Chapter 27 Poison Needle


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Chu Xingyun, Inn his last life had ice come across poisonous soul incense and hence by the unique fragrance was able to deduce that the Ruby contained poisonous souk incense.

“The poisonous soul incense is a kind of foreign stone with terrible toxicity. If you let people with poison type martial artifact know of its properties, they will try to rob it off you at any cost. Afterall poison is the foundation of their martial artifact.” Chu Xingyun looked at the poisonous fragrance in the jar and suddenly thought of an old friend from his last life.

Naturally, he also remembered Xiao Xingtian and his eyes became gloomy.

Up to now, Chu Xingyun did not understand why Xiao Xingtian wanted to kill him. Moreover, he was so decisive and without any hesitation, as if he had planned to kill him for a long time.

“You fucking Xiao Xingtian, since I have had my rebirth am never going to let you do the same thing. I will certainly have my revenge!” Chu Xingyun took a deep breath and swore in his heart.

He took out the Meiling tripod, sat cross-legged, spread out the weak spiritual power in his body, poured everything into the tripod, then quickly opened the jade bottle and threw the poisonous soul fragrance into it.

Under the wrapping of spiritual power, the poisonous soul fragrance does not emit any poison gas, but creeps slowly and tends to melt.

“Toxic soul incense burns when it meets fire. Only by wrapping it with spiritual power would it not release poisonous gas. Unfortunately, my spiritual power is too weak now, so I can only slowly do the process.”

Chu Xingyun gave a bitter laugh, then closed his eyes and began to melt the poisonous incense wholeheartedly.

For a long time, Chu Xingyun almost always stayed in the inner space of the samsara stone, melting the poisonous soul incense while refining the red medicine. After the spiritual power was exhausted, he took the Quenched Body Dan and Yangling Dan, waiting for the supplement of the spiritual power.

This period of time, wasn’t wasted byChu Xingyun. He used it to practice Nameless Cultivation Technique and Feng Lei Jian Jie to maximize the use of time without delay.

Outside Chu Town, in a concealed wooden house, Chu Pingtian and the elders gathered together.

Chu Ping-tian looked at the crowd and said, “I sent someone to investigate clearly. Chu Xingyun has already reached a cooperation agreement with Baibao Tower on the exploitation of Fengqi Mountain spiritual materials. That’s why Qinshan will appear in such a timely manner on the day of the Family Assembly. We all became part of Chu Xingyun’s plan!”

“At a young age, his intelligence is so deep that I really underestimated him.” Two elders bite their teeth and incise their teeth.

“These days, the exploitation of spiritual materials has brought great benefits to the Chu family. I wanted to use this to spread rumors and slander Chu Xingyun for devouring wealth. Unexpectedly, Chu Xingyun has filled the family treasury with all these wealth without receiving a single cent.”

“Now, in addition to us, almost all ethnic groups have recognized Chu Xingyun’s position as the head of the family and are looking forward to him. If this goes on, we will lose our foothold in Chu Town!”

Hearing the words of the three elders the face of the people present there twisted and turned ugly.

The relationship between them and Chu Xingyun is like fire and water, and it has reached an irreconcilable point. Chu Xingyun’s pride in spring is not a good thing for them, but it will endanger themselves.

“With Chu Xingyun becoming such a hurdle, we might as well start first and kill Chu Xingyun, otherwise we will not have a good life.” Chu Pingtian’s words exuded a touch of cold murder.

Chu Pingfeng shook his head and said, “Chu Xingyun has a very strong relationship with Baibao Tower. If we start, Baibao Tower will not let us go. This is too risky to be worth it.”

Baibao Tower is so powerful that even the city’s main government dares not provoke.

If Chu Xingyun was killed, Baibao Tower would surely pursue them, and all of them would die at that time.

“Not necessarily.” Chu Ping smiled coldly in the cloudy sky: “The reason why Baibao Tower is friendly with Chu Xingyun is that Chu Xingyun has given many benefits. To Baibao Tower, Chu Xingyun is a partner, but in fact there is not much friendship.”

“As long as we kill Chu Xingyun and take away the gold seal of the owner of the family, the whole Chu family will be under our control. At that time, we will voluntarily concede and give Baibao Tower more benefits. Which chamber of Commerce in the world will be unable to pass away for the sake of a dead person?”

The mood of everyone cooled down. For Baibao Tower, Chu Xingyun is not important, what’s important is the cooperation between the groups such that they can get enough profits. As long as Baibao Tower gains enough profits, Qinshan will not have anything to say against them.

At that time, Chu Ping-tian, as the owner of the Chu family, will continue to cooperate with Baibao Tower and will be willing to give more benefits. Baibao Tower will certainly not pursue them and regard them as guests of honor.

“But Chu Xingyun remains under closed door practice all day long, its not easy for us to kill him.” The second elder was still a little worried.

“No matter how many days one remains under closed door cultivation, he needs to come out one day, am if we strike at the right moment even a top cultivator can’t escape such an ambush, what’s Chu Xingyun?”

Chu Ping-tian’s eyes narrowed slightly and looked straight at a cold figure in the corner.

Ten days passed before I knew it.

In the ten days that passed outside, fifty days have passed in the samsara stone.

In nearly two months, Chu Xingyun swallowed up all the red medicine, and finally succeeded in perfecting his inner spirituality and stepping into the five heavenly realms of quenching body.

The breakthrough took a little longer, Chu Xingyun did not feel dissatisfied, but was extremely happy, because he not only succeeded in refining the second level medicine, but also completely melted the poisonous soul incense.

Inside the field of vision, a drop of purple liquid was suspended quietly above the potion manufacturing pot.

This drop of purple liquid is extracted from the poisonous soul incense. The impurities in it are almost completely removed by Chu Xingyun. It is pure to the extreme. The fragrance emitted by the light has become much stronger.

Chu Xingyun took out the three silver needles which had been prepared for a long time and put them in a neat place, then he withdrew his spiritual power. The drop of purple liquid fell on the silver needle and slowly melted away, making a noise.

It wasn’t long before the purple liquid was fully integrated into the three silver needles.

At first glance, this silver needle is no different from the ordinary silver needle. The only difference is that it emits a faint fragrance.

“It’s a great success at last!” Chu Xingyun carefully collected the three silver needles, and his face was overjoyed.

Once the silver needle is penetrated into the body, its toxicity will be released immediately, and it will directly invade the internal organs, even if it is in a strong spiritual situation, it is difficult to resist.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Chu Xingyun at this moment has three more lives and can win in an instant.

“With these three poisonous needles, I will be much safer in the future, but to be used as a last resort, once exposed it is extremely necessary to kill the people in question.” Chu Xingyun secretly warned himself in his heart.

The kind of dark weapons such as poison needles are extremely lethal and precious at the same time.

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