Chapter 274. The Tunnel Monster


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Chapter 273. The Dongting Lake Tribe

Chapter 275. Frightened Monster Den

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The fifteen-year-old iron rails were already completely abandoned and overgrown with weed. It seemed that they would never be useful to anyone again …

It was hard to believe that today they will finally be used. No, not by train, but by student interns from the university …

Walking along the rails located on the plain is not so difficult. Most importantly, some magical beast does not meet them on the way, deciding to use the rails instead of the bed. Further they were waited by the entrance to the mountain tunnel, the lush vegetation of which inspired fear in all those present.

“I looked at the map. This tunnel in length reaches two kilometers, and there is a very high probability of stumbling upon animals. I propose to go over the mountain, and not to fight with an unknown number of unknown animals in this tunnel, ”said Sun Xia going behind.

“You’re too cautious. Whatever’s inside there, just kill it. Just two kilometers to go through the tunnel, and the pass through the mountain will take a hell of a lot of time! ”Liu Zheng He said soon.

“There is no need to be so careful. Let’s just go through the tunnel! ”- Zheng Bin Xiao also thought that the pass is a waste of time. In addition, no one said that in the mountains there are no even more sinister beasts.

“Okay, then let’s go through the tunnel” – Song Xia shook her head in agreement.

“Let my cave demon go ahead.” If necessary, he will be able to restrain the monsters for some time, ”said Zheng Bin Xiao and began to draw a silver constellation.

After Zheng Bin Xiao finished the call, Liu Zheng He saw the awkward cave demon and began to laugh: “But he won’t get there, he would rather save his energy … Only such a creature should be thrown first into battle.”

Zheng Bing Xiao scratched his head in embarrassment, but did not answer.

The cave demon was 3 meters tall, and his whole body was covered with rock. While walking, he served not only as a shield, but also as a bulldozer, clearing the way for prickly weeds and plants. Very convenient!

“Those that go behind everyone do not have draft animals. If something happens, they will not be able to fight back, ”said Liu Zheng He.

“I will go there,” replied Sun Xia.

“In such a dangerous situation it would be better if a man goes there” – Xu Da Lun kindly volunteered to go there.

Sun Xia said nothing. The main element of Xu Da Moon was an element of the earth, so he can actually protect people in the tail.

The attackers were Liao Ming Xuan and Shen Ming Xiao – the main element of both was the wind, so they could attack the fastest. Zhao Man Yan and Song Xia followed them, who could use the magic of light — they lit the tunnel with lamps that hung above the heads of those who went.

For a long time no light penetrated this tunnel, so Zhao Man Yan and Song Xia were forced to light one lamp every ten meters. These lamps not only illuminated, but also dispersed the foul air.

It was impossible to say exactly how poisonous this air was, but it was definitely harmful to breathe. Couples of poisonous plants, animal feces, and plus to all – the lack of cross-cutting winds that could somehow ventilate everything here …

“What is ahead?”

“Nothing. Only strange … It seems that white stones are scattered here. ”

“Probably the workers once left. Keep going. ”

“Beauty, stay close to me. If anything, I can protect you, ”Mo Fang Mu Nu Jiao said, clinging to her.

Na Mu Nu Jiao was tight-fitting clothing. She looked so seductive that even the fragrance that came from her had a charming effect.

Mu Nu Jiao, with a glance around Mo Fang, said: “Shouldn’t you protect your little wife?”

“Um …” Mo Fan grinned, how could he get in his shoes like that? Mu Nu Jiao fought him off.

Mu Nu Jiao, seeing him in this position, involuntarily asked: “How did you meet her?”
“We used to be neighbors,” said Mo Fan. “Their house was like a palace … Manor, separate roads, cottages in a row. I myself lived in a miserable shack that the same neighbors had taken away! ”

“So she, too, is from the city of Bo … No wonder why she reacted like that then.” Mu Nu Jiao remembered how Mu Ning Xue besieged Lu Song, and shook her head knowingly.

“I understand that you have love and everything here … But we do not know what awaits us! I know a lot of medium-level magicians who died from animal attacks on the level of slaves or from poisoning! Therefore, as a middle-ranking hunter, I recommend that you remain vigilant ”- Liao Min Xuan’s voice had an awakening effect.

“A middle rank hunter, ahem, ahem, how serious!” Mo Fan laughed.

Liao Ming Xuan stroked the head of an ermine that was sitting in his breast pocket. Complacency appeared on his face … As if by chance, he looked at Mu Nu Jiao, waiting for her reaction.

Mo Fan was smiling. He did not brag about being a high-ranking hunter. He was too cool to consult with any f * * * dbol.

Knowing that this beauty herself received the title of hunter at the age of 11-12, Mo Fan decided not to talk about his high rank so as not to hurt his vanity.

“Mo Fan, don’t you think someone is watching us?” Said Mu Nu Jiao.

“Calm down, beautiful. From my long experience as a hunter, I can say that now nothing threatens us, ”said Liao Min Xuan with a smile.

He finally spoke to Mu Nu Jiao …

Suddenly there was a squeak.

A silver ermine in his pocket, wool stood on end, he made a wary sound.

The smile on Liao Min Xuan’s face suddenly froze, and a pair of his eyes began to look around.

“Zhao Man Yan, please shine there,” said Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan, hearing the sound, understood what place Mo Fan said about. The constellation in his palm began to glow.


The light, controlled by Zhao Man Yan, headed towards Mu Nu Jiao, illuminating the dark part of the tunnel with golden light.

Suddenly, a pair of blue eyes appeared on the thickets of the tunnel, which looked deadly at Mu Nu Jiao.

“Jiao Jiao, come to me” – Mo Fan hurriedly took a step forward.

But Mu Nu Jiao was also a rather big girl … A wind formed around her, which allowed her to move quickly.

“The fire!”

On the palm of Mo Fan, a pink flame formed.

Directing the flames to the overgrown wall, all the vegetation there instantly turned into ashes.

The light from the flame instantly illuminated another part of the tunnel, in which the silhouettes of several hunched beings appeared. They held bony sticks with dried blood stains …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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