Chapter 268. The leader of the wolf pack


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Chapter 267. Strengthening the Dark Wolf Part two

That Qiu Yu Hua, that Zhao Man Yan, both advised Mo Fang to stop pouring resources into a non-contracted animal.

Such a beast is only a temporary worker: a hired soldier who has his own life and in which he can seriously suffer.

Moreover, being in his dimension, he is not immune from death, because most of the magicians who own the element of appeal, usually help resources to native animals with which they have already signed a contract.

Mo Fan can not be attributed to very sentimental people, and if it were not for the fact that during the novice competitions his wolf was substituted for the wind blade spell surrounding the whirlwind of Mu Nu Jiao, he would have thought about leaving the resources for the future beast with which make a contract.

The loyalty and fearlessness of the dark wolf give Mo Fang the opportunity to be sure that in the future he will become an even more important partner. And strengthening it, he loses absolutely nothing.

Yes, the dark wolf himself perfectly understands that, thanks to Mo Fanyu, he can become incredibly powerful, for which he is undoubtedly grateful.

Both in the draft world and abroad of the safe world, animals feed on each other. And if only this would be enough to move to a new level, then the dark wolf would not have stepped out of the draft world.

“Fine! Then let’s start! ”Said Mo Fan to the wolf.

He looked enthusiastic and yelled back.

First you need to clean the blood, then form the soul, and then strengthen the body. This order Mo Fan remembered well. Then all these expensive things will be used. In addition, all the time you will need to feed the beast with its energy element of the call.

Blood purification is the first thing to go through. It looks similar to what they do in the hospital during blood transfusion: first half of the old blood is drained, then new blood is poured.

During this procedure, you must be extremely careful, because if you drain more than 50% of the blood, it can be fatal.

Mo Fan, as you know, an unusual magician. With surgical precision, 50% of the blood of the servant’s blood level was drained, and immediately after that, the blood level of the pack leader was infused.

The fact that wolf blood is an undoubted advantage, but even so, still caused rejection in the body.

The ability to absorb blood improved, as well as the power of the dark wolf, as it was mastered, grew.

After the blood of the pack leader finally mixed with half of the dark wolf’s own blood, Mo Fan gave him time to rest, to restore his breath.

“Awww,” the dark wolf yelled approvingly, thus making it clear to Mo Fan, that he was ready to continue.

“Okay, man!” Mo Fan nodded.

The stage of soul formation is even more dangerous. The soul is the most fragile part of all life, if once the magician attacks her directly, then the pain received from the blow will be a hundred times more painful than any physical one.

The slightest negligence can destroy the original soul, and the new one will not even have time to start forming, which will lead to a sad result for the dark wolf.

This is a real test of the spirit. Mo Fang can only watch and hope that the beast will endure.


Soul entered him. And the dark wolf immediately let out a long-drawn howl.

Higher-level creatures frighten lower-level ones, and the invading soul of the pack leader can lead to a terrible event: it will absorb the weaker one.

The soul energy of the pack leader is much higher than the level of the servant. Nature strictly enforces the law of the food chain. A dark wolf should withstand the pressure of the soul of the pack leader, otherwise his own soul will be absorbed. What would condemn him to death.

Mo Fan stood and watched, he waited for the news, like a young father waiting for the news about the birth of his son.

“Aww! Aww! ”

The dark wolf did not stop howling. It was evident how painful it is to be attacked from the outside. Clenching his teeth to gnashing, he howled heart-rendingly through them.

This one lasts no more than five minutes, but Mo Fan understood that for a dark wolf they last forever.

Finally it ended. And the wolf straightened.

The dark wolf could, his spirit was stronger. Now, in order to heal his wounds, he does not need the energy of Mo Fan, all because his own regeneration forces have risen to a new level. Albeit not much, but still progress.

This soul formation, one might say, made the dark wolf to go to the limit of his spiritual powers.

For everything that somehow relates to the soul, one has to pay with such torment that even the most physically strong will eventually be mixed with mud.

Only this is not all.

It remains to strengthen the body. Eat the heart and bone meal, this should be enough to supplement the already existing physical strength.

“Awww!”, After a rest the dark wolf wailed, looking at Mo Fang.

“Did you start a breakthrough?” Asked Mo Fan.

The wolf nodded.

“Great, do it!”

Finally a breakthrough! Three types of amplification are made, there is hardly a better opportunity, and the dark wolf understood this. He can not miss the moment.

Mo Fan also did everything that depends on him. He can only transfer all the energy of the call to the dark wolf, watching him.

The dark wolf stands in the middle of the training field, he began to smell sweat, the long dark hair hung loose, the body had no former stamina, but his eyes were filled with extraordinary determination.

“Awww !!!”

The dark wolf lifted his head, staring into the sky.

His howling echoed throughout the training area, the flow of breathing turned blood red and rose in a hurricane, raising the wool upside.

Mo Fan had already seen something like that, just like on a construction site, when the one-eyed wolf almost turned into a three-eyed one, forcing him to be afraid with one breath.

But what the dark wolf did is not comparable to what he had seen before, what he now felt was many times stronger.

It seems that all because that one-eyed wolf only absorbed the power of the source, not having other amplifiers.

“Wooooh !!!”, the dark wolf bellowed a second time.

This time it was possible to feel how much his breathing increased, and this hidden wave after the main tide.Mo Fan, stunned, was a mid-level magician, but he could not help but take a step back.

Dust rose around the dark wolf, and you could see her dancing, intertwining into one.

“This is breathing … what is it all about?”, Mo Fan did not believe his eyes.

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