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Xiū xiū xiū !

a path of sound broke, the eighteen six scorpions fell to the back of Chu Xingyun, above each of the spirits, were stained with mottled blood, the pungent bloody smell filled, let the crowd from the heart Feel the fear.

In the Imperial City, Liu Wei and more than ten Wufu elders are all 1-Rank-Experts, especially Liu Wei, the Half-step Heavenly Spirit. It has been famous for decades and is fierce.

But today, they are all dead and died under Chu Xingyun.

What is even more shocking is that Chu Xingyun has no casualties, wins, and completely wins!

“Beginning to the Earth Spirit, you can kill the Liu of the Half-step Heavenly Spirit, Chu Xingyun’s innate talent, too terrifying, can be said to be the Imperial Dynasty number one genius, the young generation, no one is His opponent.”

“After the young generation, even the extremely imperfect whole Dynasty, I am afraid that few people are the opponent of Chu Xingyun. After all, in the Imperial Dynasty, the Heavenly Spirit powerhouse is so many.”

“The age of seventeen, there is such strength and power, this child’s future achievements, it is difficult to estimate!”

The eyes of the crowd looked at Chu Xingyun, and they all made a sigh. These voices were not unwilling, and they were deeply conquered by Chu Xingyun’s actions.

“This Liu Wei is really a complete waste!” Qin Tianfeng bit his teeth, eyes staring at the front, body, but quietly retreat to the crowd, want to secretly leave.

Give a cry!

A purple flame suddenly bloomed, bypassing the heavy block of the crowd, blooming in front of Qin Tianfeng, covering his body, but also completely retiring the road.

The fire disappeared, Chu Xingyun appeared in front of Qin Tianfeng, with a touch of laughter in his mouth, saying: “Qin Tianfeng, the account between you and me has not been settled, just leave, I am afraid something is wrong?”

With a touch of cold in the voice, Qin Tianfeng shuddered and sighed: “Jokes, my Qin Tianfeng has nothing to do with your Yunteng Chamber of Commerce. How do you settle this statement?”

Said, Qin Tianfeng squatting in the sleeves, it is necessary to stride away from the Yunteng Temple.

However, he has not yet taken a few steps, flashed a path of flowing light, and several of the six priests, stopped his way, even the other eight Chamber of Commerce owners, also blocked by the six priests live.

Chu Xingyun looked at the nine people in front of me, and sneered even more: “I have been in the Chamber of Commerce since the opening of the Chamber of Commerce. It has been a few months since this time, you nine people joined forces to raise the price of spiritual materials, in order to suppress my Yunteng Chamber of Commerce, this, do you think I don’t know?”

“Furthermore, today, nine of you are colluding with Yunmengwufu, and people are forced to force Qi Yunfeng. In a savage posture, we want to surrender all the pill recipes by Chamber of Commerce. This way, it not only breaks the rules set by the five major military authorities. It is also disturbing the order of the imperial city.”

“First old hate, then new hatred, I really can’t think of it, you have any reason to retreat like this.” Chu Xingyun said that in the end, the faces of these nine people have become extremely ugly.

The words and behaviors of the nine Chamber of Commerce are all in the eyes of everyone. If you look deeper, the Chamber of Commerce will not be controversial even if make a move destroys them.

“What do you want?” Qin Tianfeng’s voice is cold, but more is helpless.

If he was half a month ago, he would not be so afraid of the Chamber of Commerce.

But at this moment, Chu Xingyun already has the terrifying power to kill the Half-step Heavenly Spirit powerhouse, plus 18 of the six scorpions, they can’t compete and are completely suppressed.

“Everyone is a businessman, and peace is expensive. Although your behavior is excessive, our Chamber of Commerce will not put aside all considerations of face.” Chu Xingyun smiled and said: “That’s it, you guys. The Chamber of Commerce, the nine Chambers of Commerce, each took out 300,000 spirit stones, and the grievances between us will be written off.”

At the time of the conversation, Chu Xingyun played with the beasts in his hands, and the fire swayed. The flames of the flames flashed the shadow of the wolf soul and shocked anyone present.

During the two months of leaving the Imperial City, Chu Xingyun got a lot of treasures, and the number of spirit stones reached two million.

But these spirit stones are still not enough.

Regardless of the Branch construction of the major cities, the six 煞 煞 C in the hands of Chu Xingyun, every promotion, requires a large amount of forged stone; the heavenly holy spirit beads need 10,000 pieces of spirit stone for each scent of holy spirit.

If it is coupled with the layout of the three major arrays, Qi Yunfeng’s planning and construction, etc., all of them need the support of the spirit stone.

If you rely solely on the profits of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, it will take a long time to complete these plans, but if you get the spirit stone from the nine Chamber of Commerce, you can squander it at will, without any scruples.

When I heard Chu Xingyun, there was a pain in the face of the Lord Chamber of Commerce. Some of the owners of Chamber of Commerce just wanted to bargain, but Qin Tianfeng waved his hand and slammed a Storage Ring.

“Thirty thousand pieces of spirit stone are inside.” After Qin Tianfeng finished this sentence, he turned and walked outside. He lost such a big face and didn’t want to stay here.

“It’s the person who is at the helm of the Qin Family Chamber of Commerce. It’s refreshing!” Chu Xingyun checked some Storage Rings and then deliberately loudly said that Qin Tianfeng’s face became more distorted, and the footsteps disappeared without a trace.

“In the past, Qin Family’s total profit for one year could reach 500,000 spirit stones. But after our suppression, the total profit of the year is afraid that there are only 200,000 spiral stones. When Chu Xingyun opens his mouth, he asks for it. 300,000 spirit stone, it is really welcome!” Looking at the direction of Qin Tianfeng’s departure, Qin Tianyu felt a refreshing heart.

The nine Chamber of Commerce, which has been in the Imperial Dynasty for many years, is deeply rooted and rich in foundation. It is impossible to remove the nine Chamber of Commerce in a short time.

This point, Chu Xingyun knows very well, so he asks the Chamber of Commerce for 300,000 spirit stones instead of hands-on.

In this way, the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce can use these spirit stones to speed up the development, and can weaken the power of the nine Chamber of Commerce. After all, 300,000 spirit stones, and many, even the nine Chamber of Commerce , will hurt the bones.

One is prosperous and one is weak.

The gap between the nine Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce will grow bigger and bigger, and eventually it will be completely eaten away!

“Chu Xingyun, count you!”

At this time, Su Family Patriarch stepped out and took a look at Chu Xingyun. He also pulled out a Storage Ring and reluctantly said: “There are 100,000 spirit stones and fifty Spirit Gathering Spirit Beast. The ownership, the total value, is also equivalent to 300,000 spirit stone.”

“Su Family is good at domesticating Spirit Beast. According to the market price, fifty Spirit Gasting Spirit Beast is indeed worth 200,000 spirit stones. However, I want these Spirit Gathering Spirit Beast, what is the role?”

Chu Xingyun rolled his eyes and directly started talking: “If you want to use Spirit Beast to reach 200,000 spirit stones, you can, the White River Chamber of Commerce surrenders the ownership of three Earth Spirit flying Spirit Beast, otherwise, everything is free. !”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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