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It is not difficult to establish Branch in the major cities, but it is not difficult to connect the Branches to form a business route, let alone extend the business road to other Imperial Dynasty.

Chu Xingyun has received the Chamber of Commerce, and all the business routes of the Chamber of Commerce will be owned by the Chamber of Commerce, even the other commercial roads of Imperial Dynasty.

On this sale, Chu Xingyun apparently lost 300,000 spirit stone, but in fact, it greatly improved the development speed of Yunteng Chamber of Commerce. It can open more than ten trade routes in a short period of time and increase profits. Many times!

“What about you?” Chu Xingyun looked at the remaining four.

The faces of these four people were full of tangles. They looked at Chu Xingyun and looked at the crowd of Chamber of Commerce. Finally, they took a step forward and said: “We are four, and we are willing to join Yunteng. Chamber of Commerce.”


As soon as the words came out, the hearts of the crowds violently jumped, and they were full of horror as the heads of the five Chamber of Commerce.

But not long after, the surprise in their eyes disappeared, and begining nodded.

The ultimate goal of the Chamber of Commerce is for the benefit.

At this moment, the five Chamber of Commerce choose to join the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce, not only can write off the previous grievances, but also become an ally of Yunteng Chamber of Commerce, get 30% profit.

For the five Chamber of Commerce, the benefits are amazing, and they have completely got rid of the predicament of today. No one can refuse.

“The Chambers of Commerce are full of intrigues and even secretly killing them. It’s impossible to work together, but the emergence of the Chamber of Commerce has integrated all Chamber of Commerce. As a result, I’m afraid of annual revenue. Can reach a million!”

“Now, in the entire Imperial City, except for the four Chamber of Commerce, all Chamber of Commerce have chosen to join the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce. Under such a trend, in the near future, other Chamber of Commerce of Imperial Dynasty They will all be famous.”

“If this is the case, the revenue of the Chamber of Commerce is hard to estimate and can even emerge in Northern Wasteland.”

The more I think, the more I discuss it, the more people look at Chu Xingyun’s gaze. Even some small family forces have a lot of things to move. I want to work with Yunteng Chamber of Commerce.

“This Chu Xingyun, never press the card, and the first sergeant, actually easily accepted the five Chamber of Commerce, if Qin Tianfeng knows this, I am afraid that he will vomit blood on the spot.” Yang Yan stared at the front, suddenly pouted with a smile.

Everyone knows that Qin Tianfeng has tried his best to unite the nine Chamber of Commerce and want to block the development of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, but in the end, it is a dowry for the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce.

The five Chamber of Commerce, who have chosen to join the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, willingly join, which speeds up the development of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce and makes the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce even more powerful!

“Qin Patriarch.”

At this time, Chu Xingyun suddenly looked at Qin Tianyu, but did not speak, but saw Qin Tianyu faintly smiled, replied: “I will deal with the five major Chamber of Commerce, if there is no accident, within two days, can be integrated “”

“Good.” Chu Xingyun nodded with satisfaction. Qin Tianyu is the owner of Qin Family. He has deep experience in the Chamber of Commerce and can give him complete peace of mind.

After a while, the crowd gathered in the Yunteng Temple finally finally sprouted away.

Everyone’s face is full of sighs.

Before that, almost everyone felt that today, Qi Yunfeng will be dyed red by fresh blood, but the final result is turn hostility into friendship.

I have to say that Chu Xingyun’s strength, amazing, wrist and heart, is even broader, even the five Chamber of Commerce are completely surrendered.

In the crowd, Shui Chongxian also walked out, but his eyes turned back to Chu Xingyun from time to time.

At this moment, his thoughts can no longer be described as regrets. All sorts of flavors are very uncomfortable.

At the moment when the five Chamber of Commerce surrendered to Chu Xingyun, Shui Chongxian even wanted to stand up and bow down with Chu Xingyun to admit his mistakes, thus getting help from Yunteng Chamber of Commerce, jumping up and becoming a person.

Now, this feeling is getting stronger and stronger, and it almost affects Mind of Shui Chongxian.


At this time, Chu Xingyun suddenly looked at this side, letting Shui Chongxian’s heart tighten, and his mouth slightly raised a slight arc, laughing at Chu Xingyun.

However, just as he was preparing to export, Chu Xingyun looked away and did not stop too much on him, as if he had never seen it before.

This scene made Shui Chongxian’s face change uncertain, and there was no more thoughts. He lowered his head and left without a word.

“This water Chongxian is really a profitable figure. When I saw the Young Master, I didn’t say anything, even the eyes didn’t look at it. Just now, but for Young Master, you nod your head and laugh, mostly for our Chamber of Commerce has a greed.” Chu Hu saw the scene just now, while talking and waving his fist, he was very unhappy.

When Chu Xingyun saw it, he laughed and said: “If you are arrogant or profitable, it has nothing to do with us. You don’t have to pay too much attention. After all, there is no connection between the water family and us. There is no need to be angry for them.”

When I said this sentence, Chu Xingyun’s face was not ridiculous, and it was as plain as a well.

From Chu’s mouth, Chu Xingyun already knows that the water house did not participate in the past, just knowing some insider nothing more.

Therefore, when I saw Shui Chongxian, Chu Xingyun had no hate in his heart. Just staying for a look, he moved away and was very calm.

Feel the detachment of Chu Xingyun’s body, Chu Chu, if he realized something, nodded, the unpleasant color on his face gradually disappeared, and finally it became calm.

After the crowd left Qi Yunfeng, Chu Xingyun entire group also returned to Lingxiao Wufu.

Chu Xingyun first helped Chu Hu and others diagnose the injury. After the medicine pill was fitted, it entered the cultivate chamber.

In today’s World War I, Chu Xingyun activated the divine mark’s power three times, almost exhausting all the strength of the body. Once in the Blood Pond, it is like an endless vortex, madly absorbing the vitality of the Blood Pond.

“With my current strength, full power make a move, enough to beat the people of Half-step Heavenly Spirit, but if you are right on the real Heavenly Spirit powerhouse, it is still worse.”

“This level is far from the opponent of Wu Jingxue.”

Chu Xingyun floated on the water surface of Blood Pond, and his eyes flashed a bright glow.


A glimpse of the spirit of holy spirit emerged, condensed into a dark-green flowing light, directly into the body of Chu Xingyun, turned into the most pure power, flowing in the meridians, and eventually returned to Linghai.

Chu Xingyun, on the other hand, closed his eyes with the trend, and entered the cultivate state while healing the healing potential, without wasting a trace of time.

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