Chapter 25: Misha’s Secret


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“Well, Misha.”

Turn around the altar. Misha was walking close to me.

“Can you tell me this time?”

She stares at me.

“… about Sasha …?”

“That’s you”

Misha silently silences.

“……I want to know……?”

“Because it’s a friend”

Misha steps down slightly.

“Do you want to say?”

Missha shook his head.

“I didn’t want to say”

Did not mean that

“Did you change your mind?”

She nodded.

“… Anos is a friend and kind …”



Misha turned an emotionless eye on me.

“… I’m gone at midnight on my fifteenth birthday …”

She made such a confession in a light tone.

“Is it related to what was called a magic doll?”

It’s not surprising that such a technique is used.

“A magic doll is not correct.”

Does it mean a metaphor?

“Misha Necron does not exist”

HM. So that’s it. Is that something? I can read most of the circumstances so far.

“In other words, were you originally Sasha?”

As I said, Misha blinked twice astonishingly.

“… how did you know …?”

It is almost impossible for one side to forcibly abandon the contract of the contract “<>. Except if there is a huge difference in magic, you and Sasha’s magic will be similar or closer. I destroyed <> without paying for it. ”

There is only one thing that can be considered.

The agreement was abandoned by agreement between the people who used the contract “<>. If you and Sasha are the same person, you can easily do so with the judgment of one or the other. It ’s easy. ”

“… Anos is clever …”

Well, it’s not enough to be praised, but do you know in this era that there is magic to divide one person into two?

Separation Separation “<> or similar magic. Divided body and soul gradually return to their original form.”

Missha nodded.

“I’m a magical simulated personality, it doesn’t exist originally. I just return to Sasha on my fifteenth birthday, so he called me a magic doll.”

A magic doll because it’s a temporary life? For all reason, Misha is dressed in white, despite having the same magic and the same pedigree. He knew in advance that it would disappear soon.

“Ivy Necron’s work?”

Misha is surprised again. Apparently, it looks like a star.


Separation and separation “<> is not a simple magic. Its use is limited in this age, and its success rate is low unless it is a fetus. You are not an Ivis kindred. It’s probably not so wrong to think it did. ”

And he has a reason.

Separation divide “I suppose you are giving a fusion magic to you together with <>. It is a fusion magic that fuses magic and magic, but the technique has a defect that the fusion time is finite”

With the improved fusion magic technique, the two magical powers cannot be infinitely fused.

“But if you divide one thing into two, the story is different. Ivis came up with the ability of Misha and Sasha to return to one person and eliminate the flaws of fusion magic.”

If you divide the body into two parts with the soul separation and amplify the magic power with fusion magic, you will get magic power tens or hundreds times greater than the original person. Originally, it was only one, so it would not be separated again due to the flaw of fusion magic. Nevertheless, by all means, he is quite unreasonable. The complexity of the procedure, the difficulty of spellcasting, and the risk to Sasha will be enormous. Get enough magical power to make sure your body has it. Or the spirit may be done before that.

Well, Ivis is a demon that I created directly, even if it rots. I guess that was fine.

“There are other possibilities, but what about?”

Misha nods. That means my guess is right.

Separation fusion reincarnation “<>”

“Is that a magic that Sasha put on?”

Missha nodded. It will be a magic created by combining the soul separation <> and the fusion magic technique. It must have been developed to create a stronger demons. Originally, it was the purpose of studying fusion magic.

“So I said I can’t meet on my birthday.”

Misha nods.


“What apologize?”

“… I was silent …”

“Don’t worry about that. Just say what you want when you want to.”

Misha looked down and muttered.

“I wanted to spend normally”

She asks me in line of sight and she continues.

“From my birth, my fate has been determined. I am gone and only Sasha remains. Still, I thought it was good. Fifteen years was my lifetime.”

Even humans have a life that is too short. If you’re a demons, you’ll be as little as you can for a moment.

“I wanted memories that much. But no demons talk to me. Necron’s halves are supposed to be non-existent. That is the same at Demon Academy.”

HM. I have never seen Misha talking to other demons. Even Emilia doesn’t do anything but office work.

“I thought so”

Misha’s eyes are strong and stare straight at me.

“Annos talked to me. He became a friend. He took me home and talked happily with his parents.”

Misha laughs. Don’t be stupid, just keep those memories.

“A miracle has occurred in my lifetime.”

It’s not hard to imagine what past a girl would have miraculously just taken on a whim. This era is certainly peaceful. Still, it is not without tragedy.


She calls me.

“Thank you for calling my name. I was happy.”

Just as I wanted to say before tomorrow, I gently put my hand on Misha’s head, who declares such a stupid thing.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is it good? Are you really satisfied?”

Misha nods.

“Nothing scary”

I was saying that when I first met.

“I’m not anywhere from the beginning.”

Yeah, it’s totally annoying.

“You’re here. It’s my first friend to admit. You probably don’t think I’ll kill my friend, right?”

For a moment, Misha rounds her eyes. But immediately he shook his head.

“… I can’t even do Anos …. I don’t exist from the beginning. It just returns. It doesn’t die, it disappears.

Resuscitation <> indicates the soul that remains after death. If you look further into the abyss, resuscitation is performed based on the source of magic. Resurrection But Misha’s roots are Sasha’s origins. If you try to use <> after Misha disappears, Misha’s source of resuscitation is nowhere to be found.

“I can’t keep my soul and body in two parts”

Originally one thing is magically divided into two. The limit is fifteen years. After fifteen years, the soul and body that cannot be restored cannot survive.

In the first place, the current state of being divided into Sasha and Misha is unnatural. Magic can temporarily cause unnatural things, and can also restore unnatural conditions.

But we can’t keep that unnatural magic. If so, distortion will always occur somewhere.

“Thank you”

“Why thank you?”

“Because Anos is kind”

I don’t know.

“Tenderness is a good word, but there is nothing that can be saved.”

Misha shakes her head.

“I was saved. So it’s okay.”

What’s okay? Then Misha stretched her back and stroked my head.


Do something you don’t understand.

“What is it going to be?”

“I was sad”

“Is it sad?”

She nodded at my question, as though Misha would be sad.

“Did you regret becoming friends with me?”

“Why ask that?”

For a second, she shut her mouth, and she said.

“… Mischa Necron doesn’t exist …”

She tells her innocently and simply insidiously that she has become more friends with my disappearing friend than herself.

Idiot. This idiot.

I put my hand on the thin body and embraced it.

“… Anos …?”

“I have two things I don’t know.”

Strong, strong, embrace Misha. Make sure you complain that you are here.


“Regret and impossible”

Misha turns her mineral eyes while being hugged by me.

“I told you. I am the founder of the Demon King. I will grant your wishes.”

Misha thinks without expression. He seemed puzzled.

“I want to reconcile”


“That’s my request”

Is it coming out in this period? Well, I can’t believe I’m the founder. I care so that my words won’t lie or let me regret.


“Don’t worry. You said you didn’t know the impossible.”

Let go of Misha. I headed for the big door between the altars and started walking.

“Where are you going?”

“It’s Sasha’s going to make up.”

As I smiled, Misha smiled a little happily.


“Misha. Do you make a promise?”

Misha looks at me.

“Let’s live tomorrow until the last moment”

She silences.

“Do you want to spend normally?”

Misha nodded, as she said.

“all right”

“Okay, then finally catch Sasha?”

We turn our way back.

Staring at the front, Misha moves forward. There was nothing scary, she said. Because he doesn’t exist.

Is that really true?

You may have given up and accepted. But look at it.

I am Anos Voldigord.

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