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“This Chu Xingyun, who has been missing for more than half a month, has not died, and has stepped into the Earth Spirit. How is it possible? Half a month ago, he knew only the Spirit Gathering Seventh Level cultivation base !”

Liu Xunyun’s heart picked up a stormy wave, and with a wave of his hand, the two Bodyguards flew out and stared at the front.

Standing around the crowd, no one is stunned, half a month, from the Spirit Gathering Seventh Level Day into the Earth Spirit, so terrifying innate talent, within the Imperial City, from the no-one cultivate speed can be so fast.

When Shui Chongxian heard this, his heart was bitter.

Originally, he thought that Shui Qianyue could surpass Chu Xingyun this time, and he stepped into the Earth Spirit step by step.

Absolutely didn’t expect, this thought is actually so ridiculous.

Chu Xingyun, not only stepped into the Earth Spirit, but also the cloud evil energy, it is as thick as the sea, even him, all from the heart of the feeling of panic, it is difficult to compete.

“could it be that, was it really wrong that year?” Shui Chongxian once again asked himself in the heart, his face became defeated, and there was no arrogance.

Chu Xingyun stood steadily, seeing Chu Hu and others did not matter, finally let go of the big stone.

“I know, Young Master, you will be able to return safely.” Chuhu stepped forward, in the eyes, there are some sparkling and crystal-clear colors.

Since Chu Xingyun left, it has been half a month, and there is no audio. This also makes Chu Hu worry about their intention, for fear that Chu Xingyun will encounter unexpected events.

“Let you worry.” Chu Xingyun can feel the concern of everyone, cast a sorrowful smile, look back, when looking at Qin Tianfeng and others, suddenly become gloomy and cold.

It is also this pair of eyes that let the heart of Qin Tianfeng and Luo Chuanfeng and others twitch, and in the heart, a horrible color of horror is raised, and the footsteps are back and forth.

At the beginning, in Tianxianglou, Chu Xingyun also cast such a pair of eyes, very cold, cold and Nineworld, and they have already made these people have Shadow. When they saw it, they felt fear.

“You are Chu Xingyun?”

Liu Xunyun stood up and grinned: “You are the owner of Yunteng Chamber of Commerce. It should be a reasonable person. As long as you surrender all the pill recipes, you will leave immediately and never bother. ”

“Of course, you can also choose to refuse, but as long as you say no words, I can guarantee that you will be fascinated by the Chamber of Commerce.” The atmosphere of Liu Xunyun contains a hint of impotence, impudent Threatening.

“That’s right, either hand over the pill recipe, or endless battles!” Qin Liufeng said that he had come back. Today, he must not retreat, and must get a pill recipe.

Hōng lóng lóng !

The battle intent that just dissipated was once again ignited. The crowds of the nine Chamber of Commerce approached, all standing behind Liu Xunyun and doing the bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections.

“Looking like it, they seem to be determined to start with you.” Yan Tianchong appeared behind Chu Xingyun with a smile on his face, but it was sneer, and the cold light in the eyes.

“Hey Senior, the dark wound in your body has just been suppressed. It is not appropriate to make a move now. Again, this is because of me. I want to make a move by myself.” Chu Xingyun said to Yan Tianchong, Immediately, after waiting for the day to rush back, he stepped forward and confronted Liu Jingyun and others.

“How? Is it not the president of Chu to start?” See Chu Xingyun alone, Liu Xiaoyun immediately sneered.

Suddenly, all the people in the Yunteng Hall looked at Chu Xingyun.

“In my dictionary of Chu Xingyun, there has never been a fear of words. If you want to fight, I will be in the Chamber of Commerce, but…” Chu Xingyun’s voice suddenly elongated, said with a smile : “this is What is the relationship between the Chamber of Commerce and the Yunmengwu?”

The language fell, the audience was quiet.

Almost everyone’s heart is filled with doubtful colors. Only the extore group such as Liu Xunyun, the heart trembles wildly, the expression becomes very unnatural, and there is a sense of guilty conscience.

“What do you mean by this words, here, He Laiyun Mengwu people?” Liu Xiaoyun laughed, pretending to be calm.

“is it?”

Chu Xingyun also smiled, a pair of sharp eyes like an eagle, as if to see through everything, no hurry and no slow: “The method of camouflage that you perform is called “thousands of change appearance”, which ranks as a low level. After the completion of cultivation, not only can change the appearance, but also change the breath, this, I am right?”

When I heard Chu Xingyun, Liu Jingyun was a little flustered, but still arguing: “What “Thousands of Magic Change”, I have never heard of it, Chu Xingyun, you are despicable, actually want to pull Yunmengwu The house is under water.”

He said that while running the Heart Method on full power, he hides the whole body and does not escape the slightest.

“You don’t have to waste your time.” Chu Xingyun looked at Liu Xunyun with a look at the idiot’s eyes, and sarcastically said: “Like the disguise of “magic change”, even if you cultivate to peak, you can’t I am.”

After all, Chu Xingyun swung in the palm of his hand, and the beastfire immediately bloomed. Move towards Liu Xiaoyun and others.

But they haven’t touched them yet, the fire, suddenly dissipated, turned into a few imprints, imprinted, with faint rays of light shrouded down, illuminating Liu anniyun entire group, let their faces, figure, beginning changes happened.

“It turned out to be Liu Wei elder.” Chu Xingyun palms again, the thing marks the light of the rays dissipated, smiled at the front of the entire group, the voice is bright, so that anyone in the place can hear.

Everyone looked at it, and Liu Weiyun, no longer existence, the person who appeared was a figure black tall black robe old man, and the crowd behind him changed completely.

“didn’t expect, Liu Xiaoyun is Liu Wei, and the group of people behind him, it seems that all are the elder of Yunmengwufu.”

“The battle between the Chamber of Commerce in the Imperial City, the five major military forces have no right to intervene. In the past two months, Yunmengwufu actually regarded the regulations as nothing, and repeatedly tried to make a move to the Chamber of Commerce make a move. Take the pill recipe, it’s really base and shameless !”

“No wonder there are so many Experts that suddenly appear, Yunyuan Wufu is playing tricks.”

The crowds of the Chamber of Commerce in Yunteng broke out with a burst of arrogance, and there was a raging anger in the heart. Even the crowds of the nine Chamber of Commerce had a bad look.

In the Imperial Dynasty, the status of the five major military powers is detached. It is impossible to make a move to interfere with the forces of the imperial city. Otherwise, it will be besieged by all forces to stabilize the balance of the imperial city.

Yunmengwufu made such a move, it can be said that it has attracted public anger!

“Retire!” Qin Tianfeng whispered a sentence, figure immediately retreated, apparently want to draw a line with Yunmeng Wufu.

Seeing such a move, Liu Wei and others angered again and again.

When they boarded Qi Yunfeng, they clearly said that they would advance and retreat together. Absolutely didn’t expect, just because of this small matter, Qin Tianfeng and others would betray their trust.

“I have seen your face, today’s business, I will definitely come back to Yunmengwufu!” Liu Wei took a look at Qin Tianfeng and others, and the voice was stopped, and the back was also Buhui’s outward run. go with.

“Have you escaped?”

Chu Xingyun eyes A cold, his right hand extended, and he snapped a ring.

Xiū xiū xiū !

In the Yunteng Hall, a path of black fell, with as many as eighteen, blocking all the exits.

In these black shadows, there is no trace of vitality, standing there, if it is dead, but the breath of the arrogant bloom is so thick, and it covers the whole Yunteng Hall.

These eighteen black figures are the coffins.

However, it is not the three spirits, but the six spirits, strength, have reached the Earth Spirit Sixth Level days!

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