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On the dark rifle, the murderous aura of gloomy and cold flowed, flew past in the sky, and actually brought a burst of air, mournful, so that everyone’s body trembled, just like seeing Netherworld abyss The scenery.

However, facing Killing Strike of Yin as if by by heaven, Chu Xingyun had no expression on his face, and the body was still motionless, so he stood still and stared at the front.

Hōng lóng lóng’s voice sounded, only the dark rifle had not touched the body of Chu Xingyun, a dazzling golden light, suddenly bursting in the void, like a golden dawn, rushing toward the black rifle.


Completely different breath collisions, straight up the violent strong wind, sweeping away, let the two people involuntarily retreat a few steps, was completely shocked by this breath.

In front of Chu Xingyun, Huayun River, a cyan clothes, suddenly appeared, holding a broken virtual gun Martial Spirit, looking at the front of the imaginary cold, people do not move, but the fierce momentum, but in the entire space.

Yin as if made by heaven’s body retraced, fell back to the original position, staring at Huayun River, coldly snorted and said: “Huayun River, today’s business, is my personal grievance with Chu Xingyun, you did not Qualification management!”

“Chu Xingyun is the core disciple of my 霄 霄 武 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Where do I put the face of Wufu Wufu?”

Huayun River is facing the Yin as if made by heaven furiously shouted, with a cold air in the voice.

“You talk to me?”

Hearing this talk, Yin as if made by heaven actually laughed, laughter mad, let his whole face become more awkward, sigh: “This Chu Xingyun, in front of countless people, kill me Yunmeng There are more than ten elders in Wufu, and Liu Wei is annihilated by sword light. Even the bones are not left. In addition, he also took away the treasure of the town of Yunmengwufu, trying to take possession of himself. !”

“These two things, any one, are a shameful shame for Yunmengwufu. I really can’t think of a reason, let me not kill him!”

Every word of Yin as if by by heaven is mixed with endless anger and killing intent, making the look of Huayun River dignified.

Indeed, these two things, the impact is too great, can almost shake the foundation of Yunmengwufu, replaced by any one, can not stand, it is no wonder that Yin as if made by heaven will become so mad, violent.

“Yin House Lord, this talk you just said seems to be a bit of a strong word.”

Just as Huayun River was entangled, Chu Xingyun stood up slowly.

He first gave Huayun River a reassuring look, then immediately faced the face of the ass of Yin as if by by heaven, whispered: “This half a month, Liu Wei entire group hide identity, many times to me Yun Teng Chamber Of Commerce make a move, not only killed forty-eight lives, but also confuses the nine Chamber of Commerce, which is intended to force the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce to hand over all pill recipes.”

“This behavior not only ignores the rules between the five great military powers, but also completely unbalances the forces of the imperial city, attracting many disputes. According to the rules, their entire group will suffer endless pursuits. I will use the Yunteng Chamber of The identity of the owner of Commerce makes a move, killing it completely, is this wrong?”

Chu Xingyun is not afraid of Yin as if by by the cold killing intent, the words, the word 铿锵, but a kind of stunned state, actually let Yin as if by by heaven.

“As for the treasure of the town in your mouth, I have heard it. It seems to be a three-line King Item named Yunmeng Xuan Tian. As you said, this is the town of Yunmengwufu. The treasure, supposedly in Yunmengwufu, there are countless Expert protections, how can it suddenly fall into my hands?” Chu Xingyun frowned, looking at Yin as if by by heaven’s gaze, with a bit of sarcasm.

At the time, everyone turned their eyes and fell on Yin as if made by heaven.

There were very few people who were present at Tianfeng. They were not very clear about what happened today. It was a bit strange to say through Chu Xingyun.

Yunmeng Xuan Tian is the treasure of the town of Yunmengwufu. Normally, even the elder of Yunmengwufu rarely sees it. How could it suddenly appear in the hands of Chu Xingyun.

Feeling the doubts of everyone, Yin as if made by heaven clenched the fists, hate the voice: “After half a month ago, I found a powerhouse cave mansion in Yunmengwu, this cave mansion existed hundreds Years are not the same, so I asked Mo Zuo and a few emperors to make a move, let them secretly sneak into the cave mansion to find treasures, my only son is Yin Ruo, also among them.”

“So, I took Yunmenuan Tian Tian to him and gave it to him to protect his safety. However, the third day after they left the Imperial City, they completely disappeared, and there was no audio!”

Speaking of this, Yin as if made by heaven 戟 pointed out, facing Chu Xingyun snarled: “From this point of view, this is definitely the poisonous hand of you, killing first, then taking the treasure, privately swallowing Yunmeng Xuan Tian Hey, otherwise, before Liu Wei’s death, how could he call Yunan Xuan Tian’s name!”

This discourse, almost all the spearheads are pointed to Chu Xingyun, so that Chu Hu and others look at the eyes, this Yin as if made by heaven, actually distort the facts, so shameless.

“Yin, Lord, you really can see me.”

Chu Xingyun is still laughing, but the voice is full of ridicule.

Yin as if made by heaven hearing this, the eyes spewed out of anger, however, before he made a rebuttal, Chu Xingyun looked at the crowd, loudly said: “Yinfu said the powerhouse cave, existence for hundreds of years There are countless treasures in it, so in order to be prudent, he dispatched a lot of powerhouse experts and even took Yunmenuan Tian Tian.

“As far as I know, Mo Zuo is the deputy head of Yunmengwufu. The cultivation base is strong, and has reached Heavenly Spirit Second Level, so powerhouse, and with Yunmen Xuan Tian 铠 such a supreme treasure, dare to ask Who can kill it in the Imperial Dynasty?”

Chu Xingyun said as he looked at Huayun River and asked: “The owner, under your full power make a move, can you kill Mo Zuo?”

“If there is no reservation, you should be able to kill it, but if Mo Zuo mobilized Yunan Xuan Tian, I have no way to start.” Hua Yunhe’s answer, not hidden, directly confessed.

Everyone listened, but they did not stop.

They all know that Yunan Xuan Tian 铠 is a defensive class King Item, which is almost invincible under the power of Heavenly Spirit Second Level.

Chu Xingyun satisfactorily regained his gaze and re-visited Yin as if by by heaven. He sighed: “Even the Huafu Lord is blunt, he can’t kill Mo Zuo, and I Chu Xingyun, cultivation base, but Earth Spirit First Level Nothing more, even if the strength is increased ten times, it is far from being an opponent, how can it be murdering to seize the treasures?”

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