Chapter 262. Show Your True Power!


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Chapter 261. The Slave’s s Position

Chapter 263. Mo Fan v. Mu Ning Xue

Mo Fan realized that even together they would not be able to withstand the power of a dark lyutovolka.

Two people and one animal, in general, they should not immediately lose to the dark lyuhovolku. From the point of view of Mo Fan, the strength of the dark cannonwolf did not exceed the power of the parasitic monster.However, this by no means meant that the flywalk was weak. In fact, the monster level of the pack leader is much stronger than the average level mage, a particular magician, who for some reason cannot use magic artifacts. If a person does not have at hand some special spells or abilities, then the chance of winning is zero.“Director Xiao, if it were not for what you gave me as a reward, I would not have tried so hard for any price!” Said Mo Fan in a whisper and looked at the necklace, which increased concentration. And then there is some kind of university reputation? Could that have bothered Mo Fan? However, since he took up the assignment and also received a reward, you cannot go anywhere! “Sun Xia, try to beat that magician with the wind element, if you succeed, then hold on to me. Use the “sacred shield” to protect me, ”said Mo Fan Sung Xia. Sun Xia nodded in agreement and stood behind Mo Fang. As soon as she began to form a constellation, she immediately felt that the icy sphere became colder, noticeably slowing down the speed at which the spell was cast. Said Mo Fan Sung Xia. Sun Xia nodded in agreement and stood behind Mo Fang. As soon as she began to form a constellation, she immediately felt that the icy sphere became colder, noticeably slowing down the speed at which the spell was cast. Said Mo Fan Sung Xia. Sun Xia nodded in agreement and stood behind Mo Fang. As soon as she began to form a constellation, she immediately felt that the icy sphere became colder, noticeably slowing down the speed at which the spell was cast.

“This is bad!” Sun Xia screamed.“Rather, retreat,” Mo Fan also felt that the air became noticeably colder and immediately turned to Song Xia. The girl hastily retreated. As soon as she left the ice sphere, she immediately noticed that the force of the ice element was not aimed at her at all.*** Crack *** Suddenly, cracks sprang up along the ground, and right after them came strong ice chains. There was a metallic sound, and the chains flew up into the air and began to intertwine with each other. It was so beautiful that it was associated with the dance of any dragons or phoenixes. Sun Xia scaredly looked at these chains and realized that she did not have enough time even to impose a “sacred shield”. All she could do was look at how at that moment the ice dungeon hampered Mo Fan’s movements. He no longer had any hope of avoiding the spell! *** The sound of metal *** The shackles of ice began to weave on the body of a young man. Within moments, Mo Fang’s body turned into an ice mummy. The power of this spell was just insane. Chains slowly began to lift the body into the air. Looking at this, no one had any doubt that this spell is definitely a masterpiece of a girl with silver hair – Mu Ning Xue. It was obvious that this spell had already reached the second rank. This ice dungeon is nothing compared to the one that was created by Luo Sung.She was much stronger. Even if Sun Xia uses the spell of the fire element, she cannot break the ice dungeon.Snowflakes circled on the battlefield, Mu Ning Xue’s silver hair swayed in the wind. The girl controlled the ice dungeon. At the same time she looked cool and beautiful. It seemedthat there was not a single man alive around her at a distance of several kilometers. “This … this is already a bust!”, – students from other universities were stunned by what is happening. Many did not even have time to notice how Mu Ning Xue drew her elemental star system. It could only mean that in medium-level magic, it reached such a degree that it must soon make a breakthrough. In addition, the ice dungeon was very impressive in itself. The effect of the spell was also enhanced by the ice seed: all the space around the dungeon was covered with ice flowers. Only here it was not just flowers, they were with very sharp thorns! In other words, if Mu Ning Xue wanted to kill Mo Fang, then she could just use these thorns for their intended purpose: they would have pierced the immobilized student to death. **** At the same time, Mu Nu Jiao, Shen Ming Xiao and the Dark Wolf joined forces to fight the dark wolf. True battle was given to them with difficulty. Mo Fan, however, was completely immobilized, standing behind Sung Xia could not help him.The battle seemed to be coming to an end. The denouement was much closer than many might have thought.Teacher Gu Han, teacher Li Jing, teacher Qiu Yu Hua looked at each other confused. They already guessed that they would lose, but did not think it was that simple. “This girl mage is too horrible” “If we had fought with her, we would have lost, too,” said Peng Liang. Zhao Man Yan stood silently and looked at the dense ice dungeon. He could not have imagined that there was a government in the form of an evil witch, Mu Ning Xue, against such a strong mage as Mo Fang. Especially Zhao Man Yang was surprised by the fact that Mo Fan, the young man who killed the parasitic monster,

“Enough, let’s get it over with,” said teacher Qiu Yu Hua. He was afraid that Mo Fan could be seriously injured. “Yes,” Gu Han nodded. It was too much to fight against the mage of the ice element of such a level, and besides, in the same team with the second magician and his draft animals, the level of the pack leader.They had no chance of winning.“Master, wait a little longer,” said Zhao Man Yan, who could not help it. “But what else is there to wait for?” Said Luo Song. “Litter slurped” Teacher Li Jin didn’t like the tone of Zhao Man Yan and she was about to tell him about it, when she noticed that Gu Han was looking at the icy dungeon with surprise. “What happened, Master Gu Han?” Asked Li Jin.

“Fire, I feel an element of fire … a very strong element of fire … Exactly, there can be no mistake!”, Teacher Gu Han made it clear. Who would have thought that a hot flame would flare up inside the icy dungeon. This flame was cruel, merciless. After a moment, it struck the incomparably strong ice dungeon. The fire was like blood oozing from ice. Gu Han was an experienced magician, so he easily felt that something was wrong.However, he had no idea where the fire came from. **** “It seems that we will celebrate today. Yeah, that was boring. They won so fast, ”Liu Zheng He laughed. “Commander, loosen your spell, otherwise the lad will freeze to death,” said the lightning element magician Min Cong. Mu Ning Xue ignored the words of her teammate and continued to support the spell.Her eyes did not notice anything unusual in the icy dungeon. True, this did not mean that she had lost her guard. She gazed at Mo Fang. Then, she said in a cold and beautiful voice: stop pretending! Show your true power, Mo Fan!

When she spoke that name, she saw excitement in her eyes. She hadn’t pronounced that name for so long, but wherever she couldn’t think she would meet Mo Fanya here at the competitions. Besides, she, like no one else, knew that this Mo Fan was not as simple as it seems … All because on the day when Mu’s family invited people to a banquet, this young man amazed everyone by being gifted with two elements!

Mu Ning Xue, when she went to this fight, wanted to make Mo Fanya show herself. She was interested in what a person with a greater talent than herself is capable of. “Pretend?” “What? Show your true power? ”, – the audience repeated dumbfounded.Has this Mo Fan been still not fully fought? Wait, even if he did not show all the power of his lightning element, he will not be able to get out of the icy dungeon!

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