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The Martial Spirit, the Rank is not high, only ranks at the Fourth Grade level.

But in the first place, there is an evil atmosphere in the head of the devil. It can be completely integrated with the cloud evil energy. Once it touches the body of another person, it will be like the bones of the bones, constantly eroding and infiltrating, causing huge damage.

With such a Killing Strike, Liu Wei has smashed the fierce name in the Imperial Dynasty, and the people who fight with him, in all likelihood, will die under the Martial Spirit, and the death is extremely embarrassing.

However, at this moment, when Chu Xingyun came into contact with the ghostly Martial Spirit, the terrifying evil spirit enveloped him, but it could not be infiltrated, and was completely blocked!

On the hollowed out sword, a cold qi is filled with enthusiasm, and the whole ghostly Martial Spirit is sealed, and the terrifying cold cold qi qi makes the ghost head Martial Spirit continuously disintegrate and finally turns into the ground debris.

“This is your strength?”

Chu Xingyun spit out a taunting voice, angered Liu Wei’s three bodies violently jumping, holding the long blade with both hands, the figure flashing, and the sky glow move towards Chu Xingyun of the entire sky, and the ghostly Martial Spirit reappeared, giving a harsh mourning.

“Give me a break!”

The blade glow overlaps and smashes the heavy ice ice in front of him. However, Liu Wei suddenly raise one’s head and finds that Chu Xingyun has already volleyed, and the hollow sword whispers, as if Between Heaven and Earth are all sharp sword qi, no more Other things.

“Dead!” Liu Wei roared again and again, once again let the ghost head Martial Spirit into the entity, Ghost Qi Sensen, the sword qi are washed away, Yu Wei does not diminish, continue move towards Chu Xingyun issued an offensive.

“This Liu Wei is not the third person of Yunmengwufu, strength and combat experience, both are sursures Lin Sheng, but this is worth my full power make a move!” Looking at the crazy killing of the Martial Spirit, Chu Xingyun suddenly grinned.


A tumbling sound came out and I saw Chu Xingyun’s body, and suddenly there was an endless stream of scarlet, which drowned his arms, like an armor, covering it.

This strange scene made the crowd somewhat difficult to return to God. Soon, the blood was completely shrouded in Chu Xingyun, constantly squirming, condensing, and in the eyes of the public, turned into a tall scarlet figure.

“In the blood, there is a rich Martial Spirit atmosphere. Could it be that this is Chu Xingyun’s Martial Spirit innate talent?” Yang Yan saw this scene and could not help cry out in surprise.

He vaguely remembers that Chu Xingyun already has two Martial Spirit innate talents when he has not left the Imperial City.

At the moment, Chu Xingyun actually wakes up the third Martial Spirit innate talent.

For a moment, Chu Xingyun was completely overwhelmed. Instead, it was a five-meter scarlet figure, full of violent atmosphere, and Chu Xingyun seemed to be in the shadow of Blood Shadow.

“There is such a Martial Spirit innate talent in the world, turning Martial Spirit into Blood Shadow, covering the whole body.”

“This Blood Shadow seems to contain a lot of blood and blood. Also, Chu Xingyun’s body is full of this breath, too strange, I have never seen such a trick.”

“But all the people who wake up the two Martial Spirit innate talents are monstruous talent genius, but Chu Xingyun, but wake up the three major Martial Spirit innate talent, this person’s innate talent, good birth terrifying!”

a path of argument, introduced into Liu Wei’s ear, let his hands beginning and tremble, bite his teeth: “Beginning into Earth Spirit, you can awaken the three Martial Spirit innate talent, if this child is not dead, My Yunmeng Wufu will die!”

After killing the in the heart, Liu Wei rushed straight forward, the ghost whistling, the blade glow rolling, and all the strengths broke out, wanting to kill Chu Xingyun, forever.

“Blood sword!”

Chu Xingyun stood in Blood Shadow, holding a sword, and immediately appeared in Blood Shadow’s hand with a blood sword. The word glow was like blood, and the hall was dyed red, so everyone was stunned, and this was a strange scene. Shocked.


The blood sword collided with the Martial Spirit, and it was only a moment. The ghostly Martial Spirit turned into Nihility, and even the overbearing blade glow was completely broken, and moved towards all around.

Upon seeing it, Liu Xin was shocked and the figure immediately retired backwards. However, it was a blood sword light bloom, just like seeing through his every move, sealing all escape routes.

The sword light flashed, and as Chu Xingyun’s figure slid, the Blood Shadow blocked the sky, making the crowd unable to see anything, only the terrifying scarlet brilliance, the entire sky’s sword intent, and Chu Xingyun. The road is extraordinary and extraordinary.

“This Chu Xingyun in the end is a ghost, obviously only Earth Spirit First Level cultivation base, but can suppress the Earth Spirit Ninth Level days of Liu Wei, a battle across nine levels!”

The eyes of the crowd stared at Chu Xingyun, and his head was hard to think. Chu Xingyun’s actions, which subverted their cognition again and again, were too shocking.

The sound of hōng lóng lóng sounded again, as if the whole Yunteng Temple was shaking, Blood Shadow covered the sky, strong wind whistling, and the endless sword light tore the void, ignoring everything.

“Hold out!”

A cold voice came out.

Immediately, the crowd saw the three divine marks of light bloom, and a pair of practicing Lingtian sword shadow emerged in the void, plunging into the rolling smoke, as if obscuring all brilliance.

Seeing this scene, the crowd madly stepped back, simply did not dare to face this Lingtian sword shadow, until the sound of the air gradually dissipated, they slowly raised their heads and put their eyes on the past.

There, the smoke has disappeared.

Liu Wei stood in the same place, his head slightly lowered, his right arm, disappeared, empty, fresh blood madly spewed out, dyed the ground, so glaring, hehe.

“The right arm is broken?” The pupils of the crowd are all solidified. Liu Wei is the third person in Yunmengwufu, and is the super powerhouse of the Half-step Heavenly Spirit. Facing Chu Xingyun, actually, being shackled. Broke your right arm!

Liu Wei died and slammed his own broken arm. The whole face became awkward because of the pain. Looking at Chu Xingyun, he said incredulously: “You can hurt me!”

In Liu Wei’s eyes, Chu Xingyun’s innate talent is high, but his age is still small, and he is still far from achieving Climate. It is impossible to pose any threat to him.

But just now, Chu Xingyun’s sword cut off his right arm.

If it wasn’t for Liu Wei to dodge in time, I am afraid that it has become an icy corpse and was killed on the spot.


The faint sound spit out from Chu Xingyun’s mouth, without the slightest ripples, but it made the crowd feel the heart trembled.

Chu Xingyun cut off Liu Wei’s right arm, but he was so calm, there was no surprise, as if he had expected this scene to happen, and he was under his control.

“I said before make a move, this war, let your blood debts pay, now, I just promised nothing more, but you can rest assured that the next sword, you will die.”

Chu Xingyun once again clenched the hollow sword and stepped out. Blood Shadow screamed again and shrouded his body. The sword light flashed like a death movement, judging the life and death of Liu Wei.

Liu Yu’s eyes widened and he stared at Chu Xingyun.

When the sword light came in, he suddenly burst into a hysterical laughter, and the laughter echoed and made everyone look doubtful.

“Chu Xingyun, you are really strong, strong enough to say, but today, it is you!” Liu Yan mad with said a smile, the palm suddenly turned, a scarlet-red rays of light emerged, bloom In front of him.

This scarlet-red rays of light, very strange, actually formed a chain.

One end of the chain was held by Liu Wei’s left hand.

At the other end, it actually appeared in front of Chu Xingyun, penetrated the block of Blood Shadow, and finally, fits in his heart.

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