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“Get out!”

Yin as if made by heaven burst into the air, the body, has a meaning of killing.

He wouldn’t believe Chu Xingyun’s words at all. In his heart, Chu Xingyun had already been found to have killed the left-right group, the vengeance of the enemy, the hate of the treasure, the madness of his deep in one’s heart, except for the cold, no more He meant.

However, if Huayun River was rumored, it stood upright, and the golden glow on the broken virtual gun was thicker, covering the whole piece of void.

“Come here.”

After a while, Huayun River suddenly spit out a word, coldly said: “Yin as if made by heaven, when you were for your own self-interest, almost let Chu Family suffer the catastrophe, as the saying, Heavenly Dao Samsara, retribution not only, you today Falling to this point is also a sin deserved, I advise you to give up this, and you have to get deeper and deeper.”

The voice is very cold, but also very calm, but it is the face that makes Yin as if by by heaven full of sly, suddenly a touch of grinning hideously, full of sternly said: “What Heavenly Dao Samsara, what retribution is not only, I Yin As if made by heaven Never care, today, I have to die Chu Xingyun anyway, who dares to block me, I will kill!”

“A shameless person!”

At this time, among the voids, another figure fell.

Come, it is actually old.

I saw him swaying through Cyan Wind, looking straight at Yin as if by by, coldly snorted and said: “Today’s business, it is clear that you are at a loss, can not refute a sentence, and finally, dare to threaten The reputation of Yunmengwufu for hundreds of years is completely destroyed.”

“If you really want to fight, no matter, I am in the end of the Wufu to accompany the in the end!” Huayun River stepped forward, lifted the broken virtual gun flat, eyes filled with thick inttent intent.

Only then, he has learned the ins and outs of the whole thing from Yang Yan’s sound transmission.

This Yin as if made by heaven, shameless, in order to capture the life of Chu Xingyun, actually dispatched so many Expert, even Heavenly Spirit Second Level days, but also make a move, clothed down the killing.

After this incident, the coldness in his heart was even worse. He also let Liu Wei’s entire group hide his identity and use murder as a threat. He forced Yun Teng Chamber of Commerce to hand over the pill recipe and wanted to use it to mess up the Chamber of Commerce. Forced Chu Xingyun to appear.

These two seemingly unrelated things, behind the scenes, are Yin as if made by heaven.

As Hua Yunhe just said, Heavenly Dao Samsara, the retribution is not limited. If Yin was if made by heaven without crossing the Killer, now, it will fall so far.

It’s a pity that Yin’s if made by heaven is still obsessed with obscurity.

“Chu Xingyun, you have to maintain this way. Now it seems that the whole thing, you are not able to escape from the military, you must jointly make a move, this will kill Mo Zuo!”

Yin as if made by heaven screaming and roaring, eyes wide open red eyes looking at everyone in front of me, treble: “Yunmengwuwu discipline notice, immediately start, but anyone who is Lingwu Wufu, kill without mercy, never stay alive !”

The language falls, Yin as if made by heaven. The Wufu elder stands behind, the figure plunges up, and they call out the own Martial Spirit. The crazy battle intent condenses on the body and rises into the sky.

As Wufu elder, they have already filled the killing intent with Chu Xingyun. They don’t care about the right or wrong of the whole thing. They just want to kill Chu Xingyun and wash the shame for Yunmengwufu.

As for the thing of the military, there are also many people who stand up. Their thoughts are the same as that of the think elder. They all think that the excitement of Chu Xingyun will only make Yunmeng Wufu constantly shamed.

Therefore, as long as Chu Xingyun dies, the whole thing will be completely over, Yunmengwufu, do not have to bear the nickname.

“Yunmengwufu, it is really arrogant, today, I have to look at, how can you have the ability!” Snow danced softly, as Feixue, slowly fell behind Chu Xingyun.

After her, Ye Huan, Yang Yan and some Wufu disciples, all striding out.

Today, the encirclement of the big dreams of Yunmengwufu has already damaged the reputation of Lingxiaowufu. Now, Yin’s if made by heaven is still going to kill, and never leave alive.

Who can bear this madness?

Time, the atmosphere of the entire space has become extremely rigid, battle intent, cold, all kinds of breath rushed to the clouds, as if to completely mess up the entire world.


Suddenly, Yin as if by by the brow of a brow.

In his vision, a flowing light suddenly plunged into the sky.

As the flow light became closer, an ice frost lion’s illusory shadow appeared in the illusory shadow, and a black robe old man stood. Everywhere, the void was completely frozen and frosted. Close together.

“Frost Wings Martial Spirit!” Yin as if made by heaven gave birth to an ominous omen.

Hōng lóng lóng !

At the same time, the earth begins to tremble. Under the gaze of everyone, a figure flies from a distance. They are filled with chilling gas, and the number is nearly one hundred. All of them are holding cold blades and emitting murderous intention of gloomy and cold.

These figures, wearing black long gown, cuffs, sculpted heavy clouds, with a gust of wind, the sleeves flew, the clouds above the living things, beginning flow.

“Tang Yuyu, this matter is my brother’s grievances, there is no relationship with you Liuyun Tiewei, you suddenly appear, what does this mean?” Yin as if by by heaven The voice is still cold, but the look is slightly eased.

In front of this old man, named Tang Yuyu, is the leader of the cloud, and the cultivation base, also entered the Heavenly Spirit.

Yunmengwufu, has been completely fighting with Lingxiao Wufu, irreconcilable until death, if the cloud and iron defending and coming in, the situation will become chaotic, Yin as if by by heaven, do not want to see this scene.

“Chu Xingyun has saved the life of Third Prince. It is the benefactor of my Family of Peace. Today, someone wants to kill him. I want to make a move to save the Imperial Family. Otherwise, it will become a cold-blooded person?” Tang Liangyu has a smile on his face, but the chill on his body has already locked everyone in Yunmengwufu.

Not only him, there are more than a hundred people who have no expression on their faces, only the meaning of killing.

When you are, Yin as if made by heaven is silent.

The two big martial arts killed, Yunmeng Wufu does not necessarily lose, moreover, his purpose is to kill Chu Xingyun, and it is not too difficult, the opportunity is quite large, but at this moment, there is more than one cloud.

Regardless of the overall strength of Liuyun Tiewei, this is the light reputation of Tang, it is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Under the make a move, Yunmengwufu will definitely fall into a predicament and be smashed by both sides.

However, Yin as if made by heaven is difficult to swallow this bad breath!

He tried his best to arrange these plans. The final result was a loss of soldiers. Even Yunan Xuan Tian fell into the hands of Chu Xingyun. When he thought of it, his eyes were full of killing intent.

“The owner, we can’t kill Chu Xingyun, or withdraw it.” At this time, a military elder sighed.

Yin as if made by heaven cold-eyed, just want to anger, but found that in addition to this Wufu elder, the rest of the elder, discipline, face is full of ruined color, and even some people have spawned a retreat, beginning fear Regression.

This situation, as if it is an invisible sharp edge, straight into the heart of Yin as if by by heaven.


I saw him suddenly raised his head, screamed in the sky, there was anger in the voice, unwilling, but more is still killing intent, cold killing intent.

His son, who died, his decent and dead, even lost the treasure of the town for hundreds of years, but he could not kill the murderer, but also left with his tail.

This, simply lost his face as if by by heaven, at the same time, also lost the face of Yunmengwufu.

From then on, Yunmengwufu will surely become the laughing stock of the world people, and he is as if by by heaven, but also the laughing stock in the laughing stock.

Such a shameful shame, he can’t bear it!

“Chu Xingyun, I am as if by by heaven, I swear to God, one day, I will smash you a corpse!”

An incomparably angry violent voice spit out from the mouth of Yin as if by by heaven, and it rang through the whole piece of void, and it was passed to every lane of the entire imperial city, every corner.

The crowd looked at the past, but saw the body of Yin as if by by heaven continually twitching, the five senses twisted, the heads emanate, just like a street beggar, became extremely embarrassing.

What is even more shocking is that the hair of Yin as if by by heaven has turned into a silver white color at a speed visible to the naked eye!

He, Yin as if made by heaven, the head of Yunmengwufu, Heavenly Spirit Third Level, the super powerhouse, now and now, because of the hatred of Chu Xingyun, angry and white hair!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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