Chapter 265. Defeat of the Imperial University


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Chapter 264. Brutal Magic!

Chapter 266. Strengthening the Dark Wolf Part one

“I’ll have to continue!” Mo Fan smiled brightly, looking arrogantly around.

“Do you think you can outrun me?” – Mu Ning Xue, feeling Mo Fang’s fighting spirit, also held her arrogant gaze on the ice surface.

“You shouldn’t try to find out,” Mo Fan continued to smile.

Mu Ning Xue carefully looked at Mo Fan, her eyes glowed no less certainty.

Stars that are not exposed to, and the stars of spiritual space sparkle in the usual bright stream. But when two constellations intersect in space, destructive power arises.

“Ice tornado / ice dungeon / destroying bones!”

The spiritual magic of the ice element appeared imperceptibly. She was released by Mu Ning Xue. She long before Mo Fang reached an average level of magic, so her skills were even more profound.

“Jianjun / thunderbolt!”

The next second, Mo Fan released his magic too.

He released magic more slowly than Mu Ning Xue, but he did not hesitate at all. He freely released his elemental lightning magic over the icy dungeon that was set up by Mu Ning Xue.

The magic of the lightning element of the average level was much faster than the magic of other elements.While Mu Ning Xue let out the magic of the ice dungeon, Mo Fan had already reached the sky to create a dark purple lightning cloud!

There was a crash!

The stunning lightning began to descend fiercely, as if the descending discharges made the human body even stronger.

Lightning at this time began to branch out, and looked like dragon claws!

Mu Ning Xue looked up and saw this lightning cloud. She understood that now all plans had collapsed. Mu Ning Xue did not risk releasing the ice dungeon next to her, but she decided to put all the ice chains into action by moving it.

Huge chains began to wriggle randomly alongside Mu Ning Xue, but when they came upon lightning, it was like a collision of enormous energies of death and destruction.

The swiftness of the lightning element made Mo Fan use the opportunity.The thunderbolt strike by itself could not penetrate the thick ice of the icy dungeon, but Mo Fang’s blow was Jianjun!

This Jianjun heightened the spell, and these ice chains, trying to create an ice dungeon, began to burst under its action.

There was a metallic chime.

Ice chains turned into pieces of ice falling down.

Mu Ning Xue stood in the very center of the collapsed ice chains.

She raised her head and saw another strike by a lightning demon, which swiftly descended to the place where she was.

Everything was black, especially the place of the lightning strike. With one wave of Mu Ning Xue’s hand, she turned the falling pieces of ice into white powder. Then she waved again, and this powder turned into the whitest snow, which gently descended on the entire battlefield, a charming sight!

“The Spiritual Seed of the Two Elements” – Mu Ning Xue stared at Mo Fang standing under the falling snow.

This branch of the strike of the lightning demon … They were aimed at her … It became clear that Mo Fan had changed their movement.

Mu Ning Xue knew she lost.

The ice dungeon was not a defense, because it could not resist under the blow of a lightning demon.

She could not understand how Mo Fan, having no additional resources and sources, could use such powerful energy?

There are so many offspring of the richest families in the world, and even they cannot take possession of even one spiritual seed. And rootless Mo Fan has two of them.

As a rule, the resources of influential families are limited. A level above all the magical tools and artifacts is the very spiritual seed that these families will not allow themselves to buy, well, only if their scion is not the most excellent magician.

As a result, the offspring of prominent families do not have spiritual seeds, but Mo Fan uses as many as two of them, which is surprising.

But the most important thing is that he uses as many as three elements!

If you think logically, then there could not do without outside interference, but Mo Fan didn’t file a mind.

The magic element of fire – the average level of the second category.

The lightning element is amazing, but it also refers to the average level of the second digit!

Mu Ning Xue knew that Mo Fan had already stepped onto the path of extraordinary magicians, but it did not occur to her how he could achieve such impressive results!

“Mo Fan won?” Bai Ting Ting asked in a whisper.

“He won … but …” – everything could not be reached by teacher Gu Han.

“I used to hear about the evil line. But two elements, and both – spiritual! The element of fire, the element of lightning – and both of the secondary level of the second category! Damn it!Even one such element can destroy our university in Mingzhu University! ”Said Peng Liang in a frightened way.

“No matter how, but he won! I removed the crown from the students of the Imperial University! ”- Zhao Man Yan smiled, showing Mo Fang’s thumb.

This is the real power of Mo Fan. Now everyone learned! If there was no Mu Ning Xue in the team of the Imperial University, then Mo Fan could hide some of his abilities. Worthy nicknamed the evil feature of the Mingzhu University!

“Fine! Great! ”Said teacher Qiu Yu Hua.

On the battlefield were Mo Fan and the defeated Mu Ning Xue. Without saying anything, she left the landing.

She left the battlefield, and the effect of her spell also ceased. Song Xia hurried to use her fire magic, which was no longer limited, and released a lyutowolf.

The action of the spell Mo Fan also ceased. Mu Ning Xue went downstairs where Liu Zheng He was, who was also unable to win.

Liu Zheng He was not good enough, but then at least he got his own little wolf. He glared at Mo Fang with an angry look.

“Mingzhu won … I can not believe it.”

“Eh, the team of the Imperial University consists of our elite, and still the University of Mingzhu won.And this is all thanks to Mo Fan, I don’t even know from which family he should be. ”

“Only a magical court has such great power, most likely it is one of them.”

Among the teachers, too, were disputes.

Students and teachers of the Imperial University still half a day after that could not come to life.

Mu Ning Xue and Liu Zheng He lost all of a sudden.

It is simply impossible to believe!

And all because of this Mo Fan, where did he come from? He is certainly not from old experienced students?

Not! Among the old and experienced, too, can not be so frightening magician!

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