Chapter 270. The Leader of the Hunters


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Chapter 269. The Agile Wolf


“Teacher Gu Han, teacher Qiu Yu Hua, you came just as I was training with a new recruiting beast,” said smiling Mo Fan, putting out the flames around him.

“Mo Fan, we congratulate you! How is he? How nimble wolf? ”, Said Qiu Yu Hua’s teacher happily. Mo Fan fought with an agile wolf. Amazing for the young man was that he had to use the element of the shadow in order to fully resist the beast. The speed of the wolf hit. Even “thunder and lightning” was too slow for the animal. If Mo Fan had fought an agile wolf to death, it is still unclear who would win. The inability to fully control the fight with the wolf did not cause Mo Fan a sense of shame, but all because it is a special animal.

“Very strong, I can not fully control the course of the battle with him,” Mo Fan honestly answered.

“Ha-ha, you are lucky that you can fight with him at all, anyone else in your place would have been torn to pieces in a few minutes. The agile wolf treats the monster of the leader of the pack, and even this kind of animals that are difficult to fight without certain skills and training.Even a team of hunters consisting of medium-level magicians will not once again attract the attention of such an animal, ”praised the old teacher Mo Fanya.

“Mmm!”, Mo Fan raised his eyebrows and stroked the wolf’s head. “So this is how strong you are,” said Mo Fan.

“Besides, the agile wolf has one more peculiarity … haha, okay, you will notice it slowly. In honor of the success of raising the level of the draft wolf, Mo Fang, I invite everyone to eat well !! ” By the way, even then, on the train from Xiamen to Shanghai, the old teacher thought that Mo Fan was just talking nonsense. I thought that this young man was an unreliable student, who would have thought that in almost two years he would show himself in the best light. As the opportunity arises, he will have to introduce him to his granddaughter.After all, he is a promising young man!

Gu Han also congratulated Mo Fan for his achievement. And all the while looking at the nimble wolf.Congratulating Mo Fan on the face of poker, Gu Han could not stand it and scratched the still wolf’s head still shaggy after the battle. Unfortunately, the agile wolf absolutely did not pay any attention to the teacher Gu Han.Meanwhile, Lo Sung and Shen Min Xiao tried to keep a false smile on their faces with the last of their strength. Your mother, how could he do that? How to achieve success in improving the beast? He has strong elements of fire and lightning, and now the dark wolf has evolved to an agile wolf, he can alone cope with many …

Suddenly the agile wolf exhaled and looked at Lo Sun. Looks like he recognized Lo Suna. This is the fat one who offended him and the owner during the first draft. The agile wolf stepped forward, the head of the beast arrogantly approaching Lo Sun.The monster was breathing toward the fat one. Here everything became clear and without words. “Fat Lo, my agile wolf wants to play with you once more,” said Mo Fan laughing.

It seemed that Lo Sung realized something, he began to step back, smiled smiled and said: “Let’s forget about it!” Lo Sung did not begin to behave aggressively. He knew that Shen Min Xiao was stronger than him, and if Shen Min Xiao had problems with a dark wolfwolf, he would have an agile wolf. The young man realized that he was no match for a wolf. The agile wolf looked at Lo Sun.Arrogance and contempt were easily grasped in the animal’s gaze. Lo Song stood in a smile and did not know how to react. In the end, the agile wolf had just scornfully looked at him.

***** *****

The night sky was bright. A sky blue, huge horned beast raced wildly along a high-speed train. The animal ran very quickly, gradually overtaking the train. “Dad, look quickly, Godzilla!” Said the little girl, intently watching the huge horned beast from the window. “My God, this is a monster!”, The father cried out and put the little girl in his arms. Railway tracks belong to a safe part of the world, but who said that a beast cannot invade a safe world? Otherwise, how can you explain the beast in the window? Yes, and even one that can with one blow send a train on a long flight into the abyss. After the man screamed, many people also noticed that a monster was running across the plain. “Please do not worry, this monster is a monster called upon by agreement.The leader of the hunters performs the task. It only follows this railway line! ”Said the radio broadcast conductor.

“Ah, so this is a tamed animal, so scared me.” “What a fucking summoning magician. Look, he is going right by the beast on the face! “” Well, this is the leader of the hunters.He also has a commander-in-chief beast ”(Pp .: The next level after the pack leader) The white train was left behind. The sky-blue huge horned beast disappeared in the darkness of the night, leaving behind only confusion and curiosity on the part of ordinary people. Why would the leader of the hunters chase the train like this? ****

“Hunters’ leader, I can’t be too close to the goal. I don’t even hold out for five minutes, the target’s striking power is so great, ”a voice rang out in the air for no reason. The mist gradually dissipated, allowing the moon to lightly illuminate the space around. If you look closely, you can see the human silhouette in the air! The man was about fifty meters above the ground. On his back flaunted wings, with which he flew. From the side this silhouette looked free. “Do not lose sight of him. I will be there soon, ”came the voice of the leader of the hunters from the means of communication. “The fact that the military began, we need to finish .. That guy ran away abroad safe world, I chase him?” – Hate asked a man in leather clothes.

“When I was still in the army, I also participated in this program. However, as far as I know, in this world it is impossible to survive simply by enlisting connections. His life is a huge mistake, ”said the leader of the hunters. “Oh, since there is no chance for success, then why bother with that at all. To create such extraordinary monsters is to create problems for yourself. In addition, this program is completely inhuman. In case of failure, the magician dies, ”said a man in leather clothes with wings.

“Ultimately, this is an unprecedented breakthrough in the history of magic.Those few old people will not stop … I saw you, ”said the leader of the hunters.

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