Chapter 272. Testing in an abandoned city


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Chapter 271. Monster Varieties

Chapter 273. The Dongting Lake Tribe

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“The black church studied dark magic, killing ordinary people. Experiments in our experiments are criminals already sentenced to death. Yes, that’s right, in some places it is impossible to control the experiments, but we try to do everything cleanly, without unnecessary sacrifices. Qiu Yu Hua, you are so stubborn, we are not an evil empire – we are creators. In ancient times, if the laws that had awakened then were stopped by laws, then we would not have known any element, but this would not have happened, making our country and the entire human race stronger. And now you want to stop and wait until the animals gain power and begin to devour people, like cattle, and only then you will understand how weak we are. This is the truth, and the duty of every magician to the state is to make such petty sacrifices, ”the response of the head of military intelligence, Lou Nyan, was in no way inferior to common sense.

“As you please, but he is not your employee, and you cannot force him to do what you like. I learned from director Xiao, he also does not agree, ”Qiu Yu Hua did not lag behind.

“Well, well, both of you, do not quarrel, drink tea, yes God will judge,” said Sun He, director of the Imperial University, sitting between them.

“Oh, everything is ready. Remember, yes, O city of Jin Lin? ”

“How to get there …”


Getting combat experience is important for everyone who studies magic. Schools do not require their students to undergo any tests, and everyone is free to choose their own path of study. But how can disciples, striving for strength, refuse to be hardened?

On that day, all the exchange students were gathered, so that the Director of the Imperial University, Sun He, held a briefing for the upcoming test.

The students of the Imperial University and the University of Mingzhu will have to go to one place, therefore they sit together at the briefing.

“This time the test will take place on the plain of the middle and lower Yangtze, Jin Lin city!” Said director Sun He.

“Jin Lin? I have never heard of such a city! ”, Jing Jing did not contain her surprise.

She had a phenomenal memory and knew all the cities of the country, but this is the name she hears for the first time.

“This city is a bit peculiar, because it was erased from all maps 15 years ago,” said Qiu Yu Hua, a teacher.

“Erased from the cards ??”

The crowd was extremely surprised, no one had ever heard of such a thing before! What is the point of erasing the city from all the cards?

“15 years ago, a terrible disaster connected with magical animals happened in a valley, near Dongting Lake (the existing place in Hunan Province), all the animals living near Jin Lin city began to actively reproduce. Fortunately, one magician, who lived in the vicinity, was able to inform the authorities in time about what was happening and they began to evacuate. But everything happened too quickly, literally two days after the start, the city turned into a hotbed of monsters. And the people who did not have time to leave him remained there to die, ”said Director He He with a longing in his voice, and he plunged into meditations.

He was the person who reported the hidden threat, and extremely disliked recalling what had happened.

“So now Jin Lin is completely abandoned?” Asked Xu Da Long.

“Yes, already like 15 years. This is a paradise for magical animals, no one, not even the military dared to enter the city to clean it. But nowadays, many hunters magicians report that most of the animals have disappeared from there, I think they have moved somewhere. Now we know with certainty that their number has decreased. And at the moment it’s not so terrible to get there, ”said Director Sun He.

“So we are going to this abandoned city to train?”

“We need you to go there to collect data,” Director Sun He sipped a gull and continued: “Although some of the animals moved somewhere, there are still many different magical animals.You are required to accurately establish the number of animals the level of servants and leaders of the pack. I ask you to take this seriously. ”

“Just collect the data ??”, Shen Min Xiao did not restrain himself.

Collecting statistics seems so trivial.

“We need to make a publication on the rebuilding of the city of Jin Lin, it will be made on behalf of the University of Mingzhu and Imperial.And the data you collected is also very important for the start of the detuning, they will allow to assess the danger associated with this. “

After hearing this, Mo Fan did not feel it would be easy. The city is very large, and there are a lot of places from which you need to remove data. And the more such places, the higher the chance to stumble upon a large group of animals.

The test in this abandoned city is not at all inferior in danger with the red catastrophe in the city of Bo.

“Director, you told us to count the animals of the servant level and pack leader, but what if there is a commander-in-chief level there? Do not count them? ”Asked Luo Song, full of naivety.

“Oh, if you meet the commander-in-chief monster, then returning you will be a miracle,” downplaying the threat, said director Sun He.

From what he said all of them on the back ran goosebumps.

Jin Lin City has become the lair of monsters, and usually there is a commander in chief in every lair, and if he did not move with the others, this test becomes even more dangerous.

They say that the ability to perceive the animals of the commander-in-chief level is extremely high, they are able to feel the goose flying thousands of miles away.

“The strength of one person is extremely limited, so I hope that the students of the University of Mingzhu and Imperial will help each other in this ordeal. Good luck with that, ”said director Sun He.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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