Chapter 275. Frightened Monster Den


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Chapter 274. The Tunnel Monster

Chapter 276. Fiercely Fighting Cave Beasts

Humpback monsters were about four. The draft beast Zheng Bin Xiao went ahead, but did not notice anything unusual. Walking right in the center of Mu Nu Jiao, Mo Fan and Liao Ming Xuan also did not notice anything, although they believed that it was impossible to miss the monsters in such a narrow tunnel.

Contrary to all expectations, in the wall, which was near, huge holes were formed long ago. The width of the holes was so huge that two adults could fit in there. However, it was not possible to notice this hole: the reed covered the wall so tightly that no one would have noticed that it was not a wall next to it, but one name. It was lucky that the fire of Mo Fan illuminated the space around, and it is good that Zhao Man Yan used the element of light spell in advance and blinded these nasty monsters, otherwise they would jump out of the reed and attack Mu Nu Jiao.

“Cave creatures !!”, – Jin Jin was an excellent student and easily identified the types of monsters, even though the light was enough for only a few moments. Mo Phanu was a damn about how these monsters were called there, immediately, as his flame lit up the space around, he created an electrical discharge in his left hand. The electric charge multiplied and, like a boa, struck two creatures on different planes of the tunnel. As soon as the lightning struck their bodies, they rippled ridiculously in death agony. There was an unusual sound, it was like a bleating sheep or goat, but the sound was not so soft, rather unpleasantly cutting ears!
Cave creatures rushed out of the doorway, one of the monsters attacked Mo Fan, aiming straight at the head. “Caution! Take care of your head, these cave creatures love to beat people with their bones, turning them into a mess! ”Jin Jin Mo Fang reminded.

“Since you have time to chat, better help some magic !!”, Mo Fan was indignant. It’s good that they got along well with Mu Nu Jiao, because she immediately used the wind path on him to make Mo Fan move faster. Mo Fan immediately ran the other way. As soon as he moved, he felt with his whole being how someone’s teeth and bones attacked the place where he had just been. Only now, Mo Fan was able to take a closer look at these monsters. They were hunchbacked, the hind legs were curved, and the front legs were disproportionately large. In addition, they had old skin with folds, in general, one more! God alone knows how many years these freaks have not multiplied, but their arms were inflated. Even these bones, fighting with such monsters in a narrow cave is such a pleasure!
“Cutting creepers!” As soon as one of the monsters wanted to get in touch with Mo Fan, Mu Nu Jiao immediately prevented that. There were a lot of plants, so the effect of the spell instantly intensified. Immediately there was a vine, which, like a whip, fiercely struck the cave creature on the hind limb. However, the matter did not stop at one blow, the vines wrapped around the hind limbs of the beast and hung it in the air! The cave creature screamed in dismay, and the bone that she held in her hand began to dance erratically in the air. Without waiting until the animal begins to fight because of all the forces, someone struck him with the “anger of lightning,” nullifying all the monster’s attempts to free himself. The smell of the burnt one immediately filled the entire tunnel. This animal paid a heavy price for encroaching on Mo Fang’s life. And the board was life. After a moment, the body of the beast hung lifeless in the air.

It was the lightning of Min Tsun. His lightning element was strong enough to use only one third-degree spell, the “wrath of the lightning,” to kill the cave creature. Seeing the brutal death of one of their fellows, the other animal, hiding in the side, howled loudly. In a narrow tunnel, the exclamation of a cave creature was especially strong. The sound of not that fear, or that anger echoed through the walls of the cave. After the echo subsided, the beast no longer thought to attack the magicians. “Only a few servant-level monsters, nothing out of the ordinary, went on,” said Liu Zheng He, without any interest, after examining everything around him. Zheng Bing Xiao nodded in complete agreement and continued on his way.

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