Chapter 261. The Slave’s s Position


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Chapter 260. The draft wolf level leader of the pack

Chapter 262. Show Your True Power!

“This is already quite bad!”, – Mu Nu Jiao’s expression took a serious look.

Initially, fighting with only one Mu Ning Xue was not easy, and now the magician with the draft animals of the level of the pack leader appeared in the enemy team.

The summoner level of the pack leader is terribly strong. If they came together in one pile, then they would have no chance against the beast.The situation on the battlefield was aggravated by the fact that it was forbidden to use any magical items.

Fighting with the monster level of the leader of the pack without artifacts – only a madman can dream of such.

“I will distract the draft animal, and you will find vulnerability,” said Mu Nu Jiao.

Using her element of plants, a girl can easily hold down the movements of her opponents, but the duration of the spell will be short.

Moo Nu Jiao also used the “wind path”, but noticing that with each step more and more exposed to the magic of ice, she was bitterly disappointed.

In fact, fighting the monster level of the pack leader is so-so fun, and this situation is also complicated by the effects of ice magic.

The dark flywalker chose his first goal of the one who was closest – Shen Ming Xiao. It should be noted that Shen Min Xiao himself penetrated deep into the ranks of the enemy. If the speed of his “wind path” spell were higher, then he could have easily escaped. However, the magic of the initial level was nothing compared to the beast of the leader level of the pack. As soon as the dark floater began to pursue Shen Ming Xiao, he felt the danger.

“Churning creepers!”

Moo Nu Jiao noticed that Shen Min Xiao was in a dangerous situation, so she fluttered her snow-white hands and created a trap of vines in the place where the dark lyutovolk had to run.

The trap itself was not so noticeable, so when the beast stepped on the trap with its paws, strong vines appeared in a small area in an instant.

As soon as the lianas began to entangle the limbs of a dark skullcap, he put in more strength and jumped out of the affected area a couple of moments before the lianas would tie down his entire body.

The effect of this trap ruthlessly sought to zero. From this Mu Nu Jiao only frowned.

Now it was impossible to use the spell of an element of a plant of the average level – it would shut up Shen Ming Xiao along with a dark flap, too big a defeat zone. Applying this spell now was the same as feeding Shen Min Xiao to a female wolf.

“Ha-ha, it’s a kind of cat-and-mouse game,” Liu Zheng He said and looked at the fleeing Shen Min Xiao. Then the young man could not stand it and laughed out loud.

And he also thought that this guy is strong. It seems that the only thing that the University of Mingzhu has succeeded in is the language. And how did such a mediocre little man have the audacity to go twice to fight?

“Earth waves!”

The boy, whose name was Xiao Feng, secretly completed the formation of entry-level magic.

Hmm, this young man was well aware of how exactly you need to finish off a lying one. Shen Min Xiao and so was in a predicament, so also this spell of the element of earth attracted the student right into the mouth of a dark lyutovolk running from behind …

Despite the fact that the movements of Shen Min Xiao were hampered by the spell of the enemy, he still stubbornly ran forward. However, due to the fact that the student’s speed dropped dramatically, the distance between him and the dark lyutowolf began to decrease.

The dark lyuvovolk suddenly jumped, and the blue patterns on his skin gleamed brightly.

Monster methyl right in the crown of Shen Min Xiao. A second later, all four paws of the beast hit the ground. It became obvious that the patterns of blue color on the skin of a dark lyuvovolka increased his physical strength several times. In a literal sense, this big carcass in a split second turned into a huge meat ax !!

*** Roar !!!! ***

The dark flywolf, landing in the blow, raised with its carcass whole cyclones of rubble.

Shen Min Xiao was barely able to dodge the blow of such a huge, meat carcass. However, a strong cyclone, which was formed after hitting the meat ax to the ground, interrupted the action of the “wind path” and unexpectedly threw the youth away.

Shen Ming Xiao finally lost his balance in the air. After a couple of moments, he hit the ground. From such a blow, the student began to spit blood.

I was also lucky that the second element of the young man is water. He managed to protect himself with a water shield. If the spell were not timely applied, he would already be neither dead nor dead.

After landing, Shen Min Xiao could not get up for a long time.

At this time, the dark lyutovolk did not want to give his victim time to rest. The beast was standing some fifty meters from Shen Ming Xiao. The monster opened a large dark maw and spat out an accumulation of air right in the student.

As soon as Shen Min Xiao wanted to get up, he noticed that a whole series of huge, snow-white teeth appeared around him. The young man’s body went goosebumps.

The same sticking out fangs, this is the bloody maw of a dark lyutovolka!

Shen Min Xiao did not understand how exactly the dark lyuvovolk could do something similar, being at such a distance ??

“Sacred shield – protection”

As soon as the fierce fangs began to close, the voice of Song Xia came from out of nowhere.

The glow of golden color enveloped the body of Shen Ming Xiao, forming a beautiful shield.

As soon as the hideous fangs dug into the shield, the sound of a collision with metal was heard.

The sacred shield fully protected the student from a direct strike. After that, the shield no longer looked so bright and radiant. And at this time, the dark lyutovolk, having seen how his teeth did not reach the goal, angrily looked at Sun Xia.

It can be said that Shen Min Xiao was saved, but now Sun Xia has become a new target of the monster.

At this time, Mu Nu Jiao fearlessly stepped forward. Continuing to use the spell element of the wind, she began to annoy the dark lyutovolku element of plants. She wanted the monster to spend more time dodging attacks.

“I have not even started the battle, and you are already in distress,” said Xiao Feng.

“Solve them together!” Min Cong said at the same time.

Taking advantage of the fact that opponents cannot cope with the dark lyutovolkom the level of the pack leader, both magicians began to build elemental star systems with impunity.

Violet and blue star systems! Yes, these are elements of lightning and wind!

They very quickly painted star systems. In an instant, they finished about half. As soon as they finish the spells and direct them to Mu Nu Jiao and Shen Min Xiao, after they hit, they will not have the strength to fight back.

“Thunder and lightning” was intended Shen Shen Xiao.

The sacred shield, which still guarded the young man, was rather weak. In no case would this shield be enough to protect oneself from “thunder and lightning.” Moreover, after this spell, Shen Min Xiao most likely will not be able to get up to continue the fight.

While the goal of the “wind blade surrounding the whirlwind” was Mo Fan and Song Xia.

Song Xia already spent the power to create a shield for Shen Min Xiao, so she was at an impasse. It is good that Mo Fan promptly summoned the dark wolf and, together with Sun Xia, rushed madly away from the tornado’s affected area.

“This is no good, we cannot be so passive!” Said Sun Xia and jumped off the dark wolf. The girl looked at the still standing students of the Imperial University.

“Shen Min Xiao, you died there, no? If the answer is still no, then rather climb, you, Mu Well Jiao and my dark wolf will fight together with the dark fleet, ”said Mo Fan Shen Min Xiao.

Shen Min Xiao was able to rise, all the same, the holy shield protected him well from damage. Only now his legs still trembled a little.

“Don’t be so self-confident …”, Shen Min Xiao swore very displeased.

“At such a moment and whipping bullshit?” Do what Mo Fan says! ”Said Sun Xia angrily.

Shen Min Xiao did not respond. In the end, Mu Nu Jiao now had a hard time.

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