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Ling Xiao Ge, inside the courtyard.

Chu Xingyun is helping Chu Stars check the body.

Although with the help of Divine Grass, Chu Stars has recovered his mind, but his injuries have not completely healed. Even in the ice seal that lasted for more than ten years, his Linghai has arrived. Depleted.

Fortunately, Chu Xingyun’s hands, there are a lot of precious spiritual materials, after refining Dan, in just a few days, you can let Chu Stars fully recover.

Chu Stars looked at Chu Xingyun in front of him, suddenly smiled and said: “didn’t expect, Yuner your strength, far stronger than I expected, not only killed Liu Wei, but also angry as if made by Heaven is on the spot, but unfortunately, my body has not recovered, and I can’t see this scene with my own eyes.”

During the conversation, Chu’s eyes exude a hint of coldness.

The things of the year are still vivid.

At that time, stars Gu Zong led people to Xifeng City. In order to take Liu Mengyan, they directly killed and killed many Chu Family people, thereby threatening Liu Mengyan and forcing her to submit. .

Among the people who are killing, there is the figure of Yunmengwufu, Yin as if made by heaven and Liu Wei, in the column!

Therefore, after Chu Stars heard the horror of Yunmengwufu, he was particularly excited and had a sense of refreshment.

“But all the people who made me move to Chu Family in the past, I will never let go, Yunmengwufu, just the first one.” Chu Xingyun took back the spiritual power, took a palm, and took out a Storage Ring.

“Father, in this storage ring, in addition to the cultivation technique and the Martial Study, there are also 10,000 drops of spiritual fluid. During this recovery period, you can try cultivate, which is beneficial to the recovery of the Linghai. Chu Xingyun handed the storage ring to the front of Chu Stars.

Ten thousand drops of spirit liquid?

Chu Stars suddenly stunned, and when he saw the Martial Study cultivation technique in the storage ring, his face was even more shocked.

The cultivation technique Martial Study in the storage ring is not much, each has a set of nothing more, but the two of the secret book’s Rank have reached the Heaven Rank, especially the cultivation technique, which actually reaches the Heaven Rank middle-level level. .

“Yun, these Martial Study cultivation techniques, where did you come from?” Chu Stars took a few deep breaths.

Heaven Rank middle-level cultivation technique, how precious, as long as it appears in the flowing cloud Imperial Dynasty, it will inevitably lead to a foul wind and bloody rain, however, Chu Xingyun is very casual, as if not at all.

“The origins of these Martial Study cultivation techniques will be unclear for a while. When the time is ripe, I will explain it slowly. Before that, I hope that father will not ask too much.”

The rebirth is too mysterious, related to the mysterious and unpredictable Samsara stone.

Mo said that it is Chu stars, even Chu Xingyun himself, have not fully figured out, so he chose to conceal for the time being, so as to avoid Chu Stars worry.

“Since Yuner doesn’t want to say more, then I won’t ask.” Chu Stars took the storage ring carefully and carefully, and then stood up and moved towards the outside.

Outside the courtyard, Huayun River sits quietly.

Chu Xingyun and Chu Stars came over. Just sitting down, Chu Xingyun couldn’t wait to ask: “Huafu, what do you want to say the most unwilling thing, in the end? Is it related to this dinner? ”

Huayun River opened his eyes and did not answer directly. Instead, he said: “Chu Xingyun, when you came back, it happened to be the day when Army returned to the DPRK. Have you seen Wu Jingxue and Jing Tianjun?”

“Of course.” Chu Xingyun said frankly, there is no concealment.

Aside, Chu Stars listened quietly. He heard the words of Wu Jingxue, and the body suddenly trembled. Obviously, Chu Stars still remembers Wu Jingxue and has a deep memory.

“A few months ago, Jing Tianjun attacked Tiefengguo and captured the king of Tiefeng. Wujing blood specifically escorted the Tiefeng Guoguo to the DPRK. The purpose was to make the Flowing Family Imperial embarrassing more. It’s a demonstration that shows everyone the power of his blood, because only then can he replace the Flowing Family Imperial Family with justifiable words!”

The voice of Huayun River made Chu Xingyun’s heart sink and said: “According to your statement, Wu Jingxue’s return to the DPRK has already prepared for the pilgrimage?”

“Yes.” Huayun River nodded and continued: “At that time, the emergence of stars Guzong, let Wujing blood get a lot of treasures, and draw a lot of imperial power, self-contained, in order to fight against the flow of clouds Imperial Family.”

“After years of encroaching, the strength of the Flowing Family Imperial Family has been worse than before, and the Wujing blood has become more and more powerful. The Jingtian Army has been formed, and the battles, plundering, gradually, and many surrounding kingdoms have been slaughtered. Or it was taken up by force and fell into his control.”

“So, Wu Jingxue led the army back to the DPRK and prepared to replace the Imperial Family. In one fell swoop, he became the owner of the Flowing Dragon Imperial, so that he could continue to expand his own strength and march north to attack other Imperial Dynasty. ”

“This Wujing blood is really a militant man. After capturing the surrounding kingdoms, he is still not satisfied. He wants to capture other Imperial Dynasty!” Chu Xingyun squinted his eyes, Wu Jingxue’s belligerent ambition, let him It’s a bit weird.

Huayun River continued to speak, still saying: “This dinner, on the surface, is carried out by the Flowing Family Imperial Family. In fact, it was forced by Wu Jingxue. The purpose is to gather the forces of the Imperial City and stand by the side.”


Chu Xingyun’s look glimpsed, and suddenly came over and said: “No wonder the Flowing Family Imperial Family will send Tang Xiaoyu personally. It seems that they want to use my relationship with Wu Jingxue and let me stand on the united front with them. ”

At that time, Wu Jingxue established a radical school, suddenly turned his back, and returned to the stars Guzong, which allowed the stars Guzong to act wilfully in the stream of Imperial Dynasty, looking for the traces of Liu Mengyan.

If it is said that Stars is the culprit, then Wu Jingxue is an accomplice.

Between Chu Xingyun and Wu Jingxue, the grudges cannot be erased, and there will be a battle in the future.

In addition, Chu Xingyun is now the owner of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce is huge, and there are countless powerhouses.

These two points, let the Flow Cloud Imperial Family see the hope, want to win over Chu Xingyun, the two sides jointly fight against Wu Jingxue, and only in this way, the Flow Cloud Imperial Family has a chance.

“indeed so.”

Huayun River sighed and said: “Jingtianjun’s strength is too strong. It is a battle for the battlefield. It is likely to break the country. Even more how is the fading stream of the Imperial Family. The throne will also take care of all the forces, and follow the other, and the other will die. Even the five major military forces will not be spared.”

“If there is no accident, after the end of the banquet, this imperial city will be completely in chaos, and the pattern of the flowing Dynasty Imperial Dynasty will also change!”

The look of Huayun River became more and more dignified. He reached out and took out the invitation. Once again, he handed it to Chu Xingyun, his eyes fixedly watching, waiting for Chu Xingyun’s answer.

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