martial arts, he has never appeared again, as if he had evaporated.” Meng Qing hurried back.

Hearing Meng Qing’s reply, Qin Yuyan chanted slightly and murmured, “Check, continue to check, if Chu Xingyun has no clue, start from his father and grandfather, there is nothing missing.”

“Yes!” Meng Qing nodded heavily and bowed down.

After Meng Qing left, Qin Yuyan turned his head to Qinshan and asked, “What’s the latest thing about mining the spiritual materials of Fengqi Mountain?”

“Miss Huiyuyan, the mining is very smooth, and there are hardly any difficulties encountered. In just three days, we have exploited nearly 1,000 spiritual materials. If we continue to deepen, the profits will be higher!” Qinshan is also a little excited.

Spiritual materials, which are essentially the necessities of warriors, are of great value.

In just three days, nearly 1,000 spiritual materials were mined. It’s hard to imagine how much wealth Baibao Building will make if this business continues. It’s no effort at all to dominate the spiritual material market of Xifeng City.

“You don’t have to pay much attention to the exploitation of spiritual materials. You must pay close attention to Chu Xingyun’s every move. If something is different, report it to me immediately.” Qin Yuyan’s words confused Qinshan and asked, “Miss Yuyan, what does that mean?”

“Do you remember Huo Lingsan and spiritual medicine Qingxin?” said Qin Yu.

“Of course I remember.” Qinshan immediately answered that Chu Xingyun himself had given the two spiritual medicine prescriptions. Would he forget that?

“A few days ago, I carefully studied these two prescriptions. The alchemy techniques mentioned above are not recorded in ancient books. Especially Qingxindan, which ranks only in the second class, can clear away the magic barrier and stabilize one’s mind. This kind of medicine can even be comparable to the third level medicines.”

Qin Yuyan took a deep breath, and if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would never have believed that there was such a magical “two-pingdan” medicine in the world.

“Such a prescription is worth a hundred Lingshi stones, but Chu Xingyun does not pay attention to it at all, which shows that what he needs is not wealth!” Qinshan was not dull, and immediately made his own judgment.

“Yes, I suspect that exploiting the spiritual resources of Fengqi Mountain is just a cover. Chu Xingyun must have something hidden, otherwise, he would not take so much trouble.” Qin Yuyan’s eyes narrowed slightly, more and more affirmed his ideas.

At this moment, a rush of footsteps came.

A maid came in and bowed to Qin Yuyan and said, “Miss Yuyan, Chu Xingyun came to Baibao Building and said that he wanted to buy medicines. He is waiting outside the building.”

Hearing the words, the Qinshan people stood up and shouted out, “Don’t you know who Young Master Chu is? And you let him wait outside the building? immediately prepare a good elegant room, don’t let anyone disturb him!”

“The slave underatnds, I’ll go and prepare for it.” The maid had never seen Qinshan so Angry before, and she was instantly frightened to death.

“Slow down!” Qin Yuyan suddenly uttered a voice and solemnly said, “Take Chu Xingyun to the treasure house, and I will personally receive him.”

Qin Yuyan’s order was quickly conveyed.

Chu Xingyun, who was waiting outside the building, was led by several maids, crossing the corridor and finally arrived at a majestic palace where Qin Yuyan had been waiting for a long time.

In order to personally receive Chu Xingyun, Qin Yuyan apparently wore a delicate dress.

Dressed in a long red dress with long hair falling like a black waterfall, she perfectly outlines the enchanting posture and matches it with moving features, as if standing in front of Chu Xingyun is not a beautiful woman, but a charming messenger.

“Did Miss Yuyan wait a long time?” chu Xingyun’s heart was amazed when he saw the so called ‘rain and smoke’ of Qin Dynasty. He even took a few deep breaths before he recovered.

“No harm.” Qin Yuyan smiled faintly and looked more beautiful and touching. He knocked sideways and said, “Young Master Chu is a guest of my Baibao Tower. I should wait a little while. He heard that Chu Shao mainly buys a purifying pot. It seems that Fengqi Mountain is indeed a treasure. Even Young Master himself has started to refine potions.”

No matter how much he though about, he couldn’t understand the hidden meaning behind Qin Yuyan’s words.

He frowned and put on a doubtful look and said, “Miss Qin misunderstood me. When I first entered potion manufacture, I was very unfamiliar with the method of alchemy. By buying potion refining pot, I just wanted to practice more. As for Fengqi Mountain, you said that there is a strange treasure. Is that true?”

“Ha-ha, I was just kidding, Young Master Chu needn’t take it seriously.” Qin Yuyan returned in vain and laughed awkwardly. SHe quickly shifted the topic and said, “If a young Master Chu does not dislike it, I will take you personally to choose the Danding Ding.”

With that said, Qin Yuyan made a quick look at Qinshan. Qinshan immediately opened the door of the treasure house. As for the others, all of them stayed outside.

Chu Xingyun was shocked when he entered the treasure house.

This treasure house is very huge, divided into compartments, each compartment, are placed with different appliances, the number is very large, people are a bit overwhelmed.

“I don’t know what grade of potion purifying pot Young Master Chu mainly chooses?” Qin Yuyan was satisfied with Chu Xingyun’s expression and asked with a light smile.

There are also strict grades for precious utensils, which are: all utensils, treasure utensils, magic utensils and King utensils. Each grade is divided into three grades, high school and low school, so it is called four grades and twelve grades.

Legend has it that there are still more powerful emperors and soldiers, which only the emperor and the emperor can possess. Of course, these are only legends. Whether they exist or not is rarely known.

At the beginning, Chu Xingyun refined the six-legged purifying pot of Huolingshan, which was a high-level ordinary implement. For using it once, it needed twelve thousand silver, which showed how precious it was.

“When I first came to alchemy, I would like to buy a precious-ware-grade purifying pot for the time being. Others are too high-grade for me to control.” Chu Xingyun thought for a while and gave his answer.

But he didn’t know that Qin Yuyan’s face suddenly convulsed at the moment when his voice fell.

You know, when Qin Yuyan first came to alchemy, the purifying pot used was only a high-level mortal vessel.

This is not to say that she can’t use a higher-grade Danding Ding, but the way of alchemy, pay attention to step-by-step, from the beginning using a higher-grade purifying pot cannot be controlled by ordinary people.

At the beginning of Alchemy, anyone who can control a high level mortal vessel is already a genius.

At first, Qin Yuyan thought that Chu Xingyun wanted to buy the high-level purifying pot of mortal wares, but he was secretly delighted that his talent for alchemy was not under Chu Xingyun, and they were equally well matched.

But Chu Xingyun, as soon as he opened his mouth, said that he wanted to use the purifying pot of the treasure level that too so casually.

This completely diluted the pride of Qin Yuyan.

Note: Medicine from now on shall be called as potion.

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