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See Chu Stars doubts, the old man laughed, and all the things were said again.

Chu Stars listened quietly, the expression on his face changed inconsistency, first of all, horror, then proud, then shocked, a pair of pupils, horrified, full of incredible.

In particular, when he heard Chu Xingyun create the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce and let the Yunton Chamber of Commerce become the First Chamber of Commerce, the whole person was stunned and his head could no longer think.

He was frozen for seventeen years, woke up for a moment, and was able to reunite with Chu Xingyun, and he was already moved by tears.

However, Huayunhe said that Chu Xingyun, his son, is the highest core disciple in the innate talent of Lingxiao Wufu. He is the owner of the First Chamber of Commerce. It is also the character of the Italian Family.

This is too shocking, even if it is a dream, he can’t dream of such a thing!

“It’s a child of my Chu Stars, good, great. If you know these things, you will be proud of you.” Chu Stars patted Chu Xingyun’s shoulder and made a hearty laugh.

Parents of the world, who do not want to be a child.

Everything Chu Xingyun has done is far beyond the expectations of Chu Stars.

Can have such a child, no regrets in this life!

“Hey.” Chu Xingyun’s tone sank slightly and seriously said: “I have known from the main body of the year, can you tell me, my mother, in the end and stars Guzong, what is the relationship? Gu Zong, why should I take her?”

Hear this, Chu stars face expression solidified.

I saw him sigh and whispered: “I didn’t want to tell you about these things, but since you have such achievements now, I will tell you the whole story.”

“Your mother, named Liu Mengyan, is the daughter of the Liu Family of stars Guzong. She not only has the content of Qingcheng, but also the cultivate innate talent. At only 20, she stepped into the Heavenly Spirit. It is known as the stars Gusong number one genius.”

“But for this reason, the owner of Liu Family, your grandfather, forcibly assigned the dream smoke to the son of the stars Gusong Sect Master, wanting to marry the two, thus expanding the power of Liu Family and getting more cultivate. Resources.”

“To this end, the dream of smoke, immediately left the stars Gu Zong, arrived at the stream of Imperial Dynasty, and I and she, it was at that time met, fell in love, and eventually the two became a husband and wife, Secluded in the West Wind City.”

When Chu Stars speaks, his eyes are full of nostalgia.

One is the peerless beauty of stars, and it is number one genius.

One is a little-known person who is not known.

It was just two people, but in the end they were able to come together and live in seclusion, just like the Celestial Immortal monks.

“According to what you said, the people who came to the stars of the Imperial Dynasty should be Liu Family dispatch. It is no wonder that they still want to kneel down to Killer. I am afraid that in their eyes, I am a shame, and Liu Family is ashamed.” Chu Xingyun is cold with said a with a smile.

Chu Stars sighed again and again, although he did not want to admit it, but he nodded, but helplessly said: “At that time, your grandfather was also at the flowing Dynasty Imperial Dynasty. After he knew your existence, he was so angry that he was even angry with you. Killed on the spot, fortunately, the dream smoke was forced to death, which barely saved your life.”

Liu Family, in the stars of the ancient ancestral, is a famous family, the power is particularly strong, even if it is a moving finger, you can let the flowing cloud Imperial Dynasty completely disappear.

Chu Family Compared with Liu Family, one in the sky, one in the ground, can’t be compared.

“After saving you, the dream smoke then makes a move, using “Golden Seal Great Formation”, completely icy me, avoiding your grandfather’s eyes and ears, but at the same time, your mother also consumed Mind, was I don’t know what happened after I returned to the stars.

“The whole thing is that I am incompetent, so I will let Yuner lose your parents when you are born. At the same time, it is because of me that I have lost my dreams and be ruined. All this is because of me!”

Having said that, Chu Stars clenched his fists and his eyes were red.

At that time, he was too weak, only the Spirit Gathering Ninth Level cultivation base, far from the origin of the stars Guzong. Even after he was beaten by Liu Mengyan, he was injured, and there were multiple injuries. Nothing to know!

“It doesn’t blame you, you have to blame, you blame Liu Family, blame stars Guzong, they are the culprit.”

Chu Xingyun lifted Chu Stars, and the word was very clear: “Father, you can rest assured that in the near future, I will definitely find my mother, let us have a family of three, and at the same time, I will let stars Guzong and Liu Family pays the price!”

The people of Liu Family, in order to rely on the stars Guzong, forced Liu Mengyan to give the son of Sect Master, so that it can be said that it is arrogant and unreasonable, and Liu Mengyan is regarded as a tool.

When they knew that Liu Mengyan became a biological child, he was overbearing and ruthless. He broke up a family of three and said that there is even a killing intent. In the face of Liu Mengyan, Chu Stars and Chu Xingyun will be killed.

This has already violated Chu Xingyun’s bottom line and must not be forgiven!

“Yuner…” Chu Stars heard this and scared the look pale. He just wanted to speak, but found that Chu Xingyun’s eyes were filled with a confident color and a certain color.

It is precisely because of this, Chu Stars to the mouth, hard to swallow, Chu Xingyun, although his son, but has been surpasses him, even he must raise one’s head look up.

Chu Xingyun’s thoughts, said, what he did, must have his reason, Chu stars, do not want to do more to block.

“Although the “Frost Seal of the Great Formation” has been solved, but the injury to your body has not recovered, during this time, you are here to retreat, do not move around, so as not to hurt and hurt.” Chu Xingyun converges Mind, speaking to Chu Stars.

Immediately, he turned his head and looked at Huayun River and Qinglao. He said: “In this time, I would like to take care of both. As for Healing Medicine Pill, I will send someone to come.”

Huayun River also knew that Chu Stars was seriously injured. He immediately nodded and agreed: “I will hand it over to me. Later, if you want to visit, you can come directly here without the permission of me and Qingla.”

“It’s working!” Chu Xingyun reached out and held a fist. After a deep look at Chu Stars, he turned and left.

Stepping out of the Ling Xiaoge, Chu Xingyun lifts the head, looking at the blue sky with a bit of deep thought, excited to clench his fist.

Although their family of three has not yet reunited, it is always awakening the Chu stars, so that the father and son can see again.

Moreover, according to Chu Xingyun’s current state, he will soon be able to leave the stream of Imperial Dynasty and set foot on a broader world.

At that time, he will be able to find Liu Mengyan, and save Shui LiuXiang, let the family, really reunion!

“mother, scent, you must wait for me, I will go to you soon!” Chu Xingyun in the heart silently vowed, looking at the eyes of the blue sky, is very firm.

“Chu Xingyun !”

At this time, the voice of Hao Tianchong suddenly came, interrupting Chu Xingyun’s thinking.

He followed the sound source, but he saw that Tian Tianchong rushed to the rush, and behind the 蔺天冲, followed by a petite figure, is Luo Wei.

However, at this moment, Luo Yan, his face is a little pale, and his left foot is also tied with a thick layer of white gauze. Every time he takes a step, it seems to be quite difficult, which makes people feel very distressed.

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