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This situation, too shocking, Rao is such a peerless powerhouse, also sucked a cold qi.

King Item is the King in the instrument, precious and extraordinary.

Looking for the entire stream of Imperial Dynasty, the number of King Item, no more than ten fingers, Chu Xingyun’s manners, it is too bold, said to send it, as if in his eyes, this Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠, just ordinary things .

“Young Master, this is too expensive, I can’t afford it.” Chu Hu repeatedly waved, he can get a Magic Item, they are already very happy, a King Item, and still three King Item, he simply think I dare not think about it.

Chu Xingyun did not take back the meaning, said with a smile: “For me, Yunan Xuan Tian 铠 is of little significance, is a dispensable thing, but for you, it can both defend the enemy and improve Cultivation base , one move, two gains , again, Xiao Hu, you have been with me for so many years, have been standing still, a King Item, you deserve it.”

Hearing this talk, Chu Hu suddenly lifts the head, a pair of eyes, already a bit moist.

In the end, he bit his teeth and took Yunan Xuan Tian over. He said very seriously: “Young Master, you can rest assured that this “Prison Tiger and Mountain” will definitely be cultivate to perfection, never let you Disappointed!”

Everyone stared at the Chuhu, and looked at the cultivation technique secret book in his own hands. He couldn’t help but clench his fists. In the eyes, the bright glow flashed and filled with the look of perseverance.


Suddenly, Chu Xingyun suddenly remembered what, the language front turned, asked the snow to the air, said: “Snow old, I let you arrange the three spirits, how is the progress now?”

“The three spirits are really profound. I have studied for more than half a month, and I have barely realized that I have already arranged all the eyes. Within a month, I should be able to complete it completely.” Snow was a bit of a martyrdom.

“One month, the progress is OK.” Chu Xingyun paused, commanded: “After the arrangement of the three spirits, I personally make a move to the spirit, as for the spirit of the spirit, Xue Lao does not have to look for, give it to me. can.”

The so-called enlightenment is the process of activating the spiritual array.

The spirit array can be divided into three major elements, the formation, the array, and the heart.

The formations are rooted, stacked on top of each other, forming a line of eyes, and the core is the Core of the Spirit.

Chu Xingyun’s Kai Ling’s mouth is the key to activating the spirit array. It must be in the heart of the circle, providing an endless spiritual power for the entire spiritual array. At the same time, it can also coordinate the spirit array and let the spirit array run endlessly. .

“Are you finding the right thing to do with the spirit?” Snow asked, and the three spiritual arrays were all shocking, the things that were needed, not the things. Otherwise, they could not play the spirits. Real power.

“That is nature!” Chu Xingyun is quite mysterious, and it is not clear that the face of the snow is full of curiosity, and the heart is full of expectations.

“Chu Xingyun !”

Just at this time, outside the courtyard, a shouting voice suddenly came.

Everyone looked down the sound source, but they saw that the iron had no intention of rushing from a distance. The speed was fast, and they rushed straight into the hall, gasping for a big mouth, and the performance was very urgent.

“Iron elder, what happened?” Chu Xingyun felt a bit wrong.

However, his voice has just fallen, and there is a lingering discourse of endless anger. Beginning in Lingxiaowufu, spread over and over again, saying: “Chu Xingyun, speeding out and dying!”

Hōng lóng lóng !

Accompanied by this voice, there is also a thick terrifying breath, skyrocketing, the scarlet-red sunset is scattered, and even the entire Lingxiao Wufu, are beginning to shake, if the earthquake.

“This voice seems to come from Yin as if made by heaven.” Yang Yan suddenly said, let the atmosphere of the hall solidify, everyone’s eyes are looking at the iron unintentional.

“The whole thing is long, let’s talk while walking.” Iron is unhelpful to say, from beginning to end, all staring at Chu Xingyun, his face, floating up and smiling.

Everyone looked at each other, and after a moment of indulgence, they rushed toward the gate of Wufu with the unintentional footsteps of the iron.

On the road, Iron did not care to say the whole thing.

It turned out that what happened to Qi Yunfeng had been spread throughout the imperial city under the publicity of everyone, and Yin was if made by heaven. Naturally, I knew this.

At first, he didn’t believe it. He felt that it was just a nonsense. Until he saw the headless body of more than ten Wufu elders, Yin as if made by heaven was completely angered, and all the people of Yunmengwufu were called up. The mighty trend is surrounded by Lingxiao Wufu.

“Yin as if made by heaven When I came to Wufu, my demeanor was a bit mad. When I opened my mouth, I said that I would take your life. In desperation, the owner asked me to find you, lest this matter become more and more troublesome. “The iron unintentional voice reveals a bit of dignity.”

What happened today, he also heard about it, shocked Chu Xingyun’s strength, but also quite helpless.

You know, Liu Wei is the third person in Yunmengwufu. He is only half-step and can enter the Heavenly Spirit.

If Liu Wei really becomes a Heavenly Spirit powerhouse, then Yunmengwufu will be able to suppress Lingwu Wufu and become the first Wufu.

However, Liu Wei died and died in the hands of Chu Xingyun.

In addition, there are more than a dozen Wufu elders, who also died together. This is a huge blow to Yunmengwufu, and it can even be said to be a heavy blow.

“If you just died Liu Wei entire group, it’s better to say, I am afraid that at this moment, Yin as if made by heaven that old bastard, already knows the death of Yin Ruochen and Mo Zuo, otherwise, it will not be so violent, directly rate people Enclose the Lingfu Wufu.”

Chu Hu whispered, making the iron unintentional body tremble, almost fell from the air, eyes holding Chu Xingyun, actually can not say a half sentence, just a constant smile, expression is extremely funny.

“The whole thing started because of me. I will shoulder it. I don’t have to worry about the iron elder.” Unlike the various expressions of everyone, Chu Xingyun performed very calmly.

Because, at the time of Chu Xingyun make a move, he expected to think of this scene.

For the expected things, why should he be astonished, only calm.

The distance between the courtyard and the gate of Wufu is not far away. When Chu Xingyun entire group came to the gate, the atmosphere here has become completely stiff, even with a trace of air, it has become extremely heavy.

They are all in the dark, the people who are black and pressed, one by one and one right, divided into two parties, but the number of any one is not thousands, close and numerous, just the breath, as if to cloud Completely shattered.

On the left, it is the person of Yunmengwufu.

Yin as if made by heaven standing in the first place, the face somber is like a evil spirit.

He coldly glanced at the front, his eyes trembled, suddenly looked at Chu Xingyun’s position, and shouted loudly: “Chu Xingyun, you finally came out!”

The language, Yin as if by by the body of the body will rush over, hand, a black rifle emerged, can not help but say, directly move towards Chu Xingyun’s head stabbed, imposing!

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