Chapter 26: Second game


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To the top of the underground dungeon, I and Misha were climbing the stairs.

“catch up?”

Misha asked. Flying Although Sasha has been disabled from using the magic of <>, walking at the same pace will of course not catch up. The other side might be running.

“Should be fine”

I raised my feet slightly and tumbled on the floor of the landing. Gagga, Dododododo, and the dungeon in the basement began to shake. It is so hard to stand.



Clinging to my hand, Misha manages to withstand the quake. It lasted for about a minute, and the shaking finally stopped.

“You can let go now.”

Misha gently released her hand.

“What did you do?”

“I changed the terrain a little and made a dead end.

We go ahead. After finishing the stairs, a bright space appeared before my eyes. It is the room of the natural magic circle that I went to when I came.

Sasha was there. Standing as if at a loss. Probably because there was no passage where it should have been. The terrain has changed drastically, as I just stomped on my feet, and I have reached a dead end.

“Yo, Sasha”

She shook her body, and she turned around. She is holding and holding her scepter.

“Is this also your work?”

You’re saying that the room is dead end.

“Well, do you think you’ll tell the traitor?”

Sasha steals her gaze. I can’t read my aim, so I’m on alert.

“If you want a scepter, kill me.”

“Why Misha wants to make up with you.”

Sasha rounded her eyes and showed frustration.

“I’m not stupid. You just forgot what you just did to me?”

A sharply uttered word. But Misha just looks straight back at Sasha.

“I’m amazed. Really ridiculous dolls. Anos, you too. I don’t really want to hear what this child says. There is no soul, it’s just a junk doll that disappears tomorrow. ”

“Hmm. I heard that earlier, so why?”

Sasha is distressed with my words, or Sasha’s reply.

“… I told you that, despite the dolls, it’s pretty much alive, isn’t it scary to disappear?”

Sasha says to argue.


“What’s different?”

“I know I’m gone. There’s nothing scary.”

Misha said plainly.

“But I want to make up with Sasha before that. That’s it.”

She glares at Misha.

“I want to know the truth”


As unusually hesitant, Misha asked not to be afraid.

“Does Sasha hate me?”

Sasha did not answer the question. She turned to me and said,

“Hey. Will you fight again?”

What she says is a woman who can’t be disciplined.

“What kind of game?”

“I will draw a magic circle from now on. If you can exercise the magic circle at first glance, you win. If you can not, I win.”

It is difficult to use magic circles constructed by others to exercise magic. Even if you don’t know what magic, you’ll have to fully understand the technique at first glance. Normally, the side drawing the magic circle would be an overwhelmingly advantageous game. The other party must be me.

“Is it okay? In such an advantageous way. You can do more handicap.”

“No problem. You can’t do anything.”

HM. I’m confident. interesting.

“What to bet?”

“If you win, I will answer that child’s question.”

“What if you won?”

“According to my orders, I’ll use one magic.”

That’s a strange condition.

“What magic?”

“Oh? If you don’t make sure, are you scared and can’t compete?”

Oh. It’s a guy who knows how to infuse. Covenant Your order is not a broad condition of absolute obedience, but you dare to use one magic to increase the force of <>. Originally, <> is not something that can be destroyed at a price that is half-life, but that’s why I’m wary of my magical power. If the conditions are simple and limited, the coercive force of <> works more strongly.


Contract Sasha smiled with satisfaction and used the magic of <>. After confirming the contents, I sign it.

“So what? That magic circle?”

“I’ll draw now.”

Sasha turns his heels and walks. She stopped right in the center of the room. He closed his eyes gently and held his straight scepter with both hands.

A magic particle rises, and an original magic circle that becomes a magic circle floats at her feet. The circle gradually widens and covers the entire room. It’s a pretty big magic circle. It is said that Sasha’s power is a little too much, but the scepter and the raised her magical power and helped build the magic circle.

Magic characters float on the magic circle, and magic gates appear one after another. Ten minutes have passed. Sasha is still building a magic circle, but I still don’t know what magic he intends to use. There are two reasons. One is that I don’t know this magic. It is not like any magic in mythological times. It’s a newly developed magic in 2000 years. Or maybe it was her own development, given Sasha’s confidence. Another is that the magic circle is still incomplete. Apparently, 10% is not made. With so many options, it’s impossible for me to narrow down what magic.

“How long are you going to call?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there by midnight tomorrow, by the time the child disappears.”

Considering the pace of construction of the magic circle, the completion is almost at midnight tomorrow. So that’s it. Mostly, it’s a strategy that takes my time. Did you think that trying to exercise magic before Misha disappeared might be impatient and failed? Or maybe you’re doing something else.

“Oh? Is it a bit impatient?”

“Because I’m going to fight me, I’ll do my best at best. It’s useless to play with any tricks.”

“I’m very confident. Look. I’ll win this time.”

Even if they showed the difference in ability only in the group-based competition test, where did their confidence come out? Sasha is not without my power.

“It’s interesting. Let’s escape that reckless courage and keep watching until the magic circle is completed.”

Evil eye I sit down and close. Magic clock <> The magic of <> was used so that the time could be known.

Sasha concentrates on building the magic circle. That’s it. If you make a mistake, you won’t be in time. It would not allow her pride. With a good concentration, Sasha continues to draw the magic circle without mistake. As the sun goes down, the moonlight comes into this room.

Misha was staring at her sister. Desperately building his magical circle, he keeps his eyes staring at his eyes, trying to burn the scene into his eyes.

Magic clock And every hour passed, and <> showed forty-five minutes at night.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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