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After leaving the mountain range, Chu Xingyun puts the eighteen scorpions into the inner space of the Samsara stone, and relies on the precious stone left by thousands of words, calcined day and night, tempering.

Finally, the 18th Sancha Lingling was promoted in full and became the Six Miles.

The promotion of the coffin is different from the Human Martial Artist.

Human Martial Artist , cultivation base Every breakthrough, the strength will be refined, and the control of the Martial Spirit will be more powerful.

The coffin is not a living thing, and there is no Martial Spirit in the body.

But every promotion of the coffin, in addition to improving the strength, the body will become more reinforced, nothing to destroy.

Strong body, no fear, irreconcilable until death, these three points, is the domineering of the coffin!

Liu Wei eyes somber’s look at the six 煞 煞 傀, the expression looks calm, but the heart has already trembled.

The coffin, he only saw it from books, rare, but absolutely didn’t expect, Chu Xingyun actually has such precious things, and, a make a move, is a full 18.

The crowd was also scared by the sudden appearance of the six scorpions, and the face was full of eagerness.

In the Imperial City, the Earth Spirit Sixth Level cultivation base is considered to be extremely good. In any family power, it will be regarded as a guest, even if the five major military forces will give the name of elder.

The eighteen six-soul spirits are equivalent to the eighteen Earth Spirit Sixth Level Day Experts, and even to a certain extent, far better than the spirits, because they will never feel tired and will not slack off.

“This Chu Xingyun, every time it appears, will bring us surprises. With these 18 spirits, I have to look at it. Who dares to offend me to the Chamber of Commerce!” Yang Yan has long been paralyzed. The anger of a stomach, the words, mixed with a burst of laughter.

Chu Hu and Qin Tianyu and others are also the ecstasy of the face.

The establishment of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce is too short, and there are not many powerhouses to be recruited. Coupled with the establishment of Branch, the manpower is even more stretched, so it will be found by Yunmengwufu.

But with 18 of the six scorpions, this will be completely unnecessary!

Seeing Liu Wei’s silence, Chu Xingyun stepped forward again.

Every time he took a step, the eighteen six-soul spirits would step forward, and the tyrannical momentum would pervade the hall, and they would be oppressed by Liu Wei and others.

Liu Wei somber with a face, coldly said: “Chu Xingyun, what is your intention?”

When I heard Liu Wei’s words, Chu Xingyun’s face smirked and said: “Liu Wei, this half a month, you entire group disguised identity, and I’m going to start with the Chamber of Commerce every time, and every time I start I will take the lives of others. If I didn’t come in time, I am afraid that the two Bodyguards will also kill you.”

“You have made so many kills, and now, the blood of the blood is paid.”

Having said that, Chu Xingyun’s face has calmed down, so he stared indifferently at Liu Wei’s entire group, as if he only looked at a cold corpse nothing more, no joy, no sadness.

“Blood debt blood compensation?” Liu Wei raised his brow, an old face, full of smirk, said: “But there are more than 18 spirits nothing more, I want to take my life, it is overestimate One’s capabilities !”

“is it?”

Chu Xingyun also smiled, a pair of eyes instantly turned into a blood red color, the figure flashed, and the straight towards move to Liu Wei.

At the same time, the eighteen six-soul spirits, also moved, turned into eighteen flowing light, ran to the more than ten Yunmengwufu elder behind Liu Wei, the speed is amazing, issued sī sī! splitting the air sound.

“Since you are courting death, then I will fulfill you!”

Liu Xin’s heart has long been full of killing intent. I saw him stepping out and appearing in front of Chu Xingyun. The darkness shrouded the body, and the body was full of evil.

He grabbed his hands in the void, and suddenly, the Earth Spirit around him was solidified, and an ugly black ghost slowly emerged, emitting a terrifying black light whirlpool, as if to smash Chu Xingyun on the spot.


The black ghost was getting more and more solid, and the terrifying evil spirit was oppressed on Chu Xingyun, making Chu Xingyun feel the body tremble, as if the whole body flesh was beginning to tremble.

“In Yunmengwufu, Liu Wei’s strength is only to Yin as if made by heaven and Mo Zuo, and his ghost head Martial Spirit is also very strange, can penetrate into the opponent body, constantly eroding flesh meridians, we also make a together Move, help Chu Xingyun to help.” Yang Yan suddenly said.

Qin Tianyu immediately nodded, his eyes dignified: “Half-step Heavenly Spirit, has been able to control a hint of impotence, moreover, this Liu Wei still has the meaning of killing, we must be careful when making a move “”

“This battle is handed over to Chu Xingyun.”

At this time, the Tiantian conflict stopped Qin Tianyu from them, faint with a smile: “You are too small to look at Chu Xingyun, and this war has not come to the end, no one can make a conclusion.”

The crowd is hearing this, and all eyes are trembled, and they are intuitively looking at the battle ahead.

Chu Xingyun’s eyes were still calm, his arms trembled, and the spirit sword appeared in the chaotic air. A thick blood filled the air and collided with the evil black light, making a burst of muffled sound.


A cold word, spit out from Chu Xingyun’s mouth.

The hollow sword is unsheathed and merged with the spirit sword. On the sword body, there are close and numerous scarlet scales, like the tidal scarlet brilliance, which is centered around Chu Xingyun.

“The evil spirits!”

Liu Wei roared, the long blade pulled out, and the ghost head of the Martial Spirit immediately turned into a strange black light, move towards Chu Xingyun crazy, wherever the cloud evil energy turned the Earth Spirit into Nihility.

Feeling Liu Wei’s cold killing intent, Chu Xingyun’s scarlet brilliance is getting stronger and stronger, just like fresh blood, dyed his body, and his momentum is soaring.

“Cold world!”

A cold cold qi blooms, suddenly, Chu Xingyun figure flashes, in the void of the air into a phantom phantom, not flashing, not moving, just moving towards the ghost Martial Spirit.

His speed is getting faster and faster, like a scarlet, a demon and cold, and the sound is shocking.

“I am the Earth Spirit Ninth Level cultivation base. In the Martial Spirit, there is endless cloud evil energy. This Chu Xingyun, actually chooses to kill, it is stupid to the extreme!”

Liu Xin’s heart is full of disdain. However, the next moment, the sarcasm that he just prepared to spit out is hard to get stuck in his throat, and Yiyi’s can’t say a word.

Not only him, but also in the place, all of them are open mouths, and the eyes are full of horror.

The whole audience, a dead!

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