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Chu Xingyun asked again, the voice echoed, and the face of Yin as if by by heaven was ugly.

In fact, in his heart, it is also unbelievable.

Mo Zuo’s strength, Yin as if made by heaven, is clearer than anyone. If you want to escape, almost no one can kill it. Once you push Yunan Xuan Tian, you will face Heavenly Spirit Fifth Level. People are enough to protect themselves.

But in the end, their entire group, but completely lost, and Yunan Xuan Tian 铠, fell into the hands of Chu Xingyun, this is really strange, it is incredible.


At this time, Yin as if made by heaven suddenly flashed a divine light.

I saw a cold arc of his mouth, facing Chu Xingyun: “That you said, you have never made a move to Mo Zuo and others, and the set of weights on your body is also from elsewhere. It’s not Yunan’s Yunmeng Xuan Tian, so, if you do, can you dare to take that set of heavy shackles?”

“Don’t dare.” Chu Xingyun shrugged and his eyes fell on Chuhu.

Chu Hu immediately clear comprehension, stunned Yin if if by by a glance, under the attention of everyone, Yun Yun Xuan Tian 铠 took out.


Take Chuyun’s dream of Xuan Tian’s moment, a path of blue light blooms, move towards all directions slowly, these blue ray of light, like smoke and fog, lingering in this void, it is particularly eye-catching.

“Sure enough, Yunmen Xuan Tian 铠!” For Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠, Yin as if made by heaven is familiar with it, almost in the blink of an eye, he can judge it, this set of heavy, must be Yunmeng Xuan Tian is correct.

In a moment, Yin as if made by heaven, the black rifle in the hand, once again whispered, the gunmangling light, constantly lingering on him, like a viper that chooses people, ready to move a move, to kill Chu Xingyun on the spot .

“In the presence, the Yinfu master is most familiar with Yunmeng Tian Tian, and is the only person who has used Yunmenuan Tian Tian. I would like to ask, is this set of heavy weights in my hands, is it the cloud dream lost by Yunmengwufu? Xuan Tian 铠?”

Chu Xingyun’s expression of Yin as if by by heaven is not afraid, but a slight smile, with a bit of fun.

As he said, Yunan Xuan Tian 铠, few people have seen, except Yin as if by by heaven, no one has ever used it.

If Yin as if made by heaven speaks directly, saying that the heavy weight in Chu Xingyun’s hands is Yunan Xuan Tian, and accepting it directly, it is a bit unreasonable and cannot be convincing.

Yin as if made by heaven, can’t afford this person!

Therefore, Chu Xingyun directly took out Yunmenuan Tian Tian, and there was no worry in his heart.

“A good trick, Chu Xingyun, I really look down on you, but you missed it!”

Yin as if made by heaven’s face was first condensed, and then he suddenly showed a touch of grinning hideously, proudly said: “Yun Tian Xuan Tian 铠, is the treasure of the town of my dreams of Wufu, the dynasty of the dynasty They must all engrave a mark in Yunan Xuan Tian.”

“Imprint?” Chu Xingyun hearing this, eyes deep flashed a trace of surprise.

This horror, very concealed, but was discovered by Yin as if by by heaven, the look is more proud, continue: “This mark, no shadow, invisible, once branded, it can never be erased, Only the person who cultivate the hand method can be engraved, but in the real world of the flowing cloud, only me can understand this unique hand method.”

“I am immediately urging this hand method. If the set of weights in your hands resonate, it means that this is Yunan Xuan Tian 铠, it is your iron murdering to seize the treasures!”

The voice fell, Yin as if made by heaven did not pause, hands out, pinched into a path of 晦涩Hand Seal, body, there is a mysterious atmosphere filled out, with lightning speed, covering the cloud dream Xuan Tian 铠.

“Get up!”

A cold drink, spit out from the mouth of Yin as if by by heaven, I saw his pair of eyes with rapt attention, the palm suddenly moved towards the void, the breath is like a stream, as if according to a certain law, begins to reverberate With.

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

Time passed by, Yin as if made by heaven, the breath of the body is stronger, simply like shocking waves, but the cloud dream of Xu Xingyun in the hands of Xu Xing Tian, but there is no movement, there is no such thing Resonance.

“How is this possible?” Yin as if made by heaven. The eyes are trembled, and there is no smugness on his face. Only the horror is unbelievable.

“How is this impossible?”

Chu Xingyun spread his hand, tonelessly said: “From beginning to end, this set of heavy weights in my hand is not Yunan Xuan Tian 铠, inside, naturally there will be no unique mark, even if Yinfu Lord you motivate day and night It is also impossible to resonate.”

During the conversation, Chu Xingyun’s face was full of helplessness. In fact, his heart was ridiculous.

At the moment of getting Yunan Xuan Tian C, Chu Xingyun discovered the existence of these imprints, and easily removed the imprints without leaving a trace of traces.

With his hand method, it is Yin as if made by heaven. I am afraid that even the forged Grandmaster, such as Xuedang, is hard to find, and only the legendary gods can discover the clues.

It is precisely because of this, Chu Xingyun, will be so refreshing to take Chuyun dream Xuan Tian 铠!

“This armor must be Yun Tian Xuan Tian 铠, you must secretly move your hands and feet, erase all the branding, as for the left left entire group, is your next Killer, you can’t lie to me!” Yin as if made By heaven is constantly roaring, but he said that this is hard to convince, even the cloud dreams of the Wufu, feel a little far-fetched.

“Yin House Lord, you just said that this branding method is the top secret in top secret. Once it is branded, it can’t be completely eliminated, but now you say that I erased the brand, this is It’s a bit savage.”

Chu Xingyun sighed, full of innocence: “In my opinion, the disappearance of Yunan Xuan Tian is mostly from the hands of Mo Zuo. After he got the countless treasures of the powerhouse cave mansion, he was happy and wanted. The Yunmeng Xuan Tian was also swallowed up, so make a move kills Yin Ruochen and others, and then entrains the private escape, and God unconsciously leaves the Flowing Cloud Imperial Dynasty.”

“And you Yunmeng Wufu, suddenly lost the treasure of the town, even a group of elder, but also no news, people stunned, that Liu Yiyi saw that I also have a defensive class King Item, it is wrong Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠.”

As a result, Chu Xingyun once again looked at the crowd and made the crowd feel awkward. They all felt that this talk was very reasonable.

In Qiyunfengshan, Liu Wei was completely defeated and was seriously injured. It was not impossible to admit mistakes at a time. More importantly, Yin as if by by heaven multiple make a move inspections could not prove the heavy weight in Chu Xingyun’s hands. It is Yunmeng Xuan Tian.

In such a scene, as long as it is a discerning person, he will stand on the side of Chu Xingyun and feel that Yin if if by heaven is unreasonable.

Hū hū hū !

Yin as if made by heaven Looking at Chu Xingyun in front of him, because of anger, the whole face has become extremely embarrassing, breathing, and more and more eager, that pair of eyes, is the endless killing intent.

At the moment when he wanted to make a move, the figure of Huayun River came out again, carrying a golden broken gun, and immediately stopped all the way.

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