Chapter 26 Chu Xingyun’s Plan


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During this period, the luck of the Shui family people was not good, and they had become laughing stock twice.

For the first time, it was at the Westerly Wind Auction House.

Shui Qian-yue made a gesture to attract Chu Xingyun to be the guest of Shui family. Instead, he was taunted by Chu Xingyun, and not only lost face, but also humiliated in front of the whole Shui family.

It’s only been a few days since it happened.

Tonight, Qin Yuyan announced in public that Baibao Tower would cut off from all cooperation with Shui family for no reason.

This not only humiliates them, but also inflicts heavy losses on them.

But Chu Xingyun, who was the reason behind all this, did not know all about it, and even if he knew it, he would not take it seriously.

When he returned to Chu Town, he burst into the room and entered the reincarnation space.

“This Qinyuyan is really not simple, just a few days have passed yet she guessed that my purpose is not to exploit the spiritual resources of Fengqi Mountain.” Chu Xingyun sat down, thinking of the temptation of Qin Yuyan, he felt more interested.

From the beginning, he proposed to cooperate with Baibao Tower to exploit the spiritual resources of Fengqi Mountain, which was just a cover.

But Chu Xingyun never anyone about this not even Shui Xiang or Chu Hu.

He just didn’t expect that this Qin Yuyan could be see it in a glance and even try to get everything out many a times.

According to Chu Xingyun’s estimation, Qin Yuyan will not be willing to give up, and will secretly send people to investigate Fengqi Mountain.

However, Chu Xingyun does not care about this, let alone worry about what Qin Yuyan can find out.

The reason is simple, because the purpose of Chu Xingyun is not Fengqi Mountain, but Tibetan Dragon Peak beside Fengqi Mountain.

Tibetan Dragon Peak is a lonely peak with low mountain height of only kilometers.

Unlike Fengqi Mountain, which is full of vigor, this Tibetan Dragon Peak can be said to be too poor and evil. The whole mountain is bare, very desolate and rarely populated.

But it is such a barren mountain that hides a cave of the strong!

In the last generation, Chu Xingyun returned to Xifeng City to investigate his parents’ whereabouts.

It was at that time that he discovered the secret of Tibetan Dragon Peak by accident.

When Chu Xingyun entered the cave hall, he found that the whole cave hall was in a closed state, showing that it had not been opened for nearly a hundred years. In a closed room, he also found a pile of ashes.

Judging by the intuition of Chu Xingyun, this ashes… Most of them belong to the owner of the cave house.

There are not only many difficulties but also many bottlenecks in the way of martial arts.

In order to break through the bottleneck, many strong people will choose to close the door, either once they realize the Tao, enter a new realm, or be trapped by the bottleneck, they will never be able to take a step forward.

The owner of the cave hall mostly belongs to the latter, who was unable to break through the bottleneck and at last died there.

As a result of the closure, everything in the cave hall is well preserved, not only there are many martial art scrolls, but also Spiritual Stones, which can make anyone very rich.

However these are not important for him. What’s inportant is to be able to get the empty sword.

This sword is a lower level magical artifact and has a sharp edge. But other than that it’s got characteristics that can take others by surprise.

This grade of sword cannot be found in Xingfeng City, it might not be possible to finf even the handle in the surrounding thirteen cities. Only the imperial city or the five great clans might have it.

If Chu Xingyun can take the empty sword, his strength will be greatly improved.

“On the pretext of exploiting spiritual materials, I have completely blocked the Tibetan Dragon Peak secretly, and the idle and miscellaneous people can’t enter at all. In this way, it will be very convenient for me to sneak into the cave of the strong.” Chu Xingyun thought secretly with the plan he had in mind.

Chu Xingyun had already thought about this plan before he cooperated with Baibao Building.

No one had noticed even a proper trace of his plan. Not even Qin Yuyan has noticed it properly. She’s just looking at the tip of the iceberg.

“Although the owner of the cave hall is dead, the whole cave hall is in a closed state. With my present strength, it is still difficult to open the cave hall completely.”

Chu Xingyun had great strength at the beginning. To open a cave house of the strong, it was natural to say nothing about it.

At present his level at fourth grade is very low compared to his previous life. Hence he bought the potion refining pot to improve his training.

After all, as an eighth-grade alchemist, he is far superior to Qin Yuyan in both alchemy techniques and prescriptions. Even if he fails to do so, he is still several times better than Qin Yuyan in making a potion at will.

“During this period, I closed the door to practice, and strive to improve my practice, but also to test Qin Yuyan’s patience.”

Since Qin Yuyan wanted to investigate, Chu Xingyun allowed her to investigate. After a while, she would begin to doubt her judgment, and finally leave everything as just a wrong thought.

Thinking of this, Chu Xingyun took out the huge emerald stone.

Under the dim light, this emerald reflects the green light and appears to be somewhat brilliant. Other than that, there is no difference, just like ordinary jade.

Chu Xingyun found a heavy hammer and held it tightly in both hands. Then he swung it high.


This hammer exhausted almost all the strength of Chu Xingyun.

The hammer fell on the turquoise surface and on the clean surface appeared a huge number of cracks.

Seeing this Chu Xingyun’s face showed a myraid of expressions, he picked up the hammer and continued trashing.

After thrashing many times with the hammer finally the stone turned into fine pieces.

Chu Xingyun did not pay any attention to the gravel and carefully scanned the ground. Finally, he found a purple jadeite the size of a nail cap in a pile of gravel.

The purple jadeite is rather strange, soft in texture and exudes a fragrance if not present.

“Sure enough, it’s a poisonous fragrance!” As soon as Chu Xingyun’s eyes were bright, he immediately brought the prepared jade bottle and carefully put such a purple jade in.

The so-called poisonous fragrance is a rare kind of jade.

This kind of jade can not be used for quenching, let alone for manufacturing, because if it is burned slightly, it will immediately turn into gas, and the gas is accompanied by terrible toxicity.

For ordinary people these kinda jade’s are rather useless even harmful but He knows a technique to utilise it.


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