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Half a month ago, Qi Yunfeng was still a dangerous peak, and few people dared to set foot.

But since the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce bought Qi Yunfeng, the whole mountain has changed a lot. The Spirit Beast is no longer awkward, the jungle is no longer full of murderous intention, and even a loft rises from the ground, and the existence is The peaks are everywhere.

At the top of Qi Yunfeng, there is a lofty palace.

This palace, known as the Yunteng Temple, is the decision-making place for the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, and the size of the Chamber of Commerce will come together.

At this time, in the Yunteng Hall, there are countless crowds, each with a somber color and a solemn atmosphere, which makes the space solid and stiff.

In the center of the main hall, Chuhu and others stood there, and all the backbone elites of the Chamber of Commerce came, with Yang Yan, Xue Dan and Qin Tianyu headed by, looking at the front of the sight.

As for the crowd in front, it is naturally the nine Chamber of Commerce of Qin Tianfeng headed by.

On the side of Qin Tianfeng, there is a row of people wearing black robe, they each and everyone with a knife blade, complexion gloomy and cold, thick cloud evil energy lingering on the body, never stop.

The black robe headed by is a middle-aged man with a sickle on both cheeks and a long blade hanging around his waist. The knife is not sheathed, but the arrogance of the man, everyone can feel it. .

This middle-aged man is Liu Xunyun.

“It’s been dead for so long, and you’re not in the Chamber of Commerce!”

At this time, the gloomy voice came from Liu Xunyun’s mouth. He looked at Qin Tianyu and others with a smile. Said coldy: “But it doesn’t matter. You don’t want to hand over the pill recipe one day, we don’t have a day. Stop, I have to see, how long can you stay in the Chamber of Commerce?”

“A few months ago, you Yun Teng Chamber of Commerce swindled, used the name of Ling Xiaowu to deceive us, so that our nine Chamber of Commerce suffered heavy losses. Today, you should also pay this account!” Qin Tianfeng also spoke The look is a bit crazy.

At the beginning, he did not dare to make a move to Yunteng Chamber of Commerce.

But after knowing the truth, Qin Tianfeng was mad at the whole person, and was actually deceived. There is no direct relationship between Yunteng Chamber of Commerce and Lingxiaowufu!

In a rage, Qin Tianfeng combined with the nine Chamber of Commerce, constantly make a move to interfere with the operation of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, he must return this account anyway, otherwise, it is difficult to eliminate the anger!

The voices of the two men fell, and the crowd behind them took a step forward. The momentum, unbridled rushing out, anger, coldness, greed, all kinds of, all pointed at the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce.

“The way to the mall, this is the intrigue, this is the truth, everyone knows.” Qin Tianyu looked to Qin Tianfeng, said with a smile: “Your nine Chamber of Commerce failed because you are stupid, this can not blame anyone, But at this moment, it is ridiculous that you actually planted the cause of failure on the head of our Chamber of Commerce!”

“Looking at someone to support, dare to come out loud and arrogant, Qin Family’s face, it was really thrown away by you.” Qin Tianyu coldly snorted, let Qin Tianfeng’s expression become extremely ugly, behind him, the owner of Chamber of Commerce, also There is no good face.

“Qin Tianyu, you are Qin Family Patriarch, and finally, attached to the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, willing to surrender a hairy devil, to say shameful, should it be you?” In the crowd, a bitter voice came. .

The person who speaks is actually Shui Chongxian.

In his body, there is a faint cloud evil energy, apparently stepping into the Earth Spirit, talking, head up, full of enthusiasm, without the slightest fear.

“Shui Chongxian, are you qualified to speak?”

Chu Hu’s eyes are sharp, looking directly at Shui Chongxian, said with a smile: “The Shuijia can stand firm in the Imperial City, completely relying on Luo Family and Yunmengwufu. Without both, you have nothing. No, fortunately, when Young Master greeted Miss Liu Xiang, he had already drawn a line with the water house. You are not too shameful, I am too shameful!”

“impudent!” Shui Chongxian’s face is ugly, apparently said to be a pain.

Although after arriving in the Imperial City, the water home was able to develop rapidly and stand firm, and Shui Qianyue gradually showed its head. It has now reached the Spirit Gathering Ninth Level, and only one step away, you can step into the Earth Spirit realm.

But all this, compared with Chu Xingyun’s achievements, is incomparably bleak and cannot be compared.

After coming to the Imperial City, Shui Chongxian often thought of the matter of raising his relatives in the past, and his heart was full of regrets. He regretted to draw a line with Chu Xingyun. Otherwise, today’s Yunteng Chamber of Commerce will have his water family’s portion!

“Why didn’t you see Shui Qianyue, was it afraid to see Young Master and deliberately hide?” Chu Hu is a sneer and ridicule. Now, he is not a ignorant boy of the year, even if he is in danger, he can be at risk.

“Shut up, Chu Xingyun, I am afraid that they are all dead!” Shui Chongxian screamed loudly, his eyes turned, and he held a fist against Liu Xiaoyun. “Liu Senior, these people are not seeing the coffin, not crying, not as good as Make a move directly, give them awesome.”

“That’s right, they don’t want to compensate for the loss, then they have to use force to solve it!” Luo Chuanfeng also agrees with this. He has long been dissatisfied with Yunteng Chamber of Commerce. Only make a move can vent his hatred. meaning.

Liu Xunyun once again looked at Chu Hu and others, and snorted: “I finally asked, Yun Teng Chamber of Commerce, are you willing to hand over the pill recipe?”

“To fight, there is so much nonsense!” Yang Yan shouted, to Yun Teng Chamber of Commerce hand over the pill recipe, this, absolutely impossible!

“Okay, a little bit angry.” Liu Xiaoyun coldly smiled, figure flashed, immediately turned into a black smoke, swept in front of Yang Yan’s eyes, fleeting, disappeared without a trace.

Waiting for him to reappears, in front of him, there are two more figures.

These two figures, wearing cloth and a cloud emblem on the chest, were actually the Bodyguard of the Chamber of Commerce.

Liu Xunyun’s hands were covered with black light, one hand and one person, holding two Bodyguard’s necks, eyes, but coldly looking at Yang Yan, said: “I just took two people from you, you have nothing. Perception, I really can’t figure out where you are.”

“From my first make a move, to the present, killing forty-eight people in total, plus these two people, just half a hundred, you Yunten Chamber of Commerce, why always force me to kill, why can’t you learn? ?”

Liu Xiaoyun’s pair of eyes is cold, and there is already a bloody killing.

The black light on his body continued to roll, seemingly containing some kind of power, so that the two Bodyguard made a very sorrowful mourning, echoing in the Yunteng Hall, just like people in the painful hell, Mind trembled.


At this time, a rolling voice, coming from a distance, let everyone’s eyes solidify, looking at the sound source.

“Good cloud evil energy.” Liu Xiaoyun’s heart secretly thought, loudly shouted: “Who is here!”

The sound just fell, and the storm of a sword swept through. The speed was so fast that it was difficult for everyone to see it. It flashed and slowly fell to the center of the Yunteng Temple.

“Chu Xingyun.”

Yang Yan suddenly shouted, so that the eyes of the crowd are more solid, even the pupils are tightening, staring at Chu Xingyun’s extraordinary face, it is difficult to return to God for a long time.

Come, actually Chu Xingyun!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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