Chapter 25 No Misfortune


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Qin Yuyan took Chu Xingyun into a compartment, where a black ancient tripod was placed in the center, with many inscriptions engraved on the body of the tripod. The ancient fragrance and color of the tripod gave off a strong breath.

“Young master Chu, in the poor city of Xingfeng, treasures are rare things, treasure level potion manufacturing pots are even rare. I only have two here, one of them, is being used by me… And the other one is in front of you.”

Qin Yuyan pointed to the black ancient tripod in front of her and said, “This tripod is called MoLingding tripod. When alchemizing, it can emit invisible moisture, moisten spiritual materials and ranks in the low level of treasures.”

Chu Xingyun stepped forward and looked carefully at the ancient tripod, feeling very satisfied. The low-grade treasure wares were just suitable for his present situation. He said, “What is the value of this Moling tripod?”

“One hundred spiritual stones.” Qin Yuyan smiled slightly and said, “If someone else purchases it, I will bid higher, but for the sake of Young master Chu, I will naturally give a discount.”

Chu Xingyun nodded his head, and the potion manufacturing pot of the treasure level was rare. A hundred spiritual stones were not expensive.

“I like this tripod quite a lot, but I only have twenty spiritual stones on hand. I wonder if Miss Yuyan can get credit until I get the income from the exploitation of spiritual materials and pay it back together?” Chu Xingyun originally owned eighty Lingshi stones. After giving Chu Hu sixty, only twenty remained. There was a long way to go between Chu Xingyun and Mo Lingding.

“Naturally.” Qin Yuyan wanted to keep a good relationship with Chu Xingyun. She didn’t want to let go of this sentiment.

After 20 Lingshi stones were taken out and handed over to Qin Yuyan, Chu Xingyun brought the MolingDing into the storage ring, at this time, the role of the storage ring was reflected.

A potion manufacturing pot weighs thousands of kilograms. Fortunately, he has a storage ring. Otherwise, Chu Xingyun could hardly move it back to Chu Town.

“Hmm?” At this time, Chu Xingyun suddenly stopped and looked at a stone platform in the corner. On the stone platform, there was a jadeite the size of an adult’s head. It was green and looked very beautiful.

“This jade is called emerald, which is mostly used to quench the blade of the army. However, the ordinary emerald is only the size of the thumb. This emerald is a special case, so it is placed here.” Seeing Chu Xingyun interested, Qinshan immediately explained.

“Such a huge emerald is indeed rare.” Chu Xingyun asked Qin Yuyan, “What’s the price of this emerald?”

“Three Lingshi, if Chu Shaozhu likes it, he can take it.” Qin Yuyan casually said that since she had checked out this emerald many times and found nothing ordinary but it’s size.

“No merit, no gain. I want this emerald. Let’s go on credit.” Chu Xingyun laughed and caressed his palm, bringing the emerald into the storage ring.

However, as soon as he collected the emerald, a ray of ecstasy flashed through his dark eyes.

It’s just a hint of joy that was hidden so well that neither Qin Yuyan nor Qinshan noticed it.

Chu Xingyun came to Baibao Tower this time. In addition to purchasing potion manufacturing pot, he also had to discuss the matter of exploiting spiritual materials.

During the conversation, Qin Yuyan and Qinshan tried many times, but they couldn’t get anything out of Chu Xingyun’s mouth.

Even then, they began to wonder whether they had made a mistake in their guess. Chu Xingyun just wanted to make money and had no other plans.

“Cooperation matters a lot. The Chu family has a shallow ability. We also need more help from Baibao Building.” Chu Xingyun put on his long black robe again and covered his whole body. He embraced Qin Yuyan and Qinshan and turned away.

Just after a few steps, Chu Xingyun stopped.

He turned to look at Qin Yuyan and said with a smile, “Miss Yuyan, the way of alchemy, the most important thing is to proceed step by step. When you meet the bottleneck, you may as well calm down and re-examine yourself, especially the few prescriptions I gave you. It may be helpful to study them carefully.”

“Re-examine yourself?” Qin Yuyan muttered this sentence in a low voice. Her pupils constricted, as if she had thought of something. A sudden surge of surprise appeared on her face.

“Thank you very much for your help. In the future, if you need any help from Baibao Tower, I will not refuse to help you. I will do my best to help you.” Chu Xingyun left Baibao Building slowly without saying much.

Looking at the backof Chu Xingyun’s departure, Qin Yuyan could not help but sigh.

The reason why she came to the remote Westerly City was to break through the bottleneck of alchemy and step into the ranks of third-level alchemists.

In the past few months, Qin Yuyan had no idea how to achieve it, almost reaching the point of despair.

Today, Chu Xingyun’s short sentence made her realize instantly.

She is confident that in half a month, she will be able to take that critical step and become a third-class alchemist!

With this in mind, Qin Yuyan could not wait to close the door and turn around, but in front of her there appeared a middle-aged man in a blue robe, with a pleasant smile on his face.

“Long time no see, Miss Yuyan is so beautiful, it’s really amazing.” The middle-aged man laughed and laughed, and his eyebrows were crescent-shaped, showing respect.

“Who are you? Do I know you?” Qin Yuyan immediately had a gloomy face. Without looking at the middle-aged man, she had to go back for alchemy practice.

The middle-aged man felt embarrassed and flushed at once, but still said with a grin: “This man is called ChongXian, since Miss Yuyan has something to do, then I will not disturb, farewell!”

Speech, Shui Chongxian tried to leave quickly, and did not want to continue to humiliate himself.

“Shui Chongxian!” Qin Yuyan’s body trembled slightly, and she turned back and said, “Are you the owner of the Shui family? Is that your daughter?

Qin Yuyan’s voice was a little louder, so that the people around her could hear clearly. They stopped their actions one after another and looked around, focusing on Shui Chongxian.

“It’s a great honor for Miss Yuyan to recognize my daughter as well.” Feeling the people’s hot eyes, Shui Chongxian was quite proud, and took a few steps forward to be close to Qin Yuyan.

But as soon as he came towards Qin Yuyan, before he could speak, Qin Yuyan said to Qinshan, “Qinshan, pass on my orders, from today on, the cooperation between Baibao Tower and Shuijia will be broken, no matter how big or small.”

Immediately, she looked at Shui Chongxian again, and her tone was colder: “If Shui fanily asks for the reason, you can say that l I don’t like to cooperate with Shui family that’s all!”

After saying these words, Qin Yuyan strode away, leaving the surrounding crowd stunned, mouth open, eyes round, completely unaware of why Qin Yuyan made such a decision.

The most helpless person is naturally Shui Chongxian.

Today, he was just idling around in Baibao Tower. Who knew that, he would encounter such a thing.

Qin Yuyan wants Baibao Tower to break off all cooperation with Shui family. Moreover, the reason is only that Qin Yuyan doesn’t like a them. Is that even funny?

Shui Chongxian can almost swear that he has never committed a crime against Baibao Tower, let alone Qin Yuyan.

“It’s a disaster.” Qinshan laughed at the sluggish appearance of Shui Chongxian.

He knew that Qin Yuyan would suddenly make such a decision only because of the influence because Chu Xingyun.

It was the mistake of the Shui Family for being so arrogant and even hurting Chu Xingyun.

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