Chapter 24: Sasha’s true meaning


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Leaning against the wall of the treasure house, I was staring at the sky.

…… I ’m still free.

It should have been a minute for this, but how long does it take to change clothes at most? I knocked on the door to remind me, but the silence came back.

“… it’s strange”

Aside from Sasha, Misha will respond if she hits the door. No way, I left me. Or …?

“Misha, are you open?”

There was no reply, so I opened the door. Look at the altar. The impression is clearly different from before.

It’s red.

In front of the altar is blood overflowing like a puddle, at the center of which Misha is kneeling down in a dangling manner. A knife was stuck in his right chest. Apparently, he seems to be alive, but a magical barrier has been carefully set up around Misha to prevent immediate treatment.

“Oh? I finally came out. I’ve heard quite a bit.”

Sasha, at the entrance, opposite the altar, screamed. She wears a and holds a Scepter.

“Hmm. What an imitation, Sasha.”

Sasha then mocked.

“Hmm, it’s like an idiot. It’s easy to be deceived just to get along a little bit. Did I really want to get along with that junk doll? To get first place in this dungeon test! It’s decided to be a play. ”

A play, or? Did you make up with Misha, you were happy with it, or you cried for a birthday present, and everything was a lie?

“A man is simple. He kissed me a bit and was tricked by a crochet. Did you think I would like a hybrid like you?”

“I’m pretty good at acting, Sasha.”

Speaking, Sasha looked back at me as if she were a little scared.

“… what does that mean?”

“What was the performance didn’t look good?”

“That’s a great performance.”

“But it’s too lazy to betray him. Misha would kill, shred the flesh to make resuscitation difficult, seal the pieces one by one in a rock, and rose all over the world so they couldn’t be found. Well, it’s just the beginning, why not? ”

Sasha frowns. It’s a kind of atmosphere. After all, he has not been completely ruthless.

“What kind of mischief is the mischief of stroking the chest with a knife?”

“… I’m noisy. If I get to first place in the dungeon test, that’s all I need to do.”

That is a strange story.

“Even if you have a scepter, it should be useless as long as you are my member.”

The ownership of the items you obtain belongs to the team leader. But Sasha smiled and deployed the magic circle.

Contract “I will destroy <>”

Covenant When I talked, the effect of <> between Misha and Sasha disappeared. Certainly, the contract to become a member of my group is invalid, so I can always exit.

Contract However, apparently, Misha has not agreed to destroy <>. In principle, <> cannot be destroyed without agreement. Even if the opponent dies, the effect will continue.

I don’t think Sasha can use magic enough to forcibly destroy <>. There are several possibilities, but is one that seems reasonable?

“I see. Interesting.”

I release my impressions. Sasha, who would have been dominant on her own, turned into a cornered face.

“You … I wonder if you’re crazy? You’ll die if you let go of that child. Don’t you know that you’re not in such a relaxed situation?”

“Hmm. What’s wrong with this situation? At first glance, it’s a boring and sleepy afternoon class that looks the same as usual.”

In my words, Sasha’s gaze is increasingly steep.

“Well, it seems like a little bit of a sister fight”

“You said you never remembered that junk doll as your sister!”

With anger, Sasha said.

“Okay? It was born just for me to use. If you use it and it’s useless, it’s thrown away like a rag. It’s a pathetic, miserable, magic doll.”

Sasha simply argues, like throwing away and hating.

“Fuh, ah, ah, ah! Forgive me, I really believe in words. I wonder how many times I’ll be deceived. Really stupid dolls. I think I can get along with me Yeah, but it’s okay, I thought it was useless anymore, but it helped deceive the hybrid. ”

Her gaze shoots Misha straight, not at me.

“Hey. Misha, are you still alive? I’ll tell you because it’s the last time. I’ve been deceived many times and I believe that way, your good child flirts, I hate as much as insectic acid runs Tough! ”

Sasha’s words elevate and stab. However, is not floating in his eyes.

From a while ago, even just once.


Take one step to Sasha and step on foot.

“What’s the truth?”

When asked, Sasha gazes at me. This time appeared in his eyes.

“What happened? Are you angry at seeing you?”

Sasha kept staring at me, but smiled on the way.

“Oh? Maybe you? Do you think I can’t control the Doomsday?”

Sasha then closes her eyes quietly. As her eyes slowly opened, her eyes disappeared.

“You see, there’s nothing more than controlling this.”

Sasha looks relieved somewhere, but how about it?

“Why do you want to say my mistake? I see. So–”

Another step, I step out.

“What’s the truth?”

Sasha tightly ties her lips. Are you watching me coming or maybe?

“You’re the same as the doll. it’s not”

I’m naive. Well, probably only in this era. But it does mean peace.

“Because I have a little bit of power, don’t be a good person and give me your favorite words, even if you don’t know anything!”

“turn down”

Immediately, Sasha exclaimed.

“When I want to say, I say what I want to say. When I want to ask, I ask what I want to ask. There is no instruction from anyone.”

Of course, I think we have some courtesy, but there’s no reason to subscribe now.

“Sasha. While you’re under my control, you’ll raise your hand to my friends, and you probably don’t think you’ll just be free.”

I walk straight to Sasha. She squeezed the scepter strongly to hold her.

“Are you harming me a little bit, I’ll die?”

Condition Linked magic <>? Conditions When Sasha is harmed, it becomes <>, and the magic barrier that stretches around Misha in coordination shrinks and crushes her. The knife would pierce deeper and kill the soul.

“You have to do it first. It will take you 100 seconds to break the magic barrier and cure Misha. That’s enough.”

Using flight <>, Sasha’s body emerged. She flies low in the dungeon and breaks out of this place-

But much earlier, I kicked the ground and approached Sasha. She grabbed her hand and, surprisingly, Sasha had no choice but to curl her eyes.

Condition At the same time, the condition is met and the magic of <> is activated. But Misha was safe. There is no change in the magic barrier.

Condition “…… What ’s the matter ……? <> Was certainly activated ……”

Sasha turns his evil eye to Misha. If you look deep into the abyss, you’ll see that the magic barrier, the knife on the chest, and the blood are fake things made with my phantom magic. Healing Misha has healed her wounds with the recovery magic <>. Conditions If the magic barrier to be linked is broken, nothing happens when <> is activated.

Phantom mimicry “The magic of <> … it’s a lie …… in between …?”

“It’s determined at the moment you see it, because your friends are dying, but you can’t just leave a good guy alone.”

After that, I thought that Sasha was planning something, so I let <> swim for a while.

“Well, that took 0.1 seconds, but what do you think should be used for the remaining 9.9 seconds before you escape?”

Put a little effort on your hand. Sasha frowned painfully.


A voice was heard from the altar. Looking back, holding Sasha’s hand.

Mischa stood when I released the phantom mimic <>.

“… Forgive me …”

HM. Say something like

“Well, it’s okay to forgive me, but I think it’s better to talk about what I’m thinking about.

Misha shook her head.

“Forcing is not good”

Good grief. Don’t sue with compelling eyes.

“……No good……?”

Well, good. I do not accept any instructions, but if you wish, the story is different. In particular, the friend’s request is willing to undertake.

“Thank Misha!”

Release your hand. Soon Sasha flew to escape.

“Misha. You’re really stupid. So I thought I’d thank you? Unfortunate. Your life, it was all to be used by me. The last moment at best I wish you regret! ”

Flying At the moment, Sasha loses control of <>. He fell to the floor and rolled flashy.

“… Pain … what is this …?”

“Oh, bad. You missed it, but you’re so busy. You’ve disturbed the magic field so you can’t fly.”

I laughed at a girl with a humiliating face, fearlessly.

“The loser is like a loser, crawling and returning at best, otherwise I might change my mind.”

“… A great guy … remember …”

A fresh laugh leaked without thinking.

“I wanted to hear those lines.

While staring at him, he turned his heels and walked back and forth, and Sasha returned. On that back, I called out.

“Sasha. I’m forgiving to my betrayal. I’m much less of a mischief.

Sasha did not look back and left.

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