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Seeing this scene, everyone’s heart, beginning continuously twitching, they know that from today’s beginning, Chu Xingyun and Yin as if by by heaven, hatred is not shared, only one party will die completely, will end .


Yin as if made by heaven’s pair of eyes became empty, no longer say a word, figure moved, directly into a black flowing light, plunging into the sky, completely disappeared in front of everyone.

As for the people of the thing cloud dream Wufu, they are all looking at each other in blank dismay. They didn’t dare to stay too much and immediately left.

At this time, in the crowd that left, there was a cold gaze, which was suddenly shot and captured by Chu Xingyun.

He turned back and found the owner of the gaze, Shui Qianyue.

Suddenly, the eyes of the two collided in the void. Unexpectedly, among the eyes of Shui Qianyue, there was no fear of regret, and it was cold, so they stared coldly.

“It’s really stubborn.” Chu Xingyun in the heart said, and his eyes slowly recovered.

Not long after, the figure of Yunmengwufu disappeared into the field of vision, and Shui Qianyue’s cold eyes disappeared. No big space, first fell into a dead silence, and immediately, a cheering voice of incomparable sorghum resounded through the clouds.

Wherever he looks, the face of the 霄 霄 霄 dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis The dignity of Lingxiaowufu.

In the end, Yunmengwufu escaped and fled!

“During this time, Yunmengwufu has damaged many powerhouses. Even the two major Experts, Mo Zuo and Liu Wei, are hard to escape. Now, they have completely lost their fame. From now on, Yunmengwufu It will surely decline and be criticized by all.”

Huayun River walked in front of Chu Xingyun, first smiled, then lowered the voice, said solemnly: “However, that Yin as if made by heaven will definitely be directed at you, even under the Killer, you must be careful later.”

Seeing the dignified appearance of the Huayun River, Chu Xingyun smirked and said: “The Washington government is assured, I will be careful.”

After all, Chu Xingyun turned his gaze and looked at Tang Yuyu, not far away.

Chu Xingyun is no stranger to the big commander of the cloud and iron guard. It is the black clothed old man who gave him the slogan.

Tang Yuyu also looked at Chu Xingyun, his body’s cold air dissipated, and slowly walked over, sing with a smile: “didn’t expect, just in the past few months, you stepped into the Earth Spirit realm, it seems My rushing iron, I have to return without success.”

In the words, with a bit of fun, but Tang Guangyu’s face is a serious color.

A few months ago, at the auction, Tang Xiaoyu valued Chu Xingyun’s innate talent and thought that he was a makeable material, so he took out the Yunyun Iron Order and wanted to accept Chu Xingyun.

However, only the past few months.

The young Maoyan who entered the Imperial City at the beginning of the day has become the master of the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce. He is in charge of the economic lifeline of the Imperial Dynasty. Even the family Chamber of Commerce, which has been passed down for a hundred years, is willing to surrender.

Not only that, the strength of Chu Xingyun is equally amazing.

When I first entered the Earth Spirit, I awakened the three Martial Spirit innate talents. With one person, I jumped to Level 9, killing the incomparable Liu Wei in front of countless people.

These are too shocking, and even Tang’s reputation must be sighed.

Mo said that the area of the flow of clouds and iron, even if the entire stream of the Imperial Dynasty, can not shut down Chu Xingyun, in the future, will certainly Megatron Northern Wasteland!

“Tang Tong received a heavy speech.”

Chu Xingyun complexion is still calm, his eyes swept over, and found that Tang Yu’s face has a few unusual look, and asked straight out: “Tang Tong led this time to Lingwu Wufu, shouldn’t it just help me?”

Apprehended by Chu Xingyun, Tang Guangyu slammed down, and the appreciation of his face was even worse. Immediately, he took an invitation from the cuff and handed it to Chu Xingyun in front of Chu Xingyun.

On top of this invitation, the emperor printed with the flowing clouds of Imperial Dynasty is an Imperial Family invitation.

“After seven days, within the palace, there will be a grand banquet. At that time, the dignitaries of the Imperial City will be present. You are the owner of the Chamber of Commerce. This dinner will naturally be your place.”

If it is an ordinary person, I heard that this talk of Tang Yuyu will definitely be to be wild with joy, but Chu Xingyun does not, no joy or no sadness on his face, and he has not reached out to ask for an invitation. He shook his head and said: “I am for the night banquet. There is not much interest in this matter. Please ask for this invitation. Please take it back.”

Seeing Chu Xingyun’s refusal, Tang’s reputation is not irritating, and his voice sinks slightly. “The present imperial city, turmoil changes, and the entire Imperial Dynasty pattern has undergone earth-shaking changes. The night banquet is even more meaningful. Ordinary, I am representing the Flowing Family Imperial Family, I hope you can participate in this dinner.”

As said, Tang Guangyu stepped back a few steps, and his back was slightly bent. He actually bowed to Chu Xingyun.

The same is true of more than a hundred people who are standing behind him. The same is true. The back is curved and sings in unison: “I also hope that the president will take the invitation and attend the dinner!”

This voice, like a thunder, made everyone in the place stunned and stared at it with amazement.

Chu Xingyun, slightly frowns, just want to talk, but heard the sound of Huayun River, said with a laugh: “Distance from the night banquet, there are still seven days, this one invitation, Tang Tong collar can stay for a while, let Chu Xingyun thinks about it.”

“This is also good. If you think about it clearly, the night banquet will directly enter the palace with this sticker. Of course, if it is rejected, it would be fine.” Tang Liangyu looked deep into Huayun River and then nodded slightly to Chu Xingyun. , figure flashes and leaves here.

Looking at the back of Tang Yuyu and others, Huayun River looked at the invitation in his hand and sighed: “It seems that the most unwilling thing happens, after all, it happened!”

“Huafu, what do you mean by this?” Chu Xingyun turned his head and asked Huayun River.

Today, Tang’s actions are very weird.

Although the night banquet is of extraordinary significance, in any case, Tang Yuyu is the leader of Liu Yun Tie Wei, representing the face of the Flowing Family Imperial Family.

Such as this person, when taking out this invitation, actually with a bit of craving, it seems that I hope that Chu Xingyun took the invitation and promised to attend the dinner.

Even, Chu Xingyun has a hunch that he really wants him to attend the night banquet, not Tang Yuyu, but the Flowing Family Imperial Family!

“This is not a place to talk. Let’s go to Lingxiaoge to talk about it.”

Huayun River recovered its original appearance, stepped forward and walked slowly toward the direction of Lingxiaoge.

At his rear, Chu Xingyun nodded and followed quickly.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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