Chapter 269. The Agile Wolf


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Chapter 268. The leader of the wolf pack

Chapter 270. The Leader of the Hunters

One could easily sense that this animal had reached the level of the leader of the pack! As soon as the beast reached the level of the leader of the pack, the sensation of this beast by other magicians changed dramatically. From this feeling, many mid-level wizards could tremble with fear. Moreover, this fear could become so strong that it would not allow to create spells. As for the other monsters, those of them who were still at the level of a servant would also be afraid of feeling the beast nearby.

*** Roar **

When the wolf howled for the third time, Mo Fan was able to notice obvious differences. From this roar in a person, the eardrum could not stand it easily. It was still difficult to see the dark wolf clearly. However, only one look at his silhouette was enough to understand: the size of the monster’s body has increased! And now the size of his body was no less than four meters! Waiting until the sand settles slowly, Mo Fan opened his eyes: the dark wolf, which he saw, best fit the definition of “outstanding” and “not complexed” (PP: reference to the epithets that Mo Fan himself describes).

The dark wolf was and remains a wild beast. When the animal was at the level of a servant, his whole body looked as if it were intended only for atrocities. The only pleasant exception was his long, beautiful, blue wool. Now everything was completely different. He not only became bigger, but also his body became more proportional, the features of his neck, back, and tail became softer. In addition, his paws also changed: they became longer. Now the body of the animal has become different, not stocky, as it was before, but wonderful, warlike! These changes came as a surprise to Mo Fan. After all, in most cases, the animal is either clever or strong. That is why Mo Fan believed that after improvement, his wolf will become stronger, fiercer and more muscular. Who would have thought that the dark wolf will become agile, impressive and beautiful. Well, not for nothing that they say – with whom you will be led, from this you will gather. Since the owner is beautiful, talented and brilliant, there is no place to go for the draft animal: you need to comply.

***** At this time, teacher Qiu Yu Hua was sitting in the living room and could not tear himself away from a book devoted to the secrets of the world. He was so keen on studying the mysteries of this world that he did not notice anyone around. He was particularly passionate about the state of ghosts inside the Egyptian pyramid. It seems that Qiu Yu Hua was completely and completely absorbed in the search for an incalculable number of secrets. However, today he had a heart out of place. All because of the fact that told him an old battle friend. Although the information has not been verified, the teacher has heard about research on this topic. “Teacher, did you happen to see Mo Fang by chance?” Asked Gu Han.

“Yes, he went to a closed training ground, wants to raise the level of his dark wolf,” Qiu Yu Hua replied. Shen Min Xiao and Luo Sun were also in the living room at that time. Hearing the teacher’s words, Luo Sun could not resist and laughed: “The chance of success is extremely small, besides his dark wolf is no different from other animals, and since he hasn’t returned for so long, he is ready to bet that he didn’t work. Shen Min Xiao also laughed, but chose not to say anything. As soon as he heard the name of Mo Fan, his eyes were filled with envy.

That’s really out of luck! Mo Fan, this tramp, has had an incomparable talent since birth: two elements! “Let’s go see, suddenly something bad happened there,” said Gu Han. “Okay,” Luo Song and Shen Min Xiao looked at each other, after which Shen Min Xiao was the first to voice the thought that came to their heads: “Let’s go, we’ll see, too!” The time for removal of this site has almost come to an end, so the door itself opened. As soon as they entered, a wave of heat struck them in the face along with the strong smell of something burnt. “Too bad! Couldn’t the draft beast revolt against him? ”Said Gu Han quickly, and his face drastically changed. The fact that there were flames around could only mean one thing: Mo Fan was fighting with someone. “It is likely that when the soul of the level of the pack leader united with the soul of the servant, then the latter was absorbed by the first. That is, the soul of the servant could not be. And this may mean only a few things: that the spiritual seal is broken and that the draft beast attacked the owner … ”

“Oh, it was worthwhile to dissuade him in advance. For a mage of the call element, moving the animal to the next level is not only spending a lot of money, but also a certain danger, ”said Gu Han and entered the site. The teacher was worried about whether something bad happened to Mo Fan. Luo Song and Shen Min Xiao both heard these words, and shone. All four hurriedly entered the site and immediately noticed Mo Fang. He was standing behind the pitch, and under his feet was a bright red fire. His hair moved awesomely due to the hot air. Next to the flame stood a sturdy, excellent, long-haired, black creature. The whole body of the animal was filled with strength and beauty. Paws were silver moon. Looking at the beast, one could understand that it is agile and agile. Looking at the face of the beast, it was obvious that it was some kind of wolf, but not very similar to the rest. The snow-white, sticking out fangs resembled saber-toothed fangs. They perfectly protected the jaw of the animal, moreover, they also perfectly combined with the color of the paws. A truly noble and elegant wolf!

“This is …,” teacher Qiu Yu Hua immediately took off his glasses and looked at the wolf-like substance. The expression of the old teacher has changed. Although teacher Gu Han was not very strong in the types and subspecies of monsters, however, looking at the animal, he realized that it was not quite ordinary. He even seriously thought, after reaching a high level of magic, to arouse an element of the call, to raise some attractive calling animal.

“Agile wolf!” Said Qiu Yu Hua, the name of the wolf and excitedly continued: “The agile wolf is the fastest sub-species of wolf-like!” looking at the beautiful wolf Mo Fan. The teacher could not believe his eyes. One animal of the level of the pack leader was approximately equal in strength to several average mages. Mages of the summoning element, in which the beast is the leader level of the pack, have an indisputable advantage over the magicians of their level. A striking example of this is the recent battle of the dark lyuvovolka Liu Zheng He with Mu Nu Jiao and Shen Min Xiao. The average mages were in a very difficult position. Of course, the expenditure of resources, both monetary and spiritual, among the magicians of the invocation element is several times higher. The dark wolf Mo Fan was unbeatable at the freshmen competition, but a year passed and the difference in strength was no longer so obvious. If you are a magician of this particular element, then you are either a god or a slag. And now one can say with certainty: Mo Fan began to relate to the first! With the advent of the beast, the level of the leader of the pack, his combat power has increased several times !!

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