Chapter 264. Brutal Magic!


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Chapter 263. Mo Fan v. Mu Ning Xue

Chapter 265. Defeat of the Imperial University

The wonderful wind that appeared appeared in a sapphire-emerald color.

His secret forces were far superior to ordinary wind. This forced Mu Ning Xue to move away from the other magician of the wind element away.

The wind element is considered a simple element, but most of all variations and variations are with him.Magic Mu Ning Xue gave her the opportunity to become elusive as a feather if she covers her whole body with it.

She skillfully dodged the fierce fire, and flames spreading in all directions extinguished under the influence of the ice grid.

Obviously, she had long ago understood what Mo Fan had the magic!

“Blade of the wind / sky network!”

The stars of Mu Ning Xue lined up at a staggering speed, for all the time she did not make a single respite!

The transparent emerald wind slowly lifted Mu Ning Xue’s body, tore it off the ground and gently supported it in the air.

Her long silver hair fluttered beautifully in the wind, even her long fringe gave way to the wind — all this created a picture of indescribable beauty.

Her eyes gradually filled with green light, and a bright glow carried this charming aura to many meters around!

The wind held her in the air, her arms were crossed on her chest, and the power of magic increased so much that no one even dared to interrupt her.

“Spiritual seed of the wind!”

“Our captain uses the second element, which means inevitable death for Mo Fang’s gang!”

Wind Magic Mu Ning Xue has already been able to suppress other wind magic, but more terrible was that, obeying the decree, wind whirlwinds began to arise in the side where Mo Fan was …

This spell was not originally similar to the wind blade / surrounding tornado.The wind blade / surrounding tornado could not cause serious damage to a person: if you move faster than a tornado, then nothing threatens you.

The wind blade / sky nets of the second level appeared at the location of the target, creating a 20-meter whirlwind. This vortex literally surrounds the victim with a huge wall-like wind, inside which, the victim simply tears to pieces.

Even if the victim manages to survive in the celestial networks, she receives injuries that are similar to falling from the edge of a cliff!

The wind blade / sky nets are a spell of incomparable power, and a spell backed by the spiritual seed of Mu Ning Xue frightens with its destructiveness! The other middle-level mages retreated to a safe distance, realizing that this level of battle is too tough for them !!!

In itself, the magic of the average level of the second category of one person, backed by spiritual seed, can destroy the whole battle with the landfill … But the total destructive power of two such magicians the rest were unable to endure !!!

It is not clear at what point the competition turned into a battle of only two: Mu Ning Xue and Mo Fang, who used their spiritual seeds. Mu Ning Xue with two hands completely controlled the entire air space of the battle with her magic element of the wind. Mo Fan, still in the arms of the celestial nets, seemed so small …

“Flaming fist / shaking!”

Limited to celestial nets, Mo Fan could still use his hands.

Suddenly a hole appeared inside the wind fence!

Mo Fan mastered the magic of the element of fire of the average level of the first discharge. Here he only needed to carefully control the space so that he could use his fist.

The pink and scarlet flame that had accumulated above his hand rose fiercely above the wind fence!

There was a whistle.

The whole trap began to swing and move, but Mu Ning Xue managed to restore the spell with her magic.


“Flaming fist!”

The spell gushed with blazing fire and began to focus on the very top of the celestial nets.

For the first time, a flaming fist did not work as effectively on a trap. Now, the second flaming fist concentrated all its power around Mo Fan, and the wind wall began to curl.

“You’ll fall apart!”

Usually magicians, once releasing the magic of the average level, restore their strength in half a day. Mo Fan, in defiance of all natural laws, was not a bit tired. His nebula of the element of fire continued to feed him. He sent his forces to the third flaming fist, which finally shook this trap of celestial nets. As a result, a huge trap wind wall turned into countless streams of air.

The wind dissipated, settling down in layers at the feet of Mo Fan, thus forming a small funnel.

Mo Fan was standing in the very center of the place where the trap had once been, and in his hands was still a bright red unburned fire.

A pair of his fiery eyes reflected enthusiasm, with his resolute air he amazed everyone with his power.

Is the wind blade / heavenly net of spiritual seed broken by this man’s attack?

No one has ever met such a powerful magician like Mo Fan.

The absolute majority of those who were present firmly believed that powerful destructive force must always rely on defensive magic. Mo Fan had three elements, and among them there was no defensive magic!Who would have thought that this shameless Mo Fan would be able to destroy the mid-level wind magic of Mu Ning Xue !!!

“Angry devil from the University of Mingzhu! He is in fact an evil devil! I bow! ”Said Peng Liang, the magician of the shadow element, taken aback.

No matter how much Zhao Man Yan knew that Mo Fan had an element of fire, but when he saw his magic with his own eyes … Only then did he realize that there was so much rage in Mo Fan that it became clear how he could kill that monster!

Teachers Gu Han, Qiu Yu Hua, Li Jing still half a day could not recover. Now they understood why director Xiao and Zhou Zheng Hua insisted so that Mo Fan would join the university team …

Mo Fan spoiled the mood of the students of the Imperial University!

“The double spiritual seed … no wonder I came here and made you all myself!” Mo Fan revealed his abilities, which now no longer needed to hide.

We have to admit that among the newcomers of the University of Mingzhu, magicians have never met who could oppose Mo Fang’s power.As for Mu Ning Xue, her skills were also outstanding at the Imperial University, but at this competition she was not the only one who had two spiritual seeds !!!

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