Chapter 273. The Dongting Lake Tribe


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Chapter 272. Testing in an abandoned city

Chapter 274. The Tunnel Monster

The plain of Dongting Lake belongs to the middle-lower course of the river Lishuzhan, which is located in the northern part of Hunan Province.

Dongting Lake is not famous for its sights, but its area is about 40 thousand square kilometers, and in books on Chinese studies you can find out that it is the third in the list of the largest lakes in the country.

Since the lake is very large, its ecosphere is also very diverse, and is teeming with countless evil spirits including.

Among them is the notorious tribe of lizard-headed demons, who seized the city of Jinlin for their refuge. Dongting Lake is considered the main place of their concentration.

Having reached the city of Kannin nearest to Jin Lin, the students of the Imperial University and Mingzhu University in total 17 people were forced to walk. On the way, looking at the natural views, the Wing Jing Jing began to tell everyone about the neighborhood of the city of Jinlin, and even mentioned this tribe.

Mo Fang had gaps regarding the issues of the universe, but when he heard from Jing Jing about this tribe, he unwittingly became interested.

“Although these animals are considered loners, there are quite a few specific types. For example, in your southern part, devil wolves are considered typical herd demonic beasts. Everyone knows that the main instigator of the tragedy in the city of Beau was the Black Church, which everyone has heard of. But they achieved such a result only with the help of animals belonging to the type of devil wolves. Among this type of animals, wolves stand out from the Nanshan mountain range. So, these one-eyed wolves do not even hold a candle to lizard-headed imps, ”said Jing Jing with her highly erudite appearance.

Mu Nu Jiao walked alongside and when she heard Jing Jing mention the city of Bo, she glanced at Mo Fang. However, Jing Jing did not tell Mo Fang the most important thing, and Mu Nu Jiao added: “We classify these animals quantitatively. For example, if there are up to 50 adults in one cluster, this is called a haven. But if the number of these shelters exceeds 50, then this is already a herd. If the number of herds exceeds 10, then this is called a tribe. ”

“Wait … I want to count” – Mo Fan began to count, bending his fingers. “50 is a haven. 50 shelter is a herd. So, in a herd of at least 2500 individuals? ”

“Right. If we talk about the herd, then their total number should be at least 2500 heads. And that’s not counting the young, the younger generation and the old … well … all the incapable beasts. ”

Mo Fan immediately recalled the tragedy in Bo: not counting the three-eyed wolves as the leader of the pack, the number of one-eyed wolves in the city exceeded 2500 individuals – and this is not counting the one-eyed wolves with which the magicians fought on the borders!

Then there were exactly 10 thousand one-eyed wolves, consider a whole herd (a flock would be direct to wolves, but if just monsters are a herd)!

“The number of individuals in one herd ranges from 2,500 to 10,000, not counting from one to three commanders of animals. If a whole legion of gregarious beasts invades the city, then the warning is blood-red. At the very beginning of the warning in the city of Jin Lin was blood red. This means that it is necessary to leave the city limits as soon as possible, otherwise you cannot avoid troubles, ”said Jing Jing.

“Haha, Jing Jing, you do not need to explain to us everything here. We also have Mo Fan, who has already been in the city with a blood-red warning, and all the more it is not necessary to say what a herd legion of devilish beasts is …. Am I right, Mo Fan? ”- Lo Song began to laugh sarcastically.

However, Mo Fan did not answer him. An ice frosty sculpture suddenly appeared in front of Lo Song. He was involuntarily shaking. Turning his head, Lo Sung saw Mu Ning Xue, a girl from the Imperial University, with the spiritual element of ice, drilling him with his chilling gaze.

“No one has the right to ridicule the city of Bo!” – Mu Ning Xue’s cold voice was heard.

When the disaster began, Mu Ning Xue was already at her school and she did not have to go through it. However, many people from the Mu clan died in that battle. We can say that virtually the entire clan was then destroyed.

Luo Song, of course, did not know that Mu Ning Xue was also from the Bo city. Rubbing his fat throat, he still did not dare to utter at least another word.
Mo Fan was lenient, he was not disturbed by situations of this kind. He thought that the herd of animals alone has such destructive power, what to say about the tribe?

One pile of beasts destroyed the city of Bo, ten such herds make up the tribe. How frightening should a tribe of lizard-like demons be that lives on Lake Dunting ?!

Take even the city of Jinlin: if all residents had not been evacuated on time, then human sacrifices would have surpassed the losses of the city of Bo!

“Tribal creatures make up one tenth of the entire universe. If all the lonely creatures, gathered together, decided to speak, then humanity would have been destroyed, ”said Zhao Yue Ming.

“Enough is enough. We are already here in practice, and still listen to your brainwashing lectures … Better think about how good it is that we just happened to be in Jin Lin City. We are moving further away from safe borders, so it is possible that our further journey will not be so easy, ”Liao Min Xuan nervously said.

Liao Ming Xuan was right, they had already gone about 50 kilometers from safe borders. This section of the path was still patrolled by war magicians, so they did not encounter a single demon; What will happen if they go further into the old forest?

“We had better go along these abandoned iron roads” – holding the map in her hands, Sun Xia pointed at the rails covered with moss green at her feet.

The iron rails were already completely rusty, covered with brown spots and weedy, and the green moss covered the rails down to the green forest seen in the distance. The section of the railway before the forest was completely overgrown with thorny bushes and high grass, so that without seeing it, it was impossible to think that there was a railway there.

Once this railway belonged to safe borders, however, as the city of Jinlin became extinct, the area of the railway naturally turned into a land of demons-beasts, and this desert view became commonplace.

As a result, the railway became a natural sign, by walking along which one could reach the city of Jinlin!

“Let me tell you right away. In this team I am the most responsible. Even if the university sent us here for a practical assignment, we, 17 people, cannot do without rules, so I will take control of you. You can express your opinions, but I will make the main decisions: how we should go, how to fight demons, what time we can rest … All these issues are up to me, ”said Liu Zheng He very unfriendly, once again exposing his leadership quality.

Xu Da Lun, Liao Ming Xuan, Zhao Yue Ming – all these students at the Imperial University did not have any objections.

“We cannot fully obey you, the team of our university submits to Sun Xia, so you better both discuss how to proceed further,” came the voice of Zheng Bin Xiao.

“Coming. We will discuss everything together, ”said Liu Zheng He.

The decision to go further along the railways has already been made. This time, the best of the best were sent to the practical task, the knowledge and strength of which cannot be compared with the youths from the secondary school of that year. Their hidden opportunities were huge, and therefore the path will be successful!

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