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This strange chain is constantly flashing scarlet-red rays of light. Although it is not glaring, when the crowd sees the rays of light, the body of the spirits becomes mad and trembles wildly.

“Yangshuo’s gas!” Hao Tianchong looked to the void, slowly spit out a word.

Hear this, Qin Tianyu and others suddenly understand.

It’s no wonder that the scare-red rays of light appear in the moment, their cloud evil energy will be so fearful, impotence, from Between Heaven and Earth, to Yang to Gang, only Heavenly Spirit powerhouse, can Take complete control.

“You are right, this chain is made up of the air of impotence!” Liu Wei’s face is full of pride, facing Chu Xingyun said with a malicious smile: “When you fight, I release The only thing in the body is the scent of yang, which is secretly attached to you. Now, as long as my mind is moving, this yang will burst, and you will be dying!”

Between words, Liu Wei laughed even more madly, and there was already a bit of madness.

“The impotence and the cloud evil energy are the opposites. I have already stepped into the Earth Spirit. I am free to control the cloud evil energy. Is it possible that you think I have not found your mean behavior?”

Chu Xingyun rolled his eyes and ridiculed the words, making Liu Wei’s laughter come to an abrupt end, his eyes wide open, and he trembled: “Even if you find out, finally, it’s not my success, now your life. Pinched in my hands, I want to kill the tricks, all in my mind.”

Said, Liu Wei raised his hand in the chain of impotence, as if in the glory of the martial arts, coldly snorted sound again and again.

“Since you are so confident, even if you try.” Chu Xingyun hands clasped around his chest, the color of confidence, let Liu Wei burst into a virtual, suddenly there is an ominous premonition in my heart.

He glanced at Chu Xingyun and looked at the Yangshuo chain in his hand. He said: “Crazy generation, give me to die!”


The atmosphere of Liu Wei’s whole body is beginning to tumbling, and the impotence chain exudes glamorous brilliance, which is like a scorching sun, more and more dazzling. At the same time, a violent force is pouring out, and the chain is severely blasted.

In the field of vision, the amount of violent violence is getting closer to Chu Xingyun, Liu Wei’s look pale, but his mouth is smiling, saying to himself: “I spent three years, and finally realized the anger of Yangshuo. Actually, because of a Chu Xingyun, it was wasted, but this is worth it. It is always a matter of removing the heart from Wufu.”

Thinking about it in my heart, Liu Wei lifts the head, just want to appreciate Chu Xingyun’s death, at this moment, a blue light suddenly passed, making his eyes stiff.

In the eyes, Chu Xingyun’s body, slowly, emerged a set of blue and heavy, above the heavy, blue glow, like a heavy cloud, covered him and his body.

Liu Wei’s gaze stayed on top of the blue sky, and the pupils became more and more tight. Finally, they lost their voice: “Yun Tian Xuan Tian, it’s actually Yunmeng Xuan Tian!”

Everything fell, everyone was shocked.

Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠 铠 , , , , , , , , , , X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

But such a treasure, should not be stored in Yunmengwufu, how can it fall into the hands of Chu Xingyun?

Hū hū hū call!

Liu Wei was a big mouth and gasping. He looked at Chu Xingyun’s gaze and had completely lost the divine light and became extremely hollow.

Half a month ago, Yin as if by by summoned all the military elders, ready to make a move to assassinate Chu Xingyun.

In order to prevent just in case, Yin as if made by heaven took Yunan Xuan Tian out and solemnly handed it to Mo Zuo’s hand, so that he must bring back the head of Chu Xingyun.

Today, half a month later, Mo Zuoenti group, still not coming back, but Yunan Xuan Tian 铠, but appeared in the hands of Chu Xingyun.

At this moment, Liu Wei seems to understand something, but more, but it is unbelievable, he really can’t figure out how Chu Xingyun could kill the left-right group!


Deep doubts.

Liu Wei has almost no way to think about it. However, he will never have an answer to this doubt.

I saw it in front of him, the violent impotence bombarded the clouds, and only a burst of muffled sounds, completely disappeared, Chu Xingyun’s figure turned into a flowing light, whistling, almost let Liu Wei feel To the fierce murderous intention in the blood.

“Do not!”

Liu Wei sent out a sigh of sorrow, his eyes cracked, and he was full of fear watching the scarlet sword light, fear, shock, doubt, countless thoughts rise in the mind, madly backing away.

But even so, he can’t change the fate of own.


Ling Tian’s sword shadow reappears, the blood of the sword light, shrouded Liu Wei’s moment, as if to smash the void, straight forward, turned into a backlight, the Yun Teng Temple hole through, plunder Endless high altitude.

“Aaahhhhhhh! !”

Liu Wei’s body was annihilated by sword light, and a path of sorrowful sorrow broke out. These voices not only resounded in the ears of the people, but also resounded in the deepest part of the heart.

Chu Xingyun didn’t stare at the sword light, even when he was out of the sword, he didn’t take another look.

His body was half-squatting on the ground, his hands on the ground, because of the huge consumption, he was constantly breathing heavily, but his eyes were as calm as ever and as pale as the old well.

The crowd looked at Chu Xingyun. It was already forgotten to breathe. They all felt that they were going crazy. They had to be crazy about this scene. Even Qin Tianyu and Yang Yan were completely sluggish.

Before this battle begins, they all thought that Chu Xingyun was far from Liu Wei’s opponent, and even prepared to unite make a move to force Liu Wei and save Chu Xingyun.

Who can think of it, Chu Xingyun actually killed Liu Wei, with his own strength, completely smothered, even Liu Yi’s corpse capital did not stay, the bones are gone!

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Everyone is still thinking about the scene just now. Suddenly, the screams of sorrow and screams rang, letting them fight a spirit and returning to God.

Those who made these mourning voices are the more than ten Yunmengwufu elder.

Originally, they faced the eighteen six-soul spirits, occupying a weak upper hand, but Liu Wei’s death made them lose the ability to think, and the body was completely stiff.

This gap, captured by the eighteen scorpions, ruthless make a move, smashed the heads of these martial arts elder one by one.

Puff puff puff puff !

Each and everyone’s vitality disappeared, and finally, all became cold corpse, lying quietly on the ground, without exception, died can not die.

“You have made so many kills, and now, the blood of the blood is paid.”

In this brief moment, in the crowd’s mind, Chu Xingyun’s this sentence suddenly sounded, but this time, no one sneered, no one dared to laugh.

Because, Chu Xingyun, he did it.

All the people of Yunmengwufu, including Liu Wei, are dead, blood debts, blood compensation!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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