Chapter 267. Strengthening the Dark Wolf Part two


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Chapter 266. Strengthening the Dark Wolf Part one

Chapter 268. The leader of the wolf pack

Progress is very important, and Mo Fan, realizing this, decided not to waste time and seek advice from teacher Qiu Yu Hua, hoping that he would be able to help him with something.

“Progress is such a thing that the more you do for it, the higher the chance that everything will work out.Let’s just say, if your dark wolf does not help in this, then the chances will be equal to a lot of 20%. If nothing in the end succeeds, then he can return to his former form, that is, to become a simple beast of the servant’s level again, ”Qiu Yu Hua’s teacher warmly welcomed such questions and answered them with joy to Mo Fang.

“20%? Only 20% for success? Yes, the chance to win the instant lottery is higher! ”, – Mo Fan poplohel from what he heard.

“Your dark wolf is not devoid of willpower, so I would say that the chance of a breakthrough of only 10 percent,” said teacher Qiu Yu Hua.

“Then how can you increase the chance of success?” Asked Mo Fan.

“Minor, did you listen to all the lessons at school? Although you have three natural elements, but first of all you are a student of the faculty of conscription “, – Qiu Yu Hua after this notation paused, and continued:” You said that you have a soul as leader of the pack. This clearly can help you by increasing the odds by about 20%. ”

“Yes, that’s right … But this is only 40% in total, and I am not a fan of gambling,” said Mo Fan.

Despite the fact that such a handsome man as he simply cannot but be the main character, but as you know, the main character of any story succeeds: Mo Fan is far from sure that this 40% is enough for him.

And if it does not, then it is not at all clear when in the end it will be possible to attain at least the level that is now.

“But there’s still an effective way.However, it will require fairly large cash expenses, ”teacher Qiu Yu Hua said instructively, and continued:“ As a rule, animals have several types of incarnations, and each type corresponds to the level of their main element … ”

“First, the absorption of blood must be, the more you absorb, the higher the likelihood.”

“Secondly, spiritual energy, strengthening her beast, thereby you increase its inner potential”

“Thirdly, it is physical strength, it can be strengthened in endless battles, devouring the remains, and besides, it is the basis for advancement”

Blood absorption, spiritual energy and physical strength.

Mo Fan, in order to remember, repeated again three basic elements to himself.

“You have the soul of the leader of the pack, probably with its help you can greatly increase your spiritual energy, of course, for each beast this reinforcement acts differently, but the chance of success will increase by two tenths.

“Teacher, you want to say that there are ways that can help improve the spiritual energy and physical strength of the magical beast,” Mo Fan asked.

Master Qiu Yu Hua, laughing, nodded, and answered with a serious look: “By virtue of what was said: you need money. The blood of the pack leader is not cheap at all, much cheaper it will be to score on this thing. Any uniquely effective thing for improving the wolf, just can not be cheap. And if we talk about blood, then it can be used to increase the chances of a transition by 30%. All that concerns the improvement of physical strength, it is impossible to calculate how much an object will affect it, but any reinforcement will be effective. ”

It is obvious that only one soul of the leader of the pack will be enough to advance; you must at least still be given to absorb the blood of this level.

It is good that there are more than ten million yuan on hand, of course, the blood of the leader could be obtained from the association of magicians of the Imperial University almost for free, but for this you need to place an order and wait from ten days to a month.The price on the market for such a product ranges from one to ten million, a little expensive, of course, but Mo Fang simply does not have time to wait.

For a bottle of blood, the level of the leader of the pack of Fan Fan, gritting his teeth, gave ten million yuan, in addition he bought bone flour and hearts, about a million. There is a little less than a million left in your pocket, and you will probably have to work like a damn again.

“Little wolf, please, please, let everything work out for you!” Said Mo Fan, feeling the cool breeze in his pockets, and decided to put a candle for his wolf. (p. the author had in mind the rite when scented candles are burned in front of the Buddha statue)

The spirit of the pack leader can increase chances by two tenths.

The blood of the leader of the pack may be three-tenths.

The physical strength of the dark wolf was clearly already developed to the necessary degree, and this is two tenths.

Thus, it can be calculated that in total the odds are 70%. In addition, there is dust from the bones of the wolf and the heart of the three-eyed wolf, this in sum may not throw a bad percentage.

“Your dark wolf still, after all, did not undergo the ritual of purification, then bone dust and heart give a much greater effect, if you estimate this, then you can give 75% of your wisdom, and if you consider that you are an average magician and the power of your nebula energy elements of the call, as well give a tangible increase, so the probability of success, perhaps up to 85%! ”, concluded teacher Qiu Yu Hua.

“85%! This is, quite, not bad! ”Said Mo Fan.

“I would say very nice! To achieve this, and even without the support of the family … I never would have thought that it was possible … Even with enormous resources, this happens once in a thousand, “- inspired Qiu Yu Hua, continued:” Go, try it! Many mages of the summoning element try and not reaching the threshold of 30% chance, your chances that you can reach the level of the leader of the pack are approximately 85% “

Mo Fan nodded, teacher Qiu Yu Hua believes it is time, and he himself also feels that he is already capable of it.

The University of the Emperor has closed training grounds. Mo Fan decided to rent just such a platform so that no one could disturb him.

In the middle of a huge field, there was only Mo Fan. He formed the constellations, seeing the silver rift, he, as before, called the dark wolf.


It seemed that his howl sounded unusually solemn, he knew that today is a very important day.

“This is the soul of the leader of the pack, this is the blood of the wolf, the level of the leader of the pack, there is still a heart and bone dust, this should help you to move to a new level. Relax, do not worry, everything will work out, it should not hurt at all, soon the dawn and there will be happiness, ”Mo Fan, soothed his top.

“Yooo” ** crying howl **

The dark wolf looked like a nice obedient Husky, but in his eyes clearly sparkled in anticipation.

He bowed his huge head and rested her into Mo Fang.

“Oh, nothing, it’s all the little things, wait a bit and that winged wolf will dance, I will catch his soul and feed you, rip out his heart, and it together with all its insides will become your snack. Nobody can compare with you, who will risk to fight with such power? ”, Mo Fan looked happy, stroking the dark wolf’s long hair.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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