Chapter 266. Strengthening the Dark Wolf Part one


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Chapter 265. Defeat of the Imperial University

Chapter 267. Strengthening the Dark Wolf Part two

“Next time he will dance with me!”

“Ehh, I never would have thought that opponents would have a similar trump card up their sleeve. Apparently, we underestimated the Mingzhu University, ”said teacher Lu.

“Well, but for me, nothing is normal,” said Liu Jian Hyo.

“The fact that someone there has two elements from nature is not unusual?Well, in principle, yes, but not really then your cannon-eating cannibal is something outstanding? ”Liao Ming Xuan sarcastically put in, it’s foolish to miss the opportunity to put the arrogant Liu Jane He in place.

“Okay, the outcome has already been decided, moreover, this time the competition was the most that neither is the mutual exchange of experience,” said Lu Y Min.

Due to the fact that the student is always on the campus of the university or in the city, even if they are sometimes given the opportunity to play imitation of war, in the end this is not enough. Therefore, meeting face to face with dangerous animals is a necessary experience.

After all, to be a great magician, it is not at all necessary to have great power, where the ability to survive in a world full of danger is more important.

The experience gained at the university is not some kind of military training in high school, but a direct path to the turn of the world, where there are no accompanying people, there are no people who can somehow help, only you, a recent student, now have to rely only combat various hazards.


The news was spread very quickly, until the group returned to the Mingzhu, no one of the university directors could believe in a draw.

And only when Zhou Zheng Hua and director Xiao listened to a detailed summary of teacher Gu Han, then by and large, they were pleased with the result: sending Mo Fang to the Imperial University was really a great decision.

At the same time, the rumors that Mo Fan also owns the fiery element and has two elements from nature, very quickly dispersed throughout the university.

At first, Mo Fan at the University of Minju was nicknamed the Evil Devil, the nickname remained with him, even after he became a hero. But now they talk about him not only at the university, the whole country in an instant began to endlessly debate.

University students brought their list of extremely talented magicians. And Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue together hit the top of this list, becoming one of the most discussed topics.

Mo Fan, the “incredible” talent, superficially familiarized himself with the above list, finding himself in fifth place as the owner of two elements from nature, while Mu Nin Xue and her seed occupied the ninth position.

“Impossible! The natural owner of two elements is only in the fifth position, I would look who could be even more talented! ”Said Zhao Man Yan by phone

“The world is huge! P ** these are definitely not few! ”, – Peng Liang looked at Mo Fang, continued:“ Being in the list of universities in fifth place is unrealistically cool, just think how many brilliant magicians, not to mention the top ten, the first hundred of the most talented are not equal to the rest ! ”

“Talent is only a small gift given from above, and if it is not developed, then there is no difference whether it is it or not. How many such magicians are in the whole world? Do not count. And those who can admire? Units! ”Said Qiu Yu Hua, coughing a couple of times.

Teacher Gu Han could not disagree with what was said.

Talent is like a flower that adorns an already beautiful swan, the main thing here is to endure the stage of the ugly duckling.

Thus, if Mo Fan would have at least three natural elements, without effort, they would turn out to be just a burden, and perhaps he simply could not make a breakthrough.

And if a magician cannot reach the third level, then in general, is he a magician?

Therefore, in the eyes of the older generation, talent is nothing more than a toy, and certainly not a decisive factor for success.

“In the future, you have to go beyond the safe world to gain experience. You will not have any protection from outside, and even if you are in danger, there will be no one to help you, ”said teacher Li Jing.

“No protection ??”

“We can give you the signal light of the magic of light, and if you cannot cope with something, then we can send you help … Of course, if you are still alive”


The crowd frankly stood in a daze.

“In the olden days, getting experience always ended in death and serious injuries, summing up, I hope that by entering you can gain valuable experience, most importantly, do not lose vigilance, all the more you should not risk it again, and before monsters, think a few times. Otherwise, everything should be quite simple! ”- said teacher Gu Han extremely solemnly.

“You could attend the lesson of magical animals, and there you could learn general information about the world abroad. It is a fact. But the teachers who taught you most likely have never been there. And you think that you could have been told something that could save you in difficult times? .. This is far from certain. In general, if you are careful, how much did you leave from here, and return in the same way? ”, Qiu Yu Hua, too, could not hold back without encouraging students.

All three directors looked restless, everyone was well aware that the experience of a safe world abroad was not a joke.

Despite the fact that Mo Fang had a great hunting experience, he, like the others, had never been to a safe world abroad.

And then came this day when everyone was informed about the place. It doesn’t matter if you are a strong mage, it’s not known how powerful a monster can wait for you or how huge the pack of attackers will be.

“This time, all those who will receive this experience will receive a referral, when the time comes, you will clarify all the details, but in the meantime, if you are at the University of the Emperor, you will get a protective subject, perhaps it will help you save life.”

Two-thirds of the exchange students had an incredible power of families behind their backs, and the two-thirds got a couple of magical artifacts in place.

Mo Fang didn’t have much money with him, so he didn’t waste time going to auction at the Imperial University.

Prior to this experience, there were approximately five days to prepare. Mo Fan was going to spend them on improving his invocation magic.

His dark wolf was exposed to attack. The defeat of the dark lyuvovolka during the exchange of experience, forced to think about what to do. And Mo Fan decided to help the wolf go to the level of the pack leader.

The transition of the dark wolf to a new level in just a year is considered to be quite fast, and the hunt is to hope that he is ready for the transition.

The dark wolf was motivated by a dark wolfwalker, to make a breakthrough, to become a much stronger wolf.

How Mo Fang may have enough cruelty to continue to endanger his progressive wolf.

In addition, this Liu Zheng He was too arrogant, lifting up his nose above the clouds.

Mo Fn most hated such assholes, besides, he spent the whole day shamelessly spinning around Mu Ning Xue.

And as soon as the rank of the dark wolf also rises to the level of the pack leader, having seen this, Liu Zheng He will definitely not find a place in this world.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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