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This dark-green jade bead is a heavenly holy spirit bead.

Since the formation of the natural holy beads and the Spirit Beast eggs, both of them have great benefits. The heavenly holy spirits continuously absorb the Earth Spirit, and the Spirit Beast eggs can also be nourished by the day and night.

At the moment, on the surface of the Spirit Beast egg, a path of black imprint appears in the beginning. These imprints, like the antiquity script, are difficult to understand, even Chu Xingyun can’t understand.

However, the appearance of these black imprints did not allow the Spirit Beast egg to be hatched, and the vitality inside was still weak. If it was not able to transmit some life fluctuations, I am afraid it would be considered a dead egg.

“This is the Spirit Beast egg that can swallow the spirits?” For a moment, everyone’s eyes looked at the Spirit Beast eggs, full of wonder.

A drop of spirit liquid, equivalent to five spirit stones, is worth a lot.

In front of this Spirit Beast egg, it can actually swallow the spirits day and night. In the first half of the year, it will spit out 200,000 drops of spiritual liquid. Anyone who has it will probably become a rich man.

“didn’t expect, such a barren land like Hidden Dragon Peak, there is such a heavy treasure, it is no wonder that Young Master, you have tried your best to block the entire hidden dragon peak, it is for this thing.”

“Since antiquity has been sealed, this Spirit Beast egg is by no means a thing.”

“And whether it can be hatched or not, even if it is always in this state, it will be of great benefit to us.”

As the crowd looked at the Spirit Beast eggs, they talked loudly, and the atmosphere was particularly hot. As for the heavenly holy spirit beads, they were completely ignored. They did not look at it.

This scene, suddenly let Chu Xingyun didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, if known by the Holy Immortal, their Zhen Clan to the treasure, actually ignored, no one cares, do not know what kind of expression.

“cough cough !”

Chu Xingyun cleared his throat and let everyone calm down. He said: “Spirit Beast’s egg is indeed a treasure, but this mysterious jade is not a real thing, it has an amazing effect!”

After all, Chu Xingyun took out the bottle gourd, which was filled with spirits, and frantically sent the spirits to the front of the heavenly holy spirit beads.

“Coag!” Chu Xingyun spit out a word, suddenly, the heavenly holy spirit sturdy sturdy force, madly absorbed the Earth Spirit in the spirits, one drop after another, so that everyone looked a little dumbfounded.


The spirit liquid dissipated, and a sigh of holy spirit appeared in the void, Chu Xingyun flicks to shoot with the finger, handing the spirit of holy spirit to Chu Hu, quite mysterious: “After absorption, immediately close eyes to adjust interest.”

“Good!” Chu Hu did not know what Chu Xingyun meant, but without any hesitation, directly inhaled the spirit of holy spirit.

Hōng lóng lóng’s voice sounded, Chu Hu just absorbed the spirit of holy spirit, his body, then a surge of pure power, flowing in the body of the Meridians, complete the big circulation operation again and again.

“This… what’s going on?” Chu Hu asked Chu Xingyun, his face was full of stunned colors.

Chu Xingyun explained: “I don’t know the origin of this mysterious jade. I only know that this bead absorbs 10,000 spirit stones and can release a scent of holy spirit. If Martial Artist absorbs this holy spirit In the nine days, the cultivate speed will increase tenfold, and you can ignore all cultivate bottlenecks!”

The heavenly holy spirit beads, from Xianting, is the treasure of Zhen Clan of the Holy Immortal, which has a profound impact.

Therefore, Chu Xingyun did not say the origin of the heavenly holy spirit beads, but chose to conceal. This is not to say that he believes that Chuhu and others are just like this. The less people know, the safer they are.

If you miss the sound of the wind, not only the Chamber of Commerce, but also the Imperial Dynasty, and even the Northern Wasteland, will be devastated.


The crowd’s heart trembled, and was shocked by Chu Xingyun’s sentence, which made the cultivate ten times faster, and it was extremely terrifying, and this holy spirit was able to ignore all cultivate bottlenecks.

If you are absorbing a sigh of pure spirit at the time of the break, then within the next nine days, cultivate will be unimpeded, which can be said to greatly increase the chance of breakthrough.

“A glimpse of the spirit of holy spirit, you need to absorb 10,000 spiral stones, so consume, it is also a bit horrible.” At this time, Qin Tianyu suddenly started talking.

Ten thousand spirit stone, not a small amount, is enough to buy a five-level spirit.

If you use the spirit of holy spirit for a long time, the spirit stone consumed is huge, and the family power of common can’t bear it. It has to be exhausted.

“Spirit stone, after all, is only a foreign object, and strength, the only thing is.”

At this time, the Tiantian conflict, which has been silent for a while, said: “At first glance, 10,000 pieces of spirit stone are exchanged for a scent of holy spirit. It is indeed extravagant, but the spirit of holy spirit is invaluable to your cultivate. After all, people with low cultivation base, even if they have more spiral stones, are nothing more than killing sheep.”

This is very straightforward, so that the crowd is bleak.

The current Yunteng Chamber of Commerce is the First Chamber of Commerce. After receiving the five Chamber of Commerce, there are countless trade routes. It has connected other Imperial Dynasty, and the annual net profit can reach millions.

But the strength of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce is a weak point.

The Tianfei Chong just said that the sheep to be slaughtered, in fact, is in the shadow of the Chamber of Commerce!

“蔺Senior is right, strength is the root. The basic purpose of creating the Chamber of Commerce is to provide endless resources so that I can quickly improve my strength, spirit stone, power, for me. It is like dirt.”

Chu Xingyun added that the crowd had a feeling of hairy openness. They looked at each other and just wanted to talk, but they saw Chu Xingyun take out a book from the storage ring and hand it to everyone.

“Prison Tigers and Hawthorns?” Chu Hu flipped through the books in his hands. The bright glow in the eyes flashed, suddenly raising one’s head for a moment. Behind him, there was a vaguely illusory shadow of a tiger, making a roar of heaven.

In addition to him, the same is true of others. The shadow of Martial Spirit is floating in the void, and the breath of the body is rising, and the Heart Method in the book is involuntarily running.

“These cultivation techniques are selected by me according to your actual situation. The Rank is not high. It is only at the Heaven Rank middle-level level, but if the cultivation is complete, it is comparable to the Good Fortune Martial Study.” Chu Xingyun continued Explain.

“Heaven Rank? These cultivation techniques, all are Heaven Rank Martial Study?” Yang Yan’s skin was twitched.

As the elder of Lingxiao Wufu, he is very clear that there is only one Heaven Rank cultivation technique in the entire Lingwuwufu, and it is only the Heaven Rank low level.

Chu Xingyun, feel a move, take so many Heaven Rank cultivation techniques, and say that after the cultivate is completed, it is comparable to Good Fortune Martial Study!

This is tantamount to a Nine Heavens thunder, falling into the minds of everyone, screaming, even the hands holding the books, begining to tremble, as if the things in front of you, not a cultivation technique, but a mountain, heavy Dawanyu.

“Little tiger.”

Chu Xingyun’s voice is not limited. He looks at Chu Hu and says: “The “Prison Tiger and the Mountain” in your hand is a esoteric Good Fortune Martial Study, but after my revision, it has become simple and easy to understand. This cultivation technique can absorb the utmost temperament of Between Heaven and Earth, cultivate to the highest realm, incarnation can be a prisoner, and even if your Martial Spirit Rank is not high, you can make a difference in the future.”

At the same time, Chu Xingyun took Yunmen Xuan Tian 铠 out, warned repeated: “This cloud dream Xuan Tian 铠 is a defensive class King Item, contains a heavy gas, you must be pregnant day and night, so that your cultivate It will be of great benefit.”

Said, Chu Xingyun handed Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠 to the front of the Chuhu, so that the Chuhu body trembled, almost directly fell to the ground, pair of eyes round, breathing, but also heavy as a cow!

Yunmeng Xuan Tian is a three-line King Item, and it is the treasure of the town of Yunmengwufu.

However, Chu Xingyun casually said a word, he handed it over to Chu Hu, and from beginning to end, his eyes didn’t blink.

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