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The sun set behind the western hills, the twilight through the gaps in the branches, leaving a mottled light shadow in the courtyard.

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The portal of the cultivated chamber opened and Chu Xingyun came out of it.

At this time, he did not have the slightest color of weakness on his body. He stepped up and lifted his foot, and his body was full of exuberant breath. It was like a thousand-year-old meteorite, which made people feel unable to move.

“It seems that you have recovered well.” Hao Tian rushed outside the door and saw Chu Xingyun’s moment, and immediately stepped forward.

I saw him looking up and down Chu Xingyun, and the eyes were twinkling with the divine light.

Every King Item, when born, must bear the Thunder Tribulation.

Every time you take a Thunder Tribulation, King Item, it will condense a divine mark, and this divine mark contains the power of heaven and earth. Only when the divine mark is completely activated, can you play the real thing of King Item. power.

Today, Chu Xingyun meets Liu Wei and activates the force of the divine mark three times. It is replaced by an ordinary person. I am afraid that I have already collapsed and died. Even the Heavenly Spirit powerhouse will have extremely serious wear and tear.

However, Chu Xingyun, after only a few hours of rest, completely recovered, and he also found that the cloud evil energy in Chu Xingyun’s body is endless, rolling, and obviously has a breakthrough trend.

“Alright.” Chu Xingyun smiled, his eyes moved all around and asked, “Chu Hu, how are they? How can they disappear?”

“They just took medicine pill and are adjusting interest rates in the hall.” Yan Tianchong pointed to the direction of the hall.

Chu Xingyun nodded, stepped out and walked slowly toward the hall.

When he came to the hall, Chu Hu and others had already adjusted their interest, and they were discussing in a low voice. Snow, Yang Yan, Zhang Fan, etc., all arrived, sitting in the hall.

“Young Master!” Chu Hu saw Chu Xingyun, hurriedly stepped forward, and saw Chu Xingyun’s body fully recovered, this was a long sigh of relief, no longer worried.

“What are you talking about?” Chu Xingyun casually found a position to sit down and asked.

Chu Hu’s face solidified, and after a glance at the crowd, he said: “After today’s events, we feel that the strength of the Chamber of Commerce is lacking, so we are going to build a cultivate chamber in Qiyunfeng for daily cultivate.”

The incident took place not long, but it has not yet reached half a month, but the attack on the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce is extremely heavy.

If Chu Xingyun arrives in time and turns the tide, the consequences are simply unimaginable.

Therefore, Chu Hu and others want to build a cultivate secret room in Qi Yunfeng, in order to enhance the strength of everyone. After all, the whole Chamber of Commerce, can not rely solely on Chu Xingyun, everyone must be able to bear the heavy responsibility.

“After accepting the five Chamber of Commerce, our Chamber of Commerce is also stable, and it should indeed improve its strength.” Chu Xingyun showed a hint of appreciation, palms waving, and took out three Storage Rings.

Upon seeing it, Chu Hu and others squatted and immediately shed a trace of spiritual power and entered the storage ring.

But at this moment, the faces of the people suddenly changed. First, they were puzzled, then they were horrified. In the end, they were full of sluggish colors. They stood in the same place and could not return to God.

“Young Master, this, what’s going on in the end?” Chu Hu pointed to the three Storage Rings in front of him, and the sound became vomiting.

Not only him, but Yang Yan and Xue Dan, who were used to winds and waves, were also surprised to say nothing, staring at Chu Xingyun, his eyes full of curiosity.

These three storage rings, each one, are all three square feet, and the space is amazing.

But within each space, there are piles of things, or Earth Spirit materials, or forged stone, even the precious blade is not in the minority, everything is there, so that everyone can see dazzled.

The most shocking thing is that the spirit stone in the storage ring is more, almost piled up into mountains, one after another, as if the storage ring is hard to burst!

“Well, this is a long story.” Chu Xingyun took everyone’s expression into the eye and smirked, and then he casually said what happened half a month.

“A good cloud dream Wufu, the means are so mean, actually have been to catch the Dragon Peak!” Chu Xingyun’s voice just fell, Chu Hu suddenly stood up, his face rushed a trace of anger.

When Chu Xingyun talked about this incident, Yun Qing was light and the voice was peaceful, but in the place, anyone could feel the meaning of Yun Mengwu’s killing of Chu Xingyun.

You know, Liu Wei’s strength is nothing but the Half-step Heavenly Spirit, and it is not really a Heavenly Spirit powerhouse, but his appearance has made Yunteng Chamber of Commerce into a difficult situation.

And that Mo Zuo, the cultivation base has reached Heavenly Spirit Second Level, the strength is better than Liu Wei, and Yin Ruochen and others, while under a move, I am afraid that the entire Tibet Dragon Peak will become sore Hundred holes.

“Mo left the entire group, are all hidden treasures, even Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠 are in them, after they die, Yunmengwufu is beginningning panic, so will dispatch Liu Wei and others, secretly targeting our Chamber Of Commerce.”

Qin Tianyu finally understands, sings with a smile: “Yunmengwufu twice make a move, not only lost a huge amount of resources, but also damaged so many Expert, now Yunmengwufu, only Yin ass If made by heaven One person alone will support the overall situation, and it will be difficult to become a Climate again.”

“You can’t live by yourself, this is their retribution!”

Yang Yan coldly snorted, but his eyes looked at the massive Earth Spirit material. He said: “The number of these spiritual materials is close to 200,000. Even the sixth-level spiritual materials are no longer a few. With these Spirit, I will definitely be a six-level Pill Refining Master !”

During the talk, Zhou Qing Ning and Zhang Fan belonged to the two people, and they were very excited.

Chu Xingyun’s pill recipe also has a lot of six grades of pill recipe, but the sixth grade is too rare, almost impossible to meet, even if it is Ling Xiaowu, there is not much.

In front of us, the appearance of these massive spiritual materials is like Oasis in the desert, enough to make all Pill Refining Master crazy!

“You brat, leaving the Imperial City for only half a month, stepping into the Earth Spirit, and getting so many treasures, it is really enviable.” Snow sees the eighteen six spirits in the storage ring Hey, the emotion is constant.

In front of the eighteen six 煞 煞 傀 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 hand

When Chu Xingyun said that these eighteen spirits can be promoted continuously, become the Heavenly Constellations, and even the more powerful Yin-Yang coffin, the snow is completely shocked, and the forging hand method of own has a new understanding. .

“The resources in front of us are precious, but they are not rare.” Chu Xingyun’s voice was calm, but it was that some people in the place had collapsed and looked at them.

At this time, in the hands of Chu Xingyun, a baby-sized dark-green jade bead suddenly appeared.

Under the jade beads, it is a golden Spirit Beast egg. During the two, the atmosphere is condensed, and the flowing light cycle seems to form a kind of resonance, which is extremely mysterious.

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