Chapter 27: Lie


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Sasha said.


Finally. Evil Eye I woke up slowly and played the magic circle drawn throughout the room. However, it was unfinished.

“I guess you didn’t say you missed it, right?”

“That’s not it. I’m done.”

Sasha holds her hand. Activated magic turned the moonlight that had poured into the room into a myriad of lights, filling the missing pieces of the magic circle at once. What has been completed is a huge natural magic circle that fills the entire room.

I immediately acted on the magic eye and analyzed the magic formula. It would have taken an entire day for an operator of this era to correctly decipher hundreds of thousands of complex magic characters. But the moment I saw it, I was able to see it without difficulty. There is no magic exercise.


“Kaku, Kukuku. Kuhahaha. I see. Sasha. I mean, you didn’t intend to win the game from the beginning.”

In my words, Sasha smiled.

“I can tell my strength. I can’t afford to lose this game, but I don’t want to lose only in fate.”

I don’t want to lose my destiny.

“As you may have guessed, my goal is to have you exercise this great magic.”

“It’s a thought. I have to cast this spell to win the game, and if I lose, you command this spell.”

As long as there is a contract <>, I must use this magic circle to exercise magic. Sasha can do what she wants to win or lose. Of course, with my power, it’s not that there’s no escape …

“It’s okay. Pay tribute to your wisdom and courage and let me win.”

I hold my hand towards the magic circle. Synchronizes Sasha with the magic wavelength and activates the magic circle.

“I see it for the first time, what magic is this?”

Synonymous with the root: “The magic I developed”

The magic method of root entrainment is to falsify the wavelength of magic power. Instead of the wavelength on the surface where the magic is exercised, as I did now, it changes from its source to another. Hell Flame Extermination Cannon <> class high difficulty magic. Sasha could barely achieve this until he constructed this technique, but he would not have had the power to exercise her own magic. That’s why I wanted me to use magic.

The target of the entrainment is Sasha himself.

“I’ll show you my determination.”

Root Synchronization I activate. Blue particles fly like fireflies, and Sasha’s body at the center of the magic circle shines. The light further increased, and after the entire room turned blue, the vision suddenly returned to its original color.


“Oh, the game is my win. You know?”

Sasha nods.

Thought area “I will use <> to avoid lying”

The thought zone <> tells the caster the thoughts of those who are within that range. It is impossible to prevent it with anti-magic, but it is impossible for me to oppose.

“I don’t care”

He looked at Misha and nodded that there was no problem. Thought domain I activate <>.


In the middle of the vast room, Necron’s sisters face each other. The moonlight was falling fantastically.

“You’ll be gone in just a minute.”

Misha nods her head.

“How do you feel?”

Misha answered plainly as usual.

“Nothing scary”


Sasha looks straight at her sister.

“I want to know the truth, right?”


“Okay. This is the last one. I’ll answer.”

Sasha inhales quickly.

If you are conscious of the thought zone <>, her magic will be transmitted through her magic.

-This is the last-

――You do not exist from the beginning. ――I just return to the original form. ――The more you are close to yourself, the less disturbing you are.

――Oh, if I felt like that, how good was it?

――When I was a child, when I still had no control over the 《Evil Eye of Ruin》 …… ――Only you were by my side.

――Only you looked at my eyes and only you laughed at me.

――Thanks to you for following the practice, I couldn’t hurt anyone without eye contact.

-You can now go out and laugh with other demons.

――But you didn’t exist, you were always alone, just because a servant was attached.

――I lived happily for fifteen years. -So it’s already good. I’m fine

――I will give you the rest of your life.

-You say it’s fate, but I don’t admit it.

――Our soul and body are divided into two. ――I was an original, but I thought that there should be a way to change it, so I was studying magic all the time.

Separation and Fusion Reincarnation-<> distinguishes you from me with the wavelength of magic.

Root Synchronization-So, if you use <> to make the source of my magic exactly the same as you, you won’t know which one is the original.

――I couldn’t do it with my own strength, but thanks to Anos I was in time.

Nominative Change-I will make you real with another magic, <>. ――I’m sure you can.

Nominative Change-The final piece to use <> is to realize that you are you.

-Rejecting me, Sasha Necron. -That’s what I’ve been preparing for today.

–Preparing to be hated by you–

–Fine. I can do it.

-That’s the end–Sorry Misha. I don’t say anything true.

Covenant-Even if I pay for <>, I will disappear anyway-

“Hey, doll”

-Hey, Misha-

“I hated you all the time.”

–I loved you all the time–

Sasha breaks the contract. Contract I was destroying <> at that moment.



“Have a nice day”

-Goodbye, Misha. I love my sister.

Sasha hugs her sister. While laughing so as not to realize, not to notice.

-Do you laugh well? ――I don’t know, but I can’t see my face in this state.

-Change it. If you die, that fate will break it.

Nominative change “…… <> ……”

――I’m fine, Misha. Bye —-

The moment Sasha spells the magic, the two are wrapped in glaring light.

The radiance gradually subsides, and the shadows of the two swallowed by the light begin to appear. After a dozen seconds, the light was completely extinguished.

What was there is the same appearance of the two.

Sasha stares at her sister’s face, with a surprised expression, half-stunned.


–I’ve been preparing all the time. ――Thoroughly, we have made a perfect plan so that we will never make a mistake. -That’s it …

The muttering of such a heart overflowed. She is small and spills her voice in despair.


Sasha’s magic failed. She was almost crying.

“What magic?”

Misha asks, but Sasha just looks sad. After staring at her sister, Misha said.

“Sasha is a bad lie.”

It’s a light tone, but very gentle,

“I don’t know why I lie”

His eyes are full of favors for his sister.

“But I like clumsy Sasha.”

Sasha bites her lips and endures tears. However, she couldn’t stand it and drops fell on her cheeks.

If Misha does not reject her, the magic of <> will not hold. Sasha’s plan was certainly perfect. Still, there was one miscalculation.

Misha loved her sister more than she thought, and Sasha also loved her sister so much that she couldn’t make up for her acting.

Sadly, Sasha’s desire to help Misha had her plan broken down.


The voice just squeezed out just echoed.

“… I’m stupid, you … so much … so much, I’ve done something terrible …!”

Sasha appeals.

“I told you terrible things … I hurt you … Why … Why …?”

Kneeling down in despair, Sasha buried her sister’s chest.

“… Please … Misha, hated me. I refused …”

Sasha asks to plead, spilling tears.

“Otherwise, I can’t help you, because I can disappear on your behalf.”

Misha gently stroked her sister’s head and gently stroked her.


Misha says, holding Sasha’s shoulders.

“Don’t worry. I wasn’t in the first place.”

“That’s so, it doesn’t matter! Because Misha is here! I want to protect! I’m a sister who loves and is important.

Tightly Sasha clings to Misha.

“… Please … don’t go away … don’t leave me …”

Misha smiles in trouble.

“I won’t go away. I’ll just be Sasha. I’ll be near you all the time.”

I have little time. Only a few Mishas were in Misha.

She looked happy while stroking Sasha, who was crying.

“I was able to make up.”

Misha turns around me.

“Thanks to Anos”

“I’m glad”

She nodded and she nodded.

“Are there any other requests?”

Misha shakes her head.

“There is nothing to remember”

She looked straight, looking at me.

“I thought I couldn’t make up anymore, but my life has had miracles twice.”

“What do you say?”

Curiously, Misha asks her gaze.

I said.

“The real miracle is yet to come.”

The Demon King held his hand and deployed the magic of <>.

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