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The figure of Jing Tianjun went farther and farther. After entering the palace, he could not see it at all.

Chu Xingyun still stood still, his eyes sank, and suddenly spit out a word: “Hey Senior, what do you think of this Jingtian army?”

“Three thousand Jingtian Army, all stepped into the Earth Spirit, the body tumbling like a river, apparently cultivate a good cultivation technique, and more importantly, there is a suffocating body in the entire group, if it is a struggle between life and death, Among the ranks, there are few rivals.”

Hao Tianchong paused, continued: “Especially the young man next to the bloody body of Wujing, the cultivation base has reached Earth Spirit Eigth Level Day, and he is in the hands of Blood Qi, and his life is dead. It is difficult to count, and he It seems to have a killing intent for you.”

Wu Teng gaze at Chu Xingyun’s look, seemingly ordinary, but the deepest of the eyes, but there is a hint of killing intent.

This child’s killing is too heavy. Just because of Wu Jingxue’s words, he has a murder of Chu Xingyun, showing how ferocious he is, simply can be said to be lawless.

“The tiger father wolf, the word, it is quite suitable for them.” Chu Xingyun’s mouth floated a cold arc, stepped out, and left this side.

Back to Lingxiao Wufu, Chu Xingyun did not return to the courtyard, but moved towards the direction of Lingxiaoge.

As soon as he stepped into it, he saw Huayun River and Qinglao.

“Chu Xingyun, how come you?”

Huayun River frowned, just wanting to step forward, the body trembled violently, and said: “How do you have such a rich cloud evil energy, you can say that you step into the Earth Spirit Already?”

When I heard this, Qinglao was shocked.

They know very well that with Chu Xingyun’s innate talent, stepping into the Earth Spirit is a matter of course, but in any case, stepping into the Earth Spirit is not an easy task and requires a long period of insight.

However, in the past two weeks alone, Chu Xingyun has stepped into the Earth Spirit, which is a bit too awkward!

“Good luck, I got some adventures.” Chu Xingyun smiled and turned, saying: “Huafu, I want to see my father.”

“Okay.” Chu Xingyun suddenly came to the moment, Huayun River guessed this, not much nonsense, straight Chu Xuingyun arrived at the courtyard chamber.

This time, the old man also followed.

In the secret room, there is still a cold chill.

The Chu Stars were frozen in the cold frost, and their eyes closed. Only a trace of faint vitality spread, except for the lack of breath.

“Two, please also take a few steps back.” Chu Xingyun said a word, then strode to the front of the Chu stars, palms gently covered on the cold frost, slowly emit a touch of pure spiritual power.

Upon seeing it, Huayun River and Qinglao squatted down and looked at each other, and they all saw the color of doubt in the other’s eyes.

The two of them just wanted to ask questions. Suddenly, the whole room was mad and trembled, and a trace of blood red light suddenly burst away from the palm of Chu Xingyun, turning into an obscure rune, whistling toward the cold frost.


A crisp sound is heard on the cold frost. As the blood light continues to fill, the cold qi beginning gradually dissipates, and the heavy ice begins to crack, exploding infinitely small cracks.

“Chu Xingyun can unravel the Frost Formation Great Formation!”

Huayun River has wide eyes, and this frost-sealed Great Formation is the Seventh Grade, which is a hundred times more complicated than the Six-Fantasy Purple Array. At the moment, it was actually broken by Chu Xingyun.

What’s even more amazing is that it is easy to break the frosty seal of the Great Formation from the judgment of Chu Xingyun.

The sound of ka-cha ka-cha keeps ringing, a path of blood is diffuse, and the bombardment is on the cold frost, so that the cold qi dissipates more quickly, and the crack on the ice is getting bigger and bigger, until it is broken. Cracked open.

call out!

Chu Xingyun figure flashed and held the body of Chu Stars. At the same time, he took out Divine Grass from the storage ring and carefully stuffed it into the mouth of Chu Stars.

“It’s no wonder that I have never seen Chu Xingyun in the past two months. It turned out that he secretly left the Imperial City and went to find Divine Grass to wake up the stars.” Huayun River understood and there was a hint of exclamation. color.

The situation facing Chu Xingyun, Huayun River is clearer than anyone. Once you leave the palace, it will surely be intercepted and killed by many forces. It is extremely dangerous.

But even so, Chu Xingyun is still resolutely leaving the Imperial City to find Divine Grass.

This move is really moving!

Chu Stars swallowed Divine Grass, the whole body was frozen and the vitality, immediately beginning recovery, the closed eyes, moved slightly, and then slammed a little.

“Where is this?” Chu stars spit out a word, not long, only a short four words, but Chu Xingyun’s face trembled, his eyes slightly reddish.

Even though I was awake at Divine Grass, Chu Xingyun knew that Chu Stars would wake up.

But knowing that when he saw the spring star wake up and spoke, his heart was still full of excitement, and the joy poured out from deep in one’s heart, it was difficult to suppress!

“Huafu, how are you here?”

Chu Stars saw the Huayun River and found that Huayun River was staring at Chu Xingyun. This scene caused Chu Stars to think of something violently. The body was shaking wildly and seemed to have a hard look at Chu Xingyun.

Feel the eyes of Chu Stars, Chu Xingyun’s heart is warm, suddenly started talking: “Hey!”


The heart of Chu Stars trembled fiercely, his hands opened, and Chu Xingyun hugged him tightly. He cried: “Yun, is it really you? My good boy!”

In this voice, I was a little bit tearful.

A drop of hot tears, slid across the face of Chu Stars, fell on Chu Xingyun’s clothes, and wet a piece.

This teardrop, full of endless fatherly love, let Chu Xingyun feel that his deep in one’s heart’s grievances have completely disappeared, and the same is to reach out and hold the Chu stars.

“Father, in order to let the children live a quiet life, they are willing to never see each other; the children, in order to wake father up, do not hesitate to find the ridiculous Divine Grass, this father, the temper is really similar.” White long beard, smiled and looked at the scene.

Huayun River is also laughing, and the father and son are reunited, which is really moving.

After a while, Chu Stars loosened his hands.

He stood up and looked at Qinglao and Huayunhe. He was grateful: “Many thanks, the two help each other, so that I can reunite with Yuner, please worship by Chu!”

The knees are slightly curved, and the Chu Stars just want to squat, but they are supported by Huayun River. They are sad with a smile: “You misunderstood, this “Frost Seal of the Great Formation” is Chu Xingyun alone. Opened, even waking up Divine Grass, he also found out after he ventured away from the Imperial City.”

“even more how, if you want to thank, we are the first to open, if not Chu Xingyun, I am afraid that we have not yet solved the sixty Six Roads of the “Fantasy Purple Array”, can not completely activate it “”

Huayun River smiled lightly, but the voice was said to make Chu Stars look blank. He looked at Chu Xingyun and looked at Huayun River and Qinglao. The fog was full of water.

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