Chapter 271. Monster Varieties


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Chapter 270. The Leader of the Hunters

Chapter 272. Testing in an abandoned city

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A huge blue beast was visible in the middle of a field studded with wild herbs. Dressed in leather outfit, charming look, the man continued to fly. For the leader of the hunters standing below, his silhouette, surrounded by the light of the moon, resembled a bat.

For no reason from afar a huge blast wave was formed, reaching the leader of the hunters, and swept away all the grass in its path. Terrifying power.

“Yao Nan, be careful!” The hunter’s leader said immediately.

“Which one is more careful?” He is right below me! ”

“Fat man, save people!” Shouted the lord of the hunters.

A huge blue beast fell into two paws, like a hill that suddenly formed over the field, and jumped about a kilometer ahead.

Continuing to jump, the huge beast blocked the moon with its incredibly large body. In less than a minute, he reached the center of the field.

** Roar **

A subject lifted by a whirlwind was knocked down by Yao Nan, and he never managed to restore balance in flight. He fell down, in a vain attempt to do anything, fell into a ravine.

“Yao Nan, how are you?” Asked the leader of the hunters, standing on the head of a huge beast.

“To die is not dead, but this little fellow is terribly strong, you have to be much more careful,” said Yao Nan.

“This time, the test subject is a higher-level magician, in addition to awakening three elements. In addition, he himself is an appallingly powerful magician, which only makes him more dangerous, ”the hunter leader said.

“Stop the experiment before it’s too late. Too dangerous. My strength is enough to defeat several high-level magicians, but this … just a monster … “

The leader of the hunters did not respond to the words of Yao Nan, he could not take his eyes off what was happening.

Although the huge blue beast and the level of the commander in chief, and most of the simple beasts are afraid of him, but not this monster, on the contrary, it is clear that he has a desire to kill, and he cheers him.

“Yao Nan, there are railway tracks nearby, fly there, protect them, in no case can you engage ordinary citizens,” the leader of the hunters ordered after some time.


“I will cope with this monster myself,” said the master of the hunters with glitter in his eyes. Standing on the head of a huge beast, he incredibly quickly created an elemental star system around him.

The star system was not just under his feet, but also surrounded his torso and head, drawing with incredible speed. Mystically mysterious, it included not one constellation, the orbits of already lined stars crossed each other, and the sky was covered with an uncountable number of small stars.

Even from afar, Yao Nan saw a star system spin around the lord of the hunters. He could not restrain himself: “The lord of the hunters is incredible, even for the highest level mage!”

… … …

Yao Nan covered his middle chest.Blood dried at the corners of his mouth. He rushed to the train.

As soon as Yao Nan flew, he immediately began to create a water curtain that should protect the train.

“Fuck, he’s already here!”, Yao Nan was forced to speed up the creation.

The water curtain was a huge water barrier, silvering under the moonlight.


It was like seismic waves diverging along the ground. All the grass in the area immediately bent.

If you look closely, you can understand that it just comes from the battle of the leader of the hunters with this monster. It must be remembered that the railway line is more than two kilometers. It is also clear that this shock wave is not from the power of the lord of the hunters, it is all the destructive force of that monster, how strong is it, what is it capable of?

Even from this wave, the water curtain began to wobble slightly, a direct blow would surely destroy the barrier.

“What a horror, at such a distance to the battle, its waves reach with such power! Why did the military create such a thing! ”Said Yao Nan with horror, watching his magical barrier.

… … …

The magical association of the imperial university was located in the center of the ancient imperial palace, and was named after him.

The magicians of the imperial palace and the magicians of the Mingzhu University are the most influential associations of magicians in the country, and they have already found fame throughout the world.

In the imperial magic palace there is an ancient courtyard, a castle, as well as a garden with decorative stone slides, gazebos on the water.

Inside the western attic, there were four people sitting at a quad table, one of them poured tea. He was not straight old, he wore an old-looking hat, over gray hair, despite the fact that there was not a single wrinkle on his face.

The other kept his hands on the table and looked very angry, which is not surprising, since, judging by his clothes, he was a military magician, and many orders spoke of his high status.

Opposite him sat teacher Qiu Yu Hua, he just took a sip of tea and was immersed in the assessment of his taste.

“You two, why did you sulk so much?What happened is, after all, not a misunderstanding there, ”said the man in the ancient hat.

“I’m not completely blown away, this is not my problem, but of higher ranks. Last time I told you to throw his plan out of my head. And this is not even discussed. The head of the army, Lou Nyan, cover your squad, you should not again hide behind the fact that everything was done for the sake of the state. If there is such a detrimental effect on humanity, then what is the difference with the black church. The congress of the chapters of the five greatest magical associations were never able to introduce a new body of laws, and

all that you did was just awful, but God will judge you! ”, teacher Qiu Yu Hua turned away, bringing the battle to this fighter

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