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Seeing Luo Yan, Chu Xingyun’s pupils condensed slightly and hurried forward.

“Luo, what is the injury to you?” Chu Xingyun’s face instantly cooled down. He was surprised to find that Luo Xiao was covered with arms, lower abdomen and even meridians except for injuries on his feet. Injury.

These injuries, although not fatal, have a lot of wounds and they have to be recuperated for a long time before they can fully recover.

“Chu big brother, you are finally back.” Luo Yan plunged into Chu Xingyun’s arms, tears rained, and continued to slide down, as if to endure for a long time, finally found a trace of dependence.

“Luo don’t cry, everything is fine.” Chu Xingyun patted Luo Yan’s shoulder, with a bit of doubt looking at Tian Tianchong.

However, Yan Tianchong is also full of doubts, shaking his head.

Chu Xingyun After entering Lingxiaoge, Yan Tianchong will return to the courtyard first, ready to take a rest.

Who knows, when he just stepped into the courtyard, he found a big space, only Luo Yi, and Luo Yan was resting at the time, the whole face was pale and painful.

After Tian Tianchong awakened Luo Xiao, he had not had time to ask questions. Luo Wei was anxious to find Chu Xingyun. In desperation, Hao Tianchong had to bring Luo Wei over, and he knew nothing about it.

Chu Xingyun stretched make a move, gently wiped the tears on Luo’s cheeks and asked again: “Tell me, what is this in the end, who hurt you?”

Luo Yan is still a little sobbing, paused, said: “This thing has to be said after leaving the big brother of Chu. Half a month ago, you left the Imperial City. We follow your embarrassment and operate the Chamber of as usual. Commerce, the first three days, everything was fine, nothing happened until the fourth night, our Chamber of Commerce, suddenly attacked.”


Chu Xingyun’s heart screamed, and the heart flashed a strong chill. The Chamber of Commerce was already the First Chamber of Commerce. It has the support of many family forces. Who is so bold and dare to attack!

“Is Qin Family?” Chu Xingyun’s eyes sank, first thought, and thought of Qin Tianfeng.

Luo Yan shook his head and replied: “Not a person of Qin Family, they have a small number of pedestrians, only a dozen people, but all of them are experts of Earth Spirit Fifth Level and above, headed by, claiming to be Liu Destroy the cloud, the strength is strong, has reached the Earth Spirit Ninth Level day realm, and even comprehend a hint of impotence.”

“They attacked the Chamber of Commerce day and night, the means was extremely ruthless, and they did not say anything. They also opened the door to death. Twenty-eight Chamber of Commerce Bodyguards were killed. They were all killed on the spot. As for others, though No life, but it is also a serious injury.”

Luo Yan seems to recall the tragic scene of the night. When he spoke, his voice was a little trembling, his face was white, his breathing became intermittent, and he was obviously frightened.

“Liu Xingyun, destroy the cloud, it seems that this group of people is specifically for me!” Chu Xingyun clenched his fists, this sneak attack, if it is ruined, it will kill 28 Innocent lives, simply is human.

Yan Tianchong squinted his eyes, said solemnly: “The strength of the other side is strong, but the number is small. It is reasonable to say that Chamber of Commerce should be able to withstand, how can it be so bad?”

In Yunteng Chamber of Commerce, Yang Yan is the most powerful and has reached the Earth Spirit Ninth Level.

In addition to him, Xue Dang, Zhou Qing Ning and Zhang Fan return, the strength of these three is not weak, if coupled with the thing Pill Refining Master and the forgemaster, the entire Yun Teng Chamber of Commerce, casualties should not be so heavy.

“Zhou Qing Ning and Zhang Fan belonged to the two Grandmasters. On the day before the accident, they left the imperial city and went to the major cities to prepare for the establishment of Branch. As for the Qin Patriarch and the Yang Grandmaster, it was a collection of spiritual materials. There aren’t many Experts in Chamber of Commerce.”

Luo Yan’s voice reveals deep helplessness.

The other party’s actions are obviously planned, and they perfectly grasp the gap of the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce, especially the Liu Huanyun, who controls the temperament of Yangshuo. It is already the super powerhouse of the Half-step Heavenly Spirit.

“Since the sneak attack, this Liu Jingyun did not give up, and every three or five will make a move sneak attack. In the past two months, the Chamber of Commerce has been stunned. Not only that, but Qin Chaofeng’s nine Chamber of Commerce, also interfered many times, the two parties, and even joined hands, asked our Chamber of Commerce to hand over the pill recipe, otherwise, let the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce never have a day.” Luo Xing’s words let Chu Xingyun The breath is getting colder and colder.

“This incident has a great impact. Could it be that Yang Yan did not immediately return to the Imperial City?” Hao Tianchong was somewhat angry. This matter has already jeopardized the entire Yunteng Chamber of Commerce. It is reasonable for everyone to return to the Imperial City to discuss countermeasures. .

However, judging from the attitude of Luo Wei, this matter has not been completely dealt with, and even more and more fierce, the death and injury are even more serious!

“Not long after this, Yang Yan Grandmaster, they returned to the Imperial City, and also made a move many times, want to suppress each other’s arrogance, no matter what, the nine Chamber of Commerce directly abandoned the Chamber of Commerce, send people every day It’s the same, as for Liu’s cloud, the same is true. After make a move, I will leave immediately, and I will never be in love. We can’t take this person at all.”

Luo Yan sighed a few times, micro-voice: “To this end, the Washington government once secretly dispatched Expert in the Chamber of Commerce, but the situation is still the same, although the number of the other party is small, but for Ling Xiaowu and our Chamber of Commerce, I am very familiar with it, and I can know immediately if there is something wrong with it.”

There are unwritten rules for the five major Wufu. The Wufu and the family forces must not be deeply involved, and they must not make a move to help them, so as not to disrupt the power structure of the Imperial City and lead to huge disputes.

Huayun River, secretly protecting the Wufu Expert, is considered to be extremely derogatory, but the other party’s intelligence network is obviously not weak, and it has already infiltrated into Lingwuwu.

Chu Xingyun After a moment of indulging, he yelled at the sky: “Hey Senior, what do you think of this?”

Yan Tianchong is sneered, saying: “In the Imperial Dynasty, there are very few people in Heavenly Spirit. The Half-step Heavenly Spirit is also a minority. Their pedestrians are so directed at you, and there is such a sophisticated information network. If there is no exception, it should be a person of Yunmengwufu.”

“I feel so too.”

Chu Xingyun nodded and added: “On the third day after I left, I killed Mo Zuo and Yin Ruochen and others. On the fourth day, the other party made a move, and it was still sneak attacking, as I saw it, It should be Yin as if made by heaven. I can’t stand it. I started to vent my anger and anger at the Chamber of Commerce.

“As for Qin Tianfeng, it is easier to explain. Most of them already know that there is not much relationship between Yunteng Chamber of Commerce and Lingxiaowufu. Coupled with Yunmengwufu support, it will definitely be suppressed. However, I didn’t expect that they would be so crazy that even Chamber of Commerce would not operate, mobilize everyone, and interfere with Chamber of Commerce day and night!”

The nine Chamber of Commerce, including the Qin Family Chamber of Commerce, are all radical. They have been in the Imperial City for nearly a hundred years. They are deep-rooted and rich in foundation. They join hands to suppress it, and it is really difficult to deal with.

“We have also suspected Yunmengwufu, but Liu anniyun that entire group, looks unfamiliar, make a move way, is also completely different from Yunmengwufu.” Luo Wei suddenly started talking.

“What you see with your eyes is not necessarily the fact, the appearance, you can change it, make a move, you can also change it. Except for Yunmengwufu, I really can’t think of it. Who else in this imperial city will do this for me.” Chu Xingyun and Yan Tianchong look at each other, and both of them have a certain color in their eyes.

“Right, Chu Hu, what about them?” Chu Xingyun was worried about their injuries.

“Last night, Qin Tianfeng suddenly came, saying that it is noon today, we have to discuss the pill recipe with our Chamber of Commerce. Liu 灭云entire group will also appear. From the time point of view, they should have arrived at Qi Yunfeng.” Slightly scarlet-red.


Suddenly, a terrifying breath spread from Chu Xingyun, this breath, filled with ice and blood, cloud evil energy, as if to destroy everything.

“Chu big brother, what are you doing?” Luo Wei was shocked by this breath, and it was difficult to move half a point.

“The other party stepped on Qi Yunfeng, obviously it is to force us to Chamber of Commerce. Since they use force, then I will not be tempted to use the thick blood of the think people to wash the humiliation suffered by the Chamber of Commerce!”

Chu Xingyun spit out a cold voice in his mouth. At the foot, the sword qi storm rose and shrouded his body. It flashed past and disappeared into the vision of Luo.

This time, Chu Xingyun, is really angry!

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